How to Improve the Gaming Performance of Your Android Device

Given the technical specifications of many of the latest generation of Android devices, it’s little wonder that many are turning to their smartphones and tablets as their main gaming option.

Android handsets can handle some pretty processor-heavy requirements these days, and with crystal clear displays and enhanced audio, the gaming experience is typically outstanding.

However, there are steps you can take to improve the action further. Take a look at this list of tips and tricks that can improve the gaming performance of your Android device.

Get the Best Internet Connection

Online gaming naturally thrives on a fast 4G or 5G connection, or an uninterrupted Wi-Fi link that has minimal traffic.

Lag and ‘drop-offs’ are the worst-case scenario in gaming. You could be disconnected in the middle of a co-op mission on Call of Duty, or perhaps be kicked out of playing your favorite online casino games if your internet doesn’t pick up quickly. 


So, ensure your connection is the best it can be. You can purchase signal boosters or new routers where required, or simply politely request that those in your home drop off the Wi-Fi while you are gaming!

Increase Your Refresh Rate

For those not familiar with the technical aspects of mobile gaming, your screen refresh rate ultimately determines how good your games both look and play.

Many newer Android handsets actually allow you to change your screen refresh rate. Turn it down when you don’t need high-quality visual performance, and turn it up when you are about to begin a gaming session.

If your handset allows you to tweak your refresh rate, you can do so in the ‘Settings’ menu. Locate ‘Display’, then ‘Advanced’ and you will see ‘Refresh Rate’ listed. Select the highest number to maximize your gaming spec. 

Free Up Your Space

How many of us download files and images onto our devices and then completely forget about them?

These unneeded files are stored in the background of our phones and tablets. As they build up in a hefty junk folder, they can significantly slow down our handset – a big no-no for gamers.

You can manually delete these files within a couple of easy clicks. Simply head to your ‘Settings’ menu and locate the ‘Storage’ option. Using the ‘Free Up Space’ tool, you will see a list of files and documents. Select those you don’t intend to use and click ‘Free Up’ on your screen.

The Joy of Sound

Some of us are complete tech-heads who peruse every fine detail of a handset’s specifications to get the best from it.

Others simply use their Android straight out of the box, and while that’s absolutely fine it may not be getting the best from your device.


Did you know, for example, that some Android phones and tablets have Dolby Atmos sound support?

This is audio of the highest quality and can be toggled on and off in your ‘Settings’ menu. The ‘Sounds and Vibration’ option houses the choice to switch Dolby Atmos on or off.

The Samsung Galaxy A12, the Google Pixel range and some Huawei handsets support Dolby, so you may already have game-changing audio available to you.

Feel the Force

If you are gaming at home, or have access to a mobile charging dock on the move, then another option is to switch on Force 4x.

While not available on all Android devices, those that do have it can deliver awesome gaming performance via Force 4x. Without going into the tech details, basically, Force 4x improves the graphics of your games – albeit at the cost of your battery being drained heavily.

But if you are plugged into the mains, this is a handy tool that will enhance your Android gaming greatly.

You’ll need to follow some precise instructions to access it. Through ‘Settings’, head to ‘About Phone’ and then click ‘Build Number’ seven times. This is a secret code that lets you alter your handset as a developer.

Once achieved, go back to ‘Settings’ and follow this chain (Android 9): System > Advanced > Developer Options > enable Force 4x MSAA.


You can enjoy a fine gaming experience on Android straight out of the box.

However, the addition of hardware will allow you greater control and responsiveness over your play. If you intend on spending significant time gaming on your phone or tablet, then you may as well invest in the appropriate accessories too.

There are lots of options – you could get an external controller, a gaming mouse, noise-canceling headphones and plenty more besides.

Pushed to the Limit

A concept that many gaming enthusiasts will be familiar with, you can ‘overclock’ the CPU on your Android device to eke out every last drop of processing power from it.

To do so, you will need to ‘root’ your phone first – that is, to override the factory settings and take control of the device’s every function. 

If you’re not that tech-savvy, we don’t recommend rooting your handset. However, if you want to take the risk, you should search on Google for a ‘custom kernel’, and then use this to overclock your handset’s CPU. 

This will ensure you get every last drop of processing power from your device, thus maximizing your gaming.

Enjoy a Boost

Did you know that there are now apps designed specifically to enhance your gaming experience on Android?

One such option is Game Booster, which is available as a free download from the Google Play store. This has a rating of 4.5 stars from more than 500,000 reviews, so you know that it’s good!

The app will implement a number of tweaks to your device to ensure it can best handle the processing requirements of your gaming. It will optimize the memory of your phone or tablet, stop notifications and monitor your CPU usage – plowing all of the necessary resources into your gaming.

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