How To Unlock T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro Bootloader

OnePlus 7 Pro is the most affordable premium flagship available right now in the market. It has gained popularity not only because of its beastly specs and design but, also the support from the community and the company. You get frequent updates and there are tons of options for unlocking bootloaders and performing some tweaks, thanks to the OnePlus community. But, there are some certain limitations if you are using the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 7 Pro. There is some bundled bloatware, along with limited config/color options.

Moreover, the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 7 Pro runs the trimmed down version of the Oxygen OS. This means that it does not features the DC dimming mode or new camera specific enhancements. Other limitations include single SIM slot with a network locked SIM, slower update cycle, and no beta channel updates. The list is pretty long, but with the help of this article, you will not need to worry about those anymore.


In this article or guide, I will give a walkthrough on how to unlock T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro bootloader. Let us get straight into the article;

How To Unlock T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro Bootloader

Note: Please make a backup of all the data and important files on your OnePlus 7 Pro before, proceeding to unlock your bootloader because everything from your device memoery will be wiped off during this process.

1. SIM Unlock Your Device

Now, the T-Mobile version of the OnePlus 7 Pro is SIM locked and it must be freed from the network chain’s before you can unlock the bootloader. Besides, T-Mobile provides an option to unlock your SIM only, after you have made the full payment of the device. Moreover, you need to use the phone continuously for 40 days on the carrier’s network before performing this bootloader unlock.

If your device meets the above-mentioned criteria then you can contact T-Mobile to SIM unlock your phone. The eligibility requirements are given below; You can now rebrand your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro after unlocking the bootloader.

  • It should be a T-Mobile device.
  • Your device must not be reported as lost, stolen or blocked to T-Mobile.
  • The account associated with the device must be working.
  • You must have not requested more than two devices unlocks in line of service in the last 12 months.

The device must satisfy all the Postpaid or Prepaid Unlocking terms outlined below;

Postpaid Accounts

  • The device must be active on the carrier network for 40 days continuously.
  • The device payment is done.
  • Accounts balance must be zero for canceled accounts.

Prepaid Accounts

  • Your device must be active for at least one year.


  • You must have done at least a total of $100 refills since the first day of use.
  • Proof of purchase or certain other official proofs can be asked.

2. Enable OEM Unlocking

You need to enable the developer options from the device settings menu. Follow the below steps;

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap on About phone.
  3. Continuously tap on Build number 7 times until you get a message that “You are now a developer”.
  4. Go back to Developer Options and tap on OEM Unlocking to enable it.OEM unlocking option for OnePlus 7 Pro

3. Note Your IMEI Number

You can find your device’s IMEI number on the box or you can go to your dialer app and dial *06# to get the IMEI number. Note it down somewhere because you will need this number.

4. Get Your Unlock Code via Fastboot Mode

Now, you need to boot your device into fastboot mode by following the below steps;

  • Download fastboot zip file from here.
  • Extract the content in a new folder on your PC/laptop. Mention it as the root directory where you have the adb and fastboot files.
  • Now Power OFF your OnePlus 7 Pro and wait for 4-5 seconds till it is completely off.
  • Press and hold Volume up + Volume down + Power buttons together until you see something on the screen.
  • Your device will soon enter the fastboot mode.
  • Connect your device via USB to your PC.
  • Open Command prompt by going to your root directory and type cmd on the address bar and hit enter.
  • Run the following command fastboot.exe oem get_unlock_code to get the unlock code.
  • Copy the Unlock Code and note it down somewhere.

5. Give IMEI and Unlock Code to T-Mobile for getting Unlock Token

  • Go to the OEM Unlock Service page. (Only available for T-Mobile version of OnePlus 7 Pro)
  • Fill in all the details.
  • Submit all the details.
  • You will receive the unlock token on your email address from T-Mobile. The file name would be unlock_token.bin
  • Download the above file from your email and follow the next step.

6. Finally, Unlock your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Make sure the device is in fastboot mode. If not then, follow the procedure mentioned in the 4th step.
  2. Copy the unlock_token.bin file into the root directory.
  3. Run fastboot flash cust-unlock unlock_token.bin command in the CMD window to flash the unlock_token.bin file.
  4. You will get the message on the CMD window: Device is Unlocked
  5. For Unlocking the device. Run fastboot oem unlock command for that.
  6. Now, on your device Confirm the unlocking by using the Volume Up button to move the highlight to Yes and press the Power button to select it.
  7. Your device will reboot now and will show you the secure boot warning.
  8. Boot into recovery mode, and delete everything on the device.
  9. When it is done, the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro reboot into Android OS automatically.
  10. And it is now unlocked.

There you have it. You have now freed your OnePlus 7 Pro from the chains of T-mobile. Though it is a long procedure, it is advised that you must follow each of the steps very carefully because if you skipped any of the steps above, you might brick or permanently damage your device. Also, once again it is my duty to remind you that please make a backup of all the data of your device because this procedure will wipe of your device storage.

Let us know in the comments how was the experience of unlocking the bootloader of your T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro and also mention if I have missed any of the steps which will benefit the users who are trying to unlock their bootloader of OnePlus 7 Pro T-mobile version.


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