How to Get the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake

Destroy all humans is back with their new iteration Destroy all Humans! Remake. A lot has changed with this new version of the game. One of the changes you will notice right away is the non-availability of the weapon Anal Probe. The Anal Probe is quite remarkable that lets you extract human brains and use the DNA that you get from it to make enhancements and upgrades to your pieces of equipment.

The original edition had the Anal Probe weapon from the start. But with the Remake edition, you will have to unlock this weapon as you progress through the missions of the game. Now compared to last time, this time the probe is even more powerful. So how do you unlock this unique and potent weapon in Destroy All Humans Remake? What are the changes? Let’s take a look at it all in this guide.

How to Get the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake

How to Unlock the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake?

As mentioned above, you need to progress to a specific part in your game to get this weapon in your arsenal. As you progress through the game missions, you will reach the third open-area in Destroy All Humans! Remake, which is called Santa Modesta. After you get to this area, you will have to clear out and complete a handful of missions until you get to the mission “Aliens Stole My Brain Stem”.

How to Get the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake

In this mission, you will be given an Anal probe. Using that weapon, you have to harvest the brains of the humans around you. When you collect the human brains, you will get health and DNA which you can then use on upgrades and ammunition. As soon as you complete the mission, the Anal Probe will be added to your arsenal of weapons, and you can then use it anytime you like, in a future mission or free roam.

How to Get the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake

What’s new with the weapon?

In comparison to what we had the previous time, there is a significant upgrade to the Anal Probe. The range for attacking humans using the Anal probe is now longer than before. Additionally, the time taken to complete the probe action is also shorter. This means you can get more brains in a shorter time. And the most significant upgrade is the ability to attack multiple humans at once who are at a proximate distance to the Anal probe. These new upgrades won’t be available from the start though. You will have to upgrade your Anal Probe for it, and the upgrade requires you to spend DNA on it. Now to get DNA, you have to progress along with the game further, getting collectables and completing mission one after the other. Once you have enough DNA, you can head over to the mothership where you can apply these upgrades to this weapon.

So that is all that you need to know about the Anal Probe in Destroy All Humans! Remake. If you have any questions or queries about this guide on Destroy All Humans! Remake, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. You can find other similar guides on Destroy All Humans! Remake on our website in the games section. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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