MacBook Air M3 Release Date, Rumors, and Price

Millions are waiting for the MacBook Air M3 in 2023. We will tell you about the release date expectations, rumours, and the price of the M3 model. Don’t read the article if you don’t want to kill the excitement. Many news portals have covered multiple information relating to the MBA M3. Stop reading to find the new Apple products on the official YouTube channel during the launch event.

 MacBook Air M3 Release Date, Rumors, and Price

Apple MacBook Air History

MacBook Air launched in 2008 at an Apple event. The founder Steve Jobs showed off the product to the world. The market had bulky and underpowered laptops on the shelves. Steve displayed the form factor of the machine and its efficiency.

However, the customers moved on because of the price and low-end specifications sheet. The company went back to the drawing board and improved the technology.
Apple launched 13-inches Air models over the years. The manufacturer pushed the users to purchase the higher models for a larger display. According to rumors, the new MacBook Air has a larger screen size.

The 15-Inches MacBook Air

Apple didn’t comment on the rumours, but it’s a most-awaited update from the manufacturer. The Cupertino-based company has focused on the 13-inches Air model since the variant launched a decade ago. The 15-inches Air model will receive a warm welcome from the consumers.

The company has sold the 15-inches laptop in the past. The 2001 PowerBook had a 15-inches display, and the Pro version did. Later they launched the same-sized screen in 2006 with the MBP models. The manufacturer continued to sell the product until they released the 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019
The M2 Air model received a minor larger display size in the update. The 13.3-inches display went to 13.6 inches compared to the M1 Air and M1 Pro machine.

Ross Young is the source of the knowledge. The analyst predicted the M2 Air last year, and Apple launched the product. The newer M3 Air will have a larger 15.5-inch Liquid Retina display with a notch embedded on the top. We don’t have a specification sheet on the dimensions for the creators.

Many reports suggest the Air model will have the latest mini-LED display in 2022. However, the company wants to keep the ProMotion mini-LED tech exclusive for the higher-end Pro laptops. Analyst Ross Young told the public not to expect OLED tech in entry-level models until 2024 or next year.
We don’t have any exclusive information on the 15-inches MacBook Air colour options. We do expect Apple to launch the new model in other colours. M3 Air may receive the green color since it was reported in the M2 Air model rumors last year.

What Will Be the Price of 15-Inch MacBook Air?

Apple follows a pattern when pricing the MacBook models. The company’s clever team follows a pricing structure.

13.6-inches M2 MacBook Air: $1199 for the 8GB memory
14.2-inches M2 MacBook Pro: $1999 for the 16GB memory
16.2-inches M2 MacBook Pro: $2499 for the 16GB memory

The company offered the M2 MBA for a lesser price compared to the higher-end models. They wanted to attract Windows users to the Mac environment at an affordable price. We estimate the M3 Air machine will go on sale for $1699 – $1799 for the entry-level model.

When Is The 15-Inch MacBook Air Release Date?

The analyst Ross Young reported that the M3 MBA panel hit production in February 2023. Apple may launch the product at WWDC this April. The company announced the iPad (2022) without an event. We may se a similar launch of the M3 Air model from the company.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer is rumoured to have the VR Headset ready for launch. They can skip the M3 MacBook Air to focus on the VR Headset.

Bottom Line

The 15-inches Liquid Retina display and M3 chip will make the MacBook Air superior. Apple may break the sales record if they price the entry-level model keeping the competition in mind. The M2 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU won piqued the community interest. The M3 Pro has a 10-core CPU with six performance cores, four efficiency cores, a 16-core GPU, and 16-core Neural Engine. Millions are waiting for the M2 MacBook Air’s arrival.

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