How to Fix KW88 Smartwatch Network, Bluetooth, and SIM card issues

KW88 has now been one among the best smartwatches available in the market to purchase. They come with several features that are noticeable and in fact, have contributed a lot to its success. However, a lot of users have also reported some minor bugs in this device. If you are also facing the same, check out the list of common bugs and the best possible solution to them. All the methods that are spotlighted in this post work accurately.

How to Fix KW88 Smartwatch Network, Bluetooth, and SIM card issues

Before you proceed with them, make sure your watch is at least 50% charged and is not having hardware damage.

No network in the KW88 smartwatch

  • First of all, check whether you have Wi-Fi or cellular data option enabled from the device Settings.
  • Make sure you have reached your data limit. If so, buy the same immediately from your network provider.
  • Make sure the network you are searching for is compatible on the KW88 smartwatch
  • Reboot the watch and see if it works
  • In case the problem is still present, check out the after sales support/warranty you got from the manufacturer/reseller.

Unable to connect KW88 smartwatch to phone via Bluetooth

  • You need to make sure that the Bluetooth version on your phone is compatible with the one in this smartwatch. At the same time, make sure the OS is compatible too.
  • Check whether your phone is updated to latest security patch/ OS update. It shouldn’t be less than Android Kit-Kat
  • Check the history of connected devices. It should not be too long. If so, delete the same immediately.
  • Make sure that the battery of your smartwatch is at least 15% charged. Sometimes this can be the reason for frequent connection drop or failure.
  • The area under which most Bluetooth connection works are less than 30 feet. Thus make sure you are in this range.
  • Try connecting by rebooting your smartwatch and phone too.
  • Connect your watch to another Bluetooth enabled device or smartphone to see if it works.
  • Call the service center in case problem is still there.

No SIM card detected on KW88 Smartwatch

  • First of all simply reboot your smartwatch and check if it works.
  • Check the frequency supported by the smartwatch. It should match the frequency provided by the network provider. Also, keep it in mind that this product supports only 2G & 3G SIM cards. In case you are having a 4G SIM card, it wouldn’t work on it.
  • Remove the SIM and insert it again. There are certain chances that the problem would be gone.

If the problem still remains present, there are chances of a hardware issue. It is recommended to you to go for a thorough hardware check. You can either contact the manufacturer or the reseller to help you in this matter. It would be good if you choose the authorized service center to get it repaired as it may void the device warranty. You may get the replacement in case of hardware damage.

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  1. I heve purchase this watch, and now it keeps on rebooting over and over until the battery is dead. and when i charge it it start up again and keeps on restarting again. can you help me wi h this issue? thanks.

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