How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Location for IOS & Android

I’m happy to say that it’s finally here. Monster Hunter’s new version is now available! A new game called Monster Hunter Now has been released. In Monster Hunter, players engage in epic battles with giant monsters in order to hunt them down. With this new hack, players can spoof their GPS location both on Android and iOS devices using location-based mechanics for Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing. Oh, and guess what? If you want to spoof Monster Hunter Now, you can use our spoofing tool. The app is known as the iToolab AnyGo – GPS Location Changer. So, in this article, you will learn about how to play Monster Hunter Now, What is Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing, and How to Spoof in Monster Hunter Now. Therefore, let’s get started with the guide.  

Can I Spoof GPS location on Monster Hunter Now?

That’s right, you heard it right! When you play Monster Hunter, you can certainly spoof your GPS location. There may be some who are surprised by the revelation, and there are others who are confused, wondering, “What did I miss?” So, let me lay the groundwork for a brand new gaming experience.

What Is iToolab AnyGo?

With the help of iToolab AnyGo, you can fake your GPS location on your mobile device. By doing so, you can simulate being in a particular location without ever leaving your home. By masking your accurate location with one of your choice, AnyGo location spoofer promises to safeguard your personal information. 

Pros and Cons of iToolab AnyGo


  • Wide range of applications are compatible with it.
  • Maintains detailed records of movement over time.


  • iOS users do not have access to a mobile app or an IPA.
  • There is no adequate explanation for higher pricing for Mac users.
  • MacOS versions prior to 10.10 may have compatibility issues.


Best Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Tool [Free Download]

The monster hunter now spoofer from iToolab offers three modes to help you fake location more naturally for iOS and Android devices. With Monster Hunter, you don’t have to move from home to conquer the game. So, does that sound interesting? Therefore, you can download the iToolab AnyGo – GPS Location Changer using the given link. 

Features of iToolab AnyGo Location Changer

So, here are some feature that is the main highlights of the iToolab AnyGo Location Changer:


You don’t always get the perfect location by dropping a pin on the map, even if you zoom in super close. Therefore, AnyGo’s Joystick mode allows you to scroll forward, reverse, left, right, and left and right. If you press W, A, S, and D on your keyboard, you can control the GPS movement as well.

Spoof GPS location:

Your iPhone’s GPS location can be changed in a matter of seconds with iToolab AnyGo without jailbreaking!

Simulate movement

Instead of driving, walking, or cycling to a spot randomly, drive, walk or cycle virtually. When you play GPS-based games like Monster Hunter Now, this particular trick comes in handy. You have a better chance of capturing more Monster’s Hunter Now along this route, and it is more convincing.

Spoof multiple devices simultaneously (up to 15 devices)

You can fake the iPhone GPS locations of multiple iOS devices simultaneously by connecting them to your computer.

Why Should You Use AnyGo?

AnyoneGo is ideal for users of location-based apps like Tinder, Bumble, or any other app that requires location data. Nevertheless, if you are a Monster Hunter Now player, then this is your blessing. 

By using apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or other location-based services, you can also hide your location from your friends. It might be a good idea to make some of your friends jealous of your travels when you return.

Using a spoofing service allows you to access geo-restricted content from your computer without leaving your house. If for some reason, a movie or TV show isn’t available in your region, this will help you watch it.

When you spoof your location with AnyGo iPhone location spoofer, you can open up a whole new world of dating opportunities. In order to find your companion, you can travel across town, to another city, or even to a different country.

How to use iToolab AnyGo to Teleport GPS to anywhere


There is no limit to where you can teleport. You will be able to update the location of your phone within seconds.

  1. On the next page, you should see a map showing your current location after connecting. Using the “Center On” icon will help you find the exact location if the one shown is inaccurate.

2.In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the “Teleport” icon and then enter the desired destination. Then click “Search“.

3.As soon as the new desired location is entered, the system will record it. To teleport, click “Go“.

How to Use iToolab AnyGo Play Monster Hunter Now without walking

The AnyGo software can also be used to simulate GPS movement between two locations in advance:

1.At the top right corner, click on “Two-spot route.” From the map, select the location you want to visit. In a popup, you can see how far it is.

To set the speed, drag the slider at the bottom. For a more realistic look, select “Realistic Mode.” You can also choose whether to walk, cycle, or drive. Then click “Go“.

2. Once you have selected the number of times you wish to migrate between the two locations, click “Go” to begin simulating the movement.


iToolab’s AnyGo has a variety of features, as we mentioned earlier. Apart from that, it isn’t necessary for you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, which would void your warranty. So, in case you think about whether it is safe to use or not, then don’t worry about that. Anyway, that’s all we have for you. We hope you are now decided whether you need this one of not. 

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