Fix: Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active Sound/Audio Distortion, Muffled, or Cutting out

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Jabra Elite 7 Active are quite popular models for wireless Bluetooth earbuds in terms of great sound quality and comfort for calling & listening to music under the budget segment. However, it seems that multiple users are experiencing issues with the Bluetooth connectivity with their Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active earbuds apart from Sound/Audio Distortion, Muffled, or Cutting out on their mobile devices.

According to multiple reports on Reddit, users are getting affected by the audio cutting issue in/out even while the mobile phone moves slightly in the pocket. It’s also very painful and irritating to the affected users because they didn’t expect such an experience from such a well-known brand. Even though no other devices interfere with the connectivity and users have updated the firmware, the issue persists.

Fix: Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active Sound/Audio Distortion, Muffled, or Cutting out

Fix: Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active Sound/Audio Distortion, Muffled, or Cutting out

Here we’ve mentioned a couple of possible workarounds that should help you if there is an issue with the low sound or audio muffled or the sound only works in one earbud for some unexpected reasons. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the guide below.

Bug: left earbud not connected / soundless on the Elite 7 Pro from Jabra

1. Try reloading the firmware on Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active

First of all, you should try reloading the firmware on your Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active even though your firmware is up-to-date. To do so:

  • Open the Jabra Sound+ app, go to the Headset tab > Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select Personalize your headset > Tap on Voice guidance language.
  • Select the current language of the earbuds > Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation.
  • Once you put the earbuds back into the charging case, leave them for around 5 minutes more after the LED on the outside of the case stops flashing purple. It’ll ensure that the update is fully completed.

2. Try disabling the music playback pause function

It was because the headphones were not properly seated in my ears. Then it was pausing and unpausing the music. Maybe not the same issue, but worth a shot; try disabling the pausing function in the app. Keep in mind that the Auto-pause audio feature is turned on by default. If you’re not using the Jabra Sound+ app, install it from Play Store or App Store.

  • To change this setting in the Jabra Sound+ app, open the application on your mobile device first.
  • Then go to Headset > Headset settings > Audio experience > Auto-pause audio.

3. Cross-check another mobile device

The second thing you can do is simply test out your Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active on another mobile device running on a different operating system (either iOS or Android) than your current device. Doing so will allow you to ensure whether the problem is within the earbuds or your mobile device.

4. Check your audio source

Before you jump into the other troubleshooting methods to start connecting your earbuds and fixing the audio issues, check the audio source properly where it’s coming from. Bluetooth audio is something that you can’t predict always where it’s gonna work properly or not.

Sometimes the source audio or the audio quality may have some issues that can interfere with the audio listening experience. Try increasing your audio bitrate or using another wireless headphone to cross-check the audio quality, whether the sound is muffled or cutting out.

5. Reset Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active

It’s also always recommended to perform a factory reset of your Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active by following the steps below to check for the issue.

  • First, place both the earbuds in the charging case properly > Press and hold the Left and Right buttons on the earbuds simultaneously for around 10 seconds until the LEDs on the earbuds flash purple.
  • Now, close the charging case’s lid for around 5 seconds to complete the reset process.
  • Make sure to delete the previously paired device in the Bluetooth menu before pairing your earbuds with the mobile device again. You can also check out the user manual guide for further details.

Note: You can repeat these steps if the first attempt to reset was unsuccessful.

6. Keep closer your earbuds to the mobile

If you’re listening to music on your mobile device using the Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active earbuds within a range of Bluetooth signal or connectivity, that’s around 10 meters in most scenarios. If an obstacle or interference is troubling with the Bluetooth signal or connectivity, try avoiding those interferences before trying again.

7. Disconnect other devices

It seems that some other Bluetooth devices (smartwatches, smart speakers, smart home devices) are already connected and being in use with the same mobile or laptop that you’re trying to connect using the Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active. So, try disconnecting other devices or turning them off straight away to see if the audio stuttering or sound low issue goes away or not.

8. Turn off additional audio features or processing

When it comes to premium mobile devices, OEMs do provide some additional audio features or processing powers to enhance the audio listening quality. So, make sure to turn off additional equalizers, noise-canceling, other audio processing, etc.

9. Adjust the Bluetooth audio codec

Try adjusting the Bluetooth audio codec in the Bluetooth Settings menu on your device as well to reduce audio muffled or sound works only in one earbud issue. To do this:

  • You can tap on the ‘i’ or the settings (gear icon) next to your earbuds app or in the music player app.
  • Some wireless earbuds may offer HD Audio or other similar audio codecs. So, turn them off to check if the audio quality improves.

This is how you can easily resolve the Jabra Elite 7 Pro /7 Active Sound Distortion or muffled or cutting out issues.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. I have Jabra 85 earbuds– incredible sound and excellent base. I also bought Jabra 75 Active Elite version. Horrible tinny sound. Who wants to spend time trying to figure out what’s wrong? I’m staying with the 85 and giving away the other ones. Very disappointing.

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