Human Fall Flat Console Commands and Cheats

No Brakes Games’ and Curve Digital’s platform-puzzle game, Human: Fall Flat, has been praised for its charming animation and thought-provoking puzzles. The game went on sale for over four million copies worldwide.

Playing a game becomes easy whenever the players use cheats or console commands. However, both are different in their ways, still, their job is on the same side, i.e., making the gameplay accessible. Now, we will take you through the important console commands and interesting cheats for Human: Fall Flat.

Human Fall Flat Console Commands and Cheats

How to Enable console in Human: Fall Flat

In order to enable console commands in Human: Fall Flat, you need to enable the console first. For that, you simply need to hit the key shown below, corresponding to your keyboard.

  • American English keyboard – the Tilde or ~ key
  • British English keyboard – the inverse Tilde or ` key
  • Other keyboards – the º key

All console commands in Human: Fall Flat

Given below is the complete list of console commands in Human: Fall Flat.

  • Jump to checkpoint – L + number (0-7) + checkpoint number (without any spaces) + hit Enter
  • Kick players – /kick player name: this will kick the player from the server
  • Mute players – /mute player name – this will mute the concerned player.
  • Show players – /list: this will display all the players currently present on the server
  • Toggle First Person Camera (FPS mode) – FPS + Enter

Recorder Console Commands

You can use the console commands given below in relation to the recorder.

  • Enable recorder – * (on the numpad)
  • Forward (recorder) – * + right arrow
  • Rewind (recorder) – * + left arrow
  • Reverse play (recorder) – * + Shift + space
  • Pause (recorder) – * + space
  • Fast Forward (recorder) – * + Shift + right arrow
  • Fast Rewind (recorder) – * + Shift + left arrow

Camera Console Commands

You can use the console commands given below in relation to the camera.

  • Change FOV Free roam camera – * Mouse wheel
  • Enable/disable full-screen camera in Coop mode – F7
  • Fog density – Comma, period (this will prevent more isometric shots from appearing denatured)
  • Frame video capture – Ctrl + Shift + R (slows down game time to export PNGs)
  • Free roam camera mode – F8
  • Freeze/unfreeze time – F6 (to capture stills)
  • Look around free-roam camera – * Mouselook
  • Move Free Roam Camera – * WASD
  • Slow-motion – Ctrl + Shift + T (reduces speed by a factor of two)
  • Up or down Free Roam Camera – * Q or * Z
  • Zoom – [ and ]

Keyframe Console Commands

You can use the console commands given below in relation to the Keyframes.

  • Clear keyframes – * 0
  • Create regular keyframe -* 1-9 (at present recorder frame, keeping in mind the camera world rotation and position)
  • Create targeted keyframe – * Shift 1-9 (while looking at a human. This will store the camera world position, and the camera rotation will be adjusted to look at the human. Keep in mind that using a fixed camera to look at a leaping human could cause it to become shaky.)
  • Create human keyframe – * Ctrl 1-9 (the camera position relative to the human will be remembered)

If you wish, you can mix and match all the three types of keyframes (regular, targeted, human) shown above. Remember that without the recorder, you will only have access to two keyframes (regular and targeted). You can interpolate then with a short ten-second animation by hitting space.

Cheats for Human: Fall Flat

As of now, we know of only one actual cheat available for use in Human: Fall Flat. Keep in mind, though, that using cheats will deprive you of the opportunity to get achievements.

Climbing cheat – climcheat

That is it for now. We hope you find our list of console commands and cheats for Human: Fall Flat useful. Now, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone, and Android Guides to read more. However, if there are any queries or feedback, comment down with your name & email ID. We will try our best to reply soon. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel in order to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Thank you!

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