How to Recover Deleted Outlook Folders | Three Simple Ways

With the development of technology, it’s not a tricky issue for us to chat on email with colleagues, friends, and business partners, spite crossing the ocean and several time zones. And when talking about email software, Microsoft Outlook comes to mind immediately because it is an efficient and comprehensive tool for sending and receiving emails, scheduling our daily plan, and storing contact names, etc. 

How to Recover deleted Deleted Folders

However, the situation frequently occurs when we accidentally delete some vital Outlook folders when transferring data and want to retrieve them again. Feel extremely anxious? Wonder how to recover deleted Outlook folders effortlessly? Relax. This article will tell a list of frequently asked questions about this issue and provide three ways to facilitate you to get over this trouble. 

It’s worth 5-minute reading to learn about the following:

Way 1: Retrieve Erased Outlook Folders with WorkinTool Data Recovery

Way 2: Recover Deleted Outlook Folders with Kernel for PST Repair

Way 3: Get back Deleted Outlook Folders from Server

Bonus: FAQs about Recovering Deleted Outlook Folders

Way 1: Retrieve Erased Outlook Folders with WorkinTool Data Recovery

It’s a disaster to mistakenly delete Outlook folders when you back up or transfer data to a new device. More disappointingly, it is over 30 days, so it will automatically be erased from your Outlook account. However, WorkinTool Data Recovery will take its technical advantage to help you solve the headache issue. 

It is a 100% free and all-in-one data recovery tool compatible with the Windows systems. Using it, you can quickly recover all your .pst and .ost files in the deleted Outlook folders within minutes. Other than this, it can effortlessly recover your missing Outlook messages. There are other useful tools and tutorials about this software on WorkinTool. Just one click to learn more. 


+ Various Formats Supported: Besides PST and OST files in Outlook, you can quickly recover other email format files like MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, etc. 

+ Intuitive Recovery Scenes: It does well in sophisticated scenes like deletion, formatted, lost disk & partition, lost USB/memory cards, and deep recovery. 

+ Powerful Recovery Functions: It can quickly recover documents, videos, photos, and audio files.

+ Easy to Use: It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation that is easy for you to use like a pro.


– Compatibility: It only supports Windows.

How to Recover Deleted Outlook Folders with WorkinTool Data Recovery

Step 1. Open the free tool.


recover deleted folders

Free download and launch this practical software. Then tap on Deletion Recovery scene mode. (Of course, you can select Format Recovery, Disk Partition Recovery, and Deep Recovery.)

Step 2. Select the location partition.

how to recover deleted data

Click the location you store the Outlook folders to scan.

Step 3. Filter, preview, and download the results you want.

recover data using tool

Click the Filter button to select the modification date and size you like. And tap on File Type > Custom to enter PST or OST. Then click Sure and choose the folders you want to restore. With a click on the Recover icon, you will get the desired results. 

Way 2: Recover Deleted Outlook Folders with Kernel for PST Repair

If you want to retrieve deleted Outlook Folder on your computer, another software named Kernel for PST Repair is also worth recommending. It is a comprehensive and valuable recovery tool specialized for PST repair compatible with Windows systems. It can recover Outlook folders, including contacts, drafts, journals, tasks, deleted items, etc.  


+ Repair Large PST Files: You can easily retrieve PST files, although their size exceeds 2GB.

+ Export in Various Formats: After recovering the PST files, you can export them in different formats such as DBX, XBOX, MSG, EML, etc.

+ Save PST Email to Web Mails: You can directly save the recovered PST files to web-based mails like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, etc. 

+ Ad-free: No pop-up provides you with an ultimately using experience.


– Only Email-Related Files Recovery: Except for email-related files, it cannot recover photos, videos, or audio files from other sources.

– Only 25-Item Free Trial: You can only use it free for the first 25 recovered items. Otherwise, you need to pay $49 to buy a home license.

How to Restore Deleted Outlook Folders Using Kernel for PST Repair

Step 1. Open and select the file location.

working Tool Data Recoverey

Open the software and click on Select File. In the pop-up window, tap on Browse to find the folders where Outlook PST or OST files locate.

Step 2. Select the desired filters.

You can select the data range, item type, and folder name in the pop-up window to fit your preference. And click on Sure. And then, you can select whether to split files or attach a prefix to the store name. Once you decide, click on Next

Step 3. Recover deleted Outlook folders as you wish.

Select the saving path by clicking on the Browse icon and then click on Saving Preferences > Save all emails (including deleted). Lastly, tap on the Finish button you retrieve what you want.

Way 3: Get back Deleted Outlook Folders from Server 

If you delete Outlook folders within 30 days while using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server, it’s a piece of cake for you to recover deleted Outlook folders directly from the server.

How to Retrieve Deleted Outlook Folders from Server

Step 1. Open your Outlook.

Log in to your Outlook account and find your email folder list on the left to click on the Deleted Items.

 Step 2. Tap on Recover Deleted Items from Server.

Click on the Home button and tap on the Recover Deleted Items from Server to recover your deleted folders automatically.

Step 3. Recover the erased Outlook folders.

Select the folders you want to recover and tap on the Restore Selected Items and Ok icons to get the folder you wish to within minutes. After the completion of recovery, you will find them in the Deleted Items folder, and then you can move them to another folder.

Bonus: FAQs about Recovering Deleted Outlook Folders

Q: Where do Outlook folders store?

A: They have two saved locations. One is in your computer’s personal storage folder, named .pst or .ost file. (.pst is the extension name of a file for backup or exporting data use. In comparison, .ost is the extension name of a file that stores some account information for offline use. The other is in a mailbox on the server if you use Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server. Both two situation are mentioned in above.

Q: What happens to deleted folders in Outlook?

A: With one-click deletion, the deleted folders are moved to the Deleted Items folder. If you empty this folder, all the contents will be erased from your account.

Q: How long do deleted emails stay in deleted Outlook folder?

A: It will automatically keep 30 days in your Deletion Items folder. 


It’s a disaster to delete Outlook folders accidentally. But no worries. This article provides you with three ways to solve all your Outlook-related recovery. Some frequently asked questions are also addressed to give you a better command of deleted Outlook folder recovery. No solution is perfect, like a diamond. They all have pros and cons. However, it’s up to you to choose one that fits your preference. Just take a trial and see the magic yourself.

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