Lethal Company Not Selling Items (Fix)

Zeekerss has delivered a co-op survival horror first-person video game where players will have to scavenge at abandoned moons to sell scrap to the Company. It’s an early-access title that’s all set in a retrofuturistic post-apocalyptic universe. As the term ‘retrofuturistic’ has been used, Lethal Company justifies the visuals with its retro look. By selling the scraps (items), players make money and fulfil the quota to be in the game. However, recently several players have reported that Lethal Company Not Selling Items unexpectedly.

The teammates have to travel to different planets and collect scrap metals to sell them. It usually helps them to qualify for The Company’s quota and from being eliminated. By making money, players will also be able to upgrade their gears accordingly. Though this job sounds easy, that’s not the case for everyone. Well, that’s a USP for Lethal Company & players have to deal with monsters in every corner. So, if you’re unable to sell items or can’t understand how things work then don’t worry.

Lethal Company Not Selling Items (Fix)

Fix Lethal Company Not Selling Items

Fortunately, here we’ve shared with you the process of selling all scrap items and making as much money as possible. Well, it’s important to get the most money to fulfil the quota for The Company. As a player, you can see the value of each item while scanning but you might not receive its full price when you sell items to The Company. It mostly happens whenever you can’t understand how the selling rate works. You should always take a calculated risk to sell at the right time.

Additionally, there are some other tips provided below that should come in handy. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into it.

1. Sell Items and Scrap in Lethal Company

You’ll need to sell items to The Company to get paid and continue your journey in the game. Check out the steps below to sell scrap items easily.

  • Run Lethal Company > Go to the terminal at the back of your ship.
  • Type moons and hit Enter.
  • Now, input the company building and hit Enter.
  • Type confirm and hit Enter.
  • Go to the screen at your left.
  • Pull the lever to land the ship.
  • Leave your ship and go to the shop.
  • Press the E key to place the items for sale.
  • Ring the bell a couple of times.
  • You’ll get paid for the sold items.

2. Best Time to Sell Scraps in Lethal Company

There is a best time to sell scraps in the game and when you start running Lethal Company, you’ll have three days to fill the quota and sell your items. Whenever you go from a specific moon in the game, a single day gets reduced. So, it’s necessary to keep count of your current days left because you can’t land on a moon if there are zero days left.

Note: You can complete looting on the moon even if you have zero days left but you’ll immediately launched into space once you take off.

You can land in the Company Building and sell all your items on any day. Luckily, this won’t count any day. However, you should know that The Company doesn’t give you the full price for the items you sell. It mostly depends on the value of the days left while setting scraps.

Days Left Item Value
Third Day 30 percent of the original value
Second Day 53 percent of the original value
First Day 77 percent of the original value
Zero 100 percent of the original value

3. Get the Best Price for Items

You’ll be able to get the best price for your scrap items in Lethal Company if you wait for the final day (third day) to arrive and then sell the items to The Company on the specific moon. Once you go to the moon’s selling point, you’ll see a percentage of the profit for sure. It’ll also allow you to join other crewmates on the last day to get alive and have a better option to increase the profit. The only thing you will have to deal with is the horrifying monsters of Lethal Company in several places as you go further.

Additionally, you might also end up losing your items if the final day gets over and your items are left. So, you should think before performing to understand what works better for you.

That’s it, guys. We hope this article was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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