Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards? How to Fix It?

Keyboards are like hands for the computer or mobile phones. But there are times when it starts malfunctioning. Though the quickest way to fix a keyboard in computers is to replace it. But what if it is a software issue? What if your android keyboard starts typing backwards?

In this guide, we will talk about the fix for the people facing the problem of keyboard typing in the backward direction. What could be the reason behind this and how can you fix this issue.

Well, a human error. Yes, the only way a keyboard is typing backwards is because it is set to do so knowingly or unknowingly. This is the most common reason for it. There might be a glitch in the software or the keyboard application, but these glitches usually fix themselves.

Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards How to Fix It

How to fix your keyboard typing backwards for Windows

This is the most common issue faced by people using windows in their PC. There are many ways you can fix this issue depending on the reason behind it. But you can try these ways

Method 1: Restart your PC

To fix common software bugs, you can restart your PC. If the issue was the software it can be fixed by restarting the machine.

Method 2: Run keyboard troubleshoot

Keyboard troubleshooting is provided to the Windows 10 user. You can do this by following these steps.

  • Press the window key and click on the settings
  • Go to the Troubleshoot settings
  • Look for Keyboard Troubleshoot and click on Troubleshoot keyboard

Method 3: Reconnect your keyboard

Yes, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard again. If there are some driver issues they can be fixed by themselves.

Method 4: Change your keyboard typing direction

If nothing has fixed your problem. Then it is because you have set the keyboard to type backward accidentally. Here is how you can correct the typing direction

  • To type from right-to-left press CTRL+RIGHT SHIFT
  • To type from left-to-right, Press CTRL+LEFT SHIFT

Keyboard typing backwards issue is a known issue and it can always be fixed. But if nothing is foxing this for you then there may be a virus attack on your PC. Try running some antivirus and see if it is true or try replacing the keyboard.

How to fix your keyboard typing backwards for Windows

Usually Android does not lets you change the direction of the typing but if it starts typing backward you can try these fixes.

Method 1: Restart your Smartphone

The best way to fix this issue is to restart your smartphone. Restarting your smartphone gives it a fresh new start and will fix the issue.

Method 2: Change your Keyboard

If your keyboard is still typing backward, try using a different keyboard. Here is how you can change your keyboard on Android.

  • Download and install a keyboard from the play store
  • Go to settings
  • Look for language and keyboard settings
  • Tap on language and keyboard setting, and tap on keyboard  input
  • Select the downloaded keyboard from the list
  • This might have fixed your problem.

Method 3: Clear Cache data

The common fix for the problem facing android. Clear cache data of the device. Cache data holds the temporary information about the site you visit on a different application. Here is how you can clear your cache data.

  • Open settings of the android device
  • Look for the storage, and tap on it
  • Tap on clear cache data
  • Your android will clear your cache data from every application.

Method 4: Force Stop the Keyboard Application

If clearing your cache data is not solving your issue, you can force stop the keyboard application. And the appl will restart again when you open any application which needs a keyboard. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open the setting of your android device
  • Look for the Application manager and tap on it.
  • Find your default keyboard from the list and tap on it
  • Tap on force stop.


Keyboard typing backwards is an issue for the Windows PC, which can be fixed by using the above fix. But for android, it might be a glitch because android does not use a mechanical keyboard or any external keyboards, which doesn’t let you type backward. So use this guide when you have issues like, backward typing with your keyboard.

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