Is Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G Waterproof smartphone?

Having a waterproof phone could be a lifesaver in some disastrous situations. While not every phone in the budget or midrange bracket has this feature, some phones do feature. If you have been following Samsung, you would have noticed that they are launching multiple phones lately. However, the model numbers might be quite confusing for an average consumer.

You might be looking to buy one of these budget or midrange smartphones. So it’s understandable if you are wondering if they are waterproof. Because why not? You cannot be careful all the time. Hence having a waterproof phone means you can worry less. So here in this article, we are going to explain what is waterproof and whether Samsungs latest Galaxy F42 5G and the M52 5G are waterproof or not.

Is Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G Waterproof smartphone

Is Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G Waterproof smartphone

To determine whether your phone is waterproof or not, you have checked the IP rating of the device. This IP rating or Ingress Protection rating number should determine how much your device can withstand water damage. That said, usually, a phone that has an IPX5 or above is waterproof. Here higher the number in the second digit of the IP rating, the higher the water resistance or waterproof the device would be.

You might be wondering what does the first number in the IP rating means. Well, it denotes the resistance against dust and other hard particles like sand. So let’s see what level of IP ratings does the Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G phones have.

To begin with, the Galaxy F42 5G phone is budget-oriented. However, it is located at the higher end of the budget segment. Even though there are some quite interesting features with the phone, there are no official IP ratings. This means that the manufacturer did not care to test the device to provide an IP rating for the phone. So it is safe to assume that the phone is not waterproof officially. To be fair it was never marketed as such. However, you should be able to find some basic protection against small water splashes. If you are lucky, then you might even get away with dropping your water into a water pond.

The condition is the same for the M52 5G smartphone. The M52 5G phone is also the same when it comes to not having an official IP rating. This could be a deal-breaker especially considering the mid-range target for the device. It would have been better if the phone at least had an IP65 rating. But you are not getting that. You may get an essential splash-proof device also; we cannot guarantee that since there aren’t any official statements from Samsung.

What to expect from Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G

Although you should not jump to any conclusions that the phone is completely not waterproof and that phone will die the instant it touches water. Modern phones have some sturdy compactness to them. This means that naturally, there should not be an effect by small splashes of water. This means if you accidentally fall into a pool with your phone, you could still be able to use the phone after drying it out properly. The same goes for getting wet in the rain.

Although you shouldn’t expect the phone to work inside water for more than a minute, that said, you could not take underwater selfies with this device.


To conclude this article, both Samsung Galaxy F42 5G and M52 5G are great 5G smartphones with impressive specifications like camera, display, etc. But none of them are waterproof, at least not officially. You could always test the theory by keeping your phone underwater for at least a minute. Luckily you might get out without causing any damage to your phone. But we cannot guarantee you that it will work all the time. So keep your device safe and try to avoid water contact greatly. Typically, water damage will not be covered under manufacturer warranty, so keep it safe.

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