List of Google Smartphones Codename – All Latest Nexus and Pixel Series

When it comes to Android, the Pixels would be the first picture in our mind. Well, Pixels certainly were a game-changer, but the legacy of the Nexus shouldn’t be forgotten. Once, Nexus was the face of Android and brought in many innovative features that led to the adaptation and evolution Android has gone through. Introduction of Pixels made the story end for Nexus, but the glory of the Nexus series is still running through the veins of Android. Nexus series would always be an unforgettable series for both Google as well as Android fans, as it made the definition of how pure Android would look like.

It seems Google always had a love for the aqua world. Well at least, the codenames for each Nexus devices starting from the Galaxy Nexus, the first Nexus manufactured by Samsung, to the Google’s very own Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL say so. They just can’t stop loving fishes! Here’s the list of the codenames of Google Nexus and Pixel devices launched till date.

List of Google Smartphones Codename - All Latest Nexus and Pixel Series

Why Device Codename?

Primarily codename helps to distinguish between various devices that are of a similar range which receive official updates. So, instead of following the setup of <OEM Name> <device name> they represent the updates for the devices with the device codename.

Again coming back to the custom ROM scenario, when custom ROMs are deployed, the ROM pack for respective devices are denoted with device codename, for ease of identification among the list of loads of other devices from the same OEM. This same condition we can see while looking for official TWRP release bundles for various devices.

So, let’s see the various Pixel smartphones codename. Over official forums of Google, you can actually notice the ROM and recovery Zip files come with the device codename tag.

Pixel Series Codename

Pixel C    Dragon   
Pixel Sailfish
Pixel XL Marlin
Pixel 2 Walleye
Pixel 2 XL Taimen
Pixel 3 Blueline
Pixel 3 XL Crosshatch
Pixel 3a  Sargo
Pixel 3a XL Bonito

Nexus Codename

Galaxy Nexus LTE (Verizon) Toro
Nexus 10 Manta
Nexus 9 (LTE) 
Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi) Flounder
Nexus 4 Mako
Nexus 5 Hammerhead
Nexus 5x Bullhead
Nexus 6 Shamu
Nexus 6p Angler
Nexus 7 Deb
Nexus 7 Flo

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