How to Recover Formatted SD Card Easily! Works on Win & Mac


There are situations when our SD Card is formatted easily and, in the process, we’ve lost all our data inside it. Now, you’re worried and don’t know what to do? 

Well, don’t worry because in this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about formatted SD card recovery No matter whether you formatted the SD card by mistake or manually, you can find the best answer here.

Part 1: Can I recover files from a formatted SD card? 

Yes, the formatted SD Card is possible to recover. 

Formatting is like preparing a storage device for the first time. When you format an SD card, USB drive, or any storage, it erases all data, making the space available. If you’ve formatted an SD card, just stop using it right away to avoid overwriting the original files. trust me, if the data isn’t overwritten, SD card format recovery (bold) is totally possible.

Best Way to Recover Formatted SD Card Easily

To recover the files, we’ll be using the best SD Card recovery tool that is available in the market right now, which is nothing but AnyRecover.

AnyRecover is an efficient and quick way to perform formatted SD card recovery. It also supports hard drives, USB flash drives, SSDs, cameras, etc. It works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac systems. Endorsed by top media globally, it utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure a high success rate in recovering your data.

Only 3 steps to recover formatted SD card

After installing AnyRecover, open the application. 

Then, click on “PC & Hard Drive Recovery” and select your SD card. Now, AnyRecover will scan your SD card for all the data that was stored before it was formatted. 

Once, the process completes. Select the files that you want to recover. And click on the recover button. 

Next, you’ll need to select the location where you want to paste in your recovered files. But remember, don’t select the location where you’ve recovered the data from. 

And now, you’ve successfully recovered your lost data from your SD card. 

Bonus Tips for Formatted SD Card Recovery

Moreover, there are a few important things that you should know about after your SD card is formatted, which helps protect your files in your SD Card and avoid further data loss. 

  • First, don’t use or stop using the SD card immediately after data loss. 
  • Second, Do not to reformat the SD card again.  Reformating will erase all data on SD card forever, which make the recovery more difficult.
  • Third, Recover your SD card data promptly, choose a reliable SD card recovery tool  as shown above.


People Also Ask

Can I Recover Data From Formatted SD Card Using CMD?

Certainly not. Despite someone claims, using Command Prompt for free formatted SD card recovery is possible. The attrib –h –r –s /s /d . command only retrieves hidden files, not formatted ones. 

The chkdsk command displays file attributes, with -H turning off the HIDDEN attribute, -R changing file protection back to normal, and -S turning off the SYSTEM attribute.

In short, this method is for when your memory Card is corrupted and you cannot access your files inside it.

Can I Recover Data from Corrupted or Damaged SD card?

Yes, first you can use CMD to start scanning your SD Card’s file system for errors and attempt to fix them so that you’ll be able to access your data.

But if you ask me, using professional data recovery software like AnyRecover is the best and safest method to recover files from an SD card, as it has a 98% success rate, even if your SD card was corrupted.


Well, If you’ve formatted your SD card, don’t panic. Recovering data from a formatted SD card is totally possible. Try AnyRecover SD card recovery tool – it efficiently retrieves all your formatted data with a high recovery rate. With its advanced tech, unformatting your SD card is a breeze in three steps. Download and give it a shot! 

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