How to Fix Just Cause 4 Crash | Startup Crashing to Desktop [ Windows/PC]

Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, Just Cause 4 is an action-adventure third-person video game. Just Cause is a widely popular video game series, with Just Cause 4 being the fourth main addition to this series. The fourth edition of the series is set as a sequel to Just Cause 3, which was out back in 2015. Just Cause 4’s release dates back to the 4th of December 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Just Cause 4 is one of the most famous video game titles ever in the records. Their publisher, Square Enix, offers two free games to their fellow followers every week. Their pick for this week is Just Cause 4, and it’s bound to create a revolution! While players are in a rush trying to play the game, PC users are now facing the issue of the gaming crashing on startup. Today, we have this guide cooked up to help you counter past it and, ultimately, resolve the issue. So without any further ado, let’s look at how to fix Just Cause 4 startup crashing to desktop.

How to Fix Just Cause 4 Crash | Startup Crashing to Desktop [ Windows/PC]

How to Fix Just Cause 4 Startup Crashing to Desktop

1. Disable your internet connection

The first thing you can work on is to disable the internet connection. Just disable the connection from the PC, restart your wi-fi, and try connecting again. In contrast, enabling the Airplane mode and disabling it is also an option that applies. If in case this doesn’t work out for you, move on to the next fix.

2. Block connection to Just Cause 4

If the first fix didn’t work for you or if you don’t want to mess up with your network connection, then this is the next effective formula that you can apply. You can block connection to Just Cause 4 through the Windows Firewall. Just follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Go to the Control Panel on your system
  2. Go to System and Security
  3. From there, go into Windows Firewall
  4. Choose the Advanced settings
  5. From there, choose the Outbound Rules option
  6. Next, choose the New Rule… option
  7. On the next screen, select the Program option and click next
  8. Then, browse for the justcause4.exe path
  9. After locating the path, select it and click next
  10. Next, select the Block the connection option and click next
  11. Then, select/mark/tick the three option(Domain, Private, and Public) and click next
  12. Finally, type in the name of your choice and save the rule.

The above methods are proven, and they did indeed work out for the users that have tested. If in an instance, this guide looks hard for you to follow up, you can watch our step by step video guide on youtube here. 

Summing up our guide, Square Enix injects great hype among players with their move of offering Just Cause 4 for free. This is, however, a week’s offer and is free until the 23rd of April. Along with this arrives the startup crash for PC users, which you can easily resolve by disabling your network connection or blocking the connection to the game using Windows Firewall without messing up with your network connection. Kindly let us know which one of these fixes worked out for you and get in touch with the comments down below if you have any further queries.

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