Music won’t play on Instagram story? Lot of users facing ‘no sound’ or ‘music not playing’ issue

If you are trying to add music or soundtrack to a photo or a video on Instagram but it isn’t going through. Don’t worry as you aren’t alone. Facebook-owned Instagram launched the feature to add a soundtrack in an Instagram Story over a photo or video back in June 2018. Since Instagram Stories is one of the most widely used features, adding a soundtrack is something millions of people are doing every day but hey, a majority of them are facing trouble posting a soundtrack.

What is the Music Sticker feature & the what’s the fuss about?

For those who are apparently living under a rock, Instagram released a feature to add a soundtrack to video or photo on Instagram Stories that everyone can check out. You can select an audio based on your choice so you can filter by mood or artists or choose from the popular songs available. In fact, the feature doesn’t only lets you choose but you can actually narrow it down to your favorite part of the song with lyrics or music cover in a 15-second playback window which is great to express yourself on social media.

Need Help for Instagram Music Sticker from r/Instagram

An update to iOS allows users to add music before shooting the video while Android users are still awaiting getting the update. Anyways, talking about the ‘music’ sticker available within Instagram Stories, it perhaps doesn’t work for all. Millions of users use it every day and thanks to the power of platforms like Reddit & Twitter, they report issues whenever a service is down. Although Instagram is pretty much active all the time, the feature tends to report a huge number of complaints.

Complaints consisting of various issues with the music sticker such as some users have reported that they cannot add any music to their story while some say that they can add and post the story but there’s no sound. Moreover, there are tonnes of reports of people stating how the music sticker feature is not available on their account but their friends or family members have it even though they live in the same region.

instagram music from r/Instagram

Instagram hasn’t released the feature in all countries, however, if you cannot access it, the chances are your country hasn’t received the update yet. Although this is a pretty straightforward reason why the feature ain’t available but people have realized that the feature was earlier available but not now.

Instagram Music sticker not showing up from r/Instagram

There are a wholesome number of users who say that they have the feature but when they upload a story with it, there’s no sound.

Users have reported that using Spotify’s Share to Instagram Stories feature doesn’t work for some as well. There is a tonne of tweets and posts on subreddits citing the same issue. Apparently, this seems like a server-side issue that isn’t region-based or even limited to users or devices.

The most common method to fix the issue is sought to be logging out and logging in or even uninstalling and installing the latest update of the app to check if it works or not. There’s a catch here as well. Users have reported that doing what aforementioned didn’t help them as well. Here’s what users on Twitter have to say about the music won’t play on Instagram. At the end of the day, there are still millions of users not able to use the music sticker in their stories at this moment.

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