Inside The Backrooms All Entities Ranked By Their Scare Factor

Inside The Backrooms is a horror multiplayer game developed by MrFatcat. It is an exciting game that we see in multiplayer mode. Through this game, the players will experience horror in simulation mode.

The players are searching for different articles to find out what is the horror entities in the game. To end your search, we are with the blog where we will list out the entities according to the scare factor. Continue reading this blog till the end to know about it.

Inside The Backrooms

All Entities of Inside The Backrooms Ranked By Their Scare Factor 

We have listed the entities according to their scary ranks. Make sure to check this interesting horror list that you will be facing in Inside The Backrooms.

1. The Smiler

It is one of the most horrifying entities in the game. This is known as Entity 3: The Smiler. When you see this smile, then you will get horrified because of the unnecessary twisted smile. It will remind you of a bad unneeded smile.

The Smiler

The players will have to carefully look in the corners as it will be available there. The Smiler will be going to horrify you as it indicates that you are trapped in a place with no escape.

2. Skin-Stealers 

The Skin-Stealers is the 10th Entity in the game. It is tall and skinless with humanoid entities which peer through the darkness with two reddish eyes. The mouths of the skin-stealers are longer than usual and will horrify if you see them accidentally. The Skin-Stealers have sharp teeth which are looking for new skin.

Skin Stealers

Most players get horrified when the skin-stealers stalk them from their behind or from the room. We know how you will take this on your mind. The way the Skin-Stealers stalks gives the nostalgic vibes of watching horror films and then seeing our back if it is there.

3. Bacteria 

We all have heard the name of bacteria in our day-to-day lives. Now, it’s time to see it in front of us. In the game, you will be going to see bacteria coming in front of you. However, the bacteria attract when you are using in-game communication. If you want to avoid it, then you will need to use fewer in-game communications like a walkie-talkie, chat, etc.


The bacteria will look very thin and you will get afraid of it if you see accidentally spawning in front of you. To avoid it, make sure that you don’t use in-game communications.

4. The Hound

The Hound looks like a human but walks on four legs similar to an animal. When you see it, then you will have to maintain eye contact. Staring at the hound and maintaining eye contact will make the entity and player maintain distance from each other. The hound will not come near to you if you keep on seeing it.

The Hound

Many players don’t stare at the hound because they think that what if the hound attacks them? Thus they try to get out of this situation by running which not works at all. The Hound is the 8th Entity of the game.

5. The Carnivorous Balloon

The Carnivorous Balloons

It is another horrifying entity in the game. Many players are afraid of this balloon. At first, the balloon will look like a simple balloon which is normal, but when you start getting close to it, then it will accidentally come on you by jumpscare which you will get afraid at that time. Many players have faced the same situation, thus, it is considered a horrifying entity.

Final Thoughts 

Inside The Backrooms, the game was launched with the concept to bring horror into the multiplayer mode. They did it very well in the game. The players were confused about the entity ranking according to their horrifying nature which we have listed above. Do give them a read and know why they are the most horror entity.

That’s it for this blog, See you in the next one.

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