Does Marvel’s Avengers Lag or Stutter? Is there a fix for PC, Xbox or PS4?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix the Marvel’s Avengers Lag or Stutter issues across various consoles. This action-adventure video game is based on the storyline that doesn’t need much introduction of sorts. Taking a clue from Marvel Comics, you are given the task to save the world from the incoming risks. Offering the single, multiplayer, and co-op mode, there are quite a lot of challenging tasks at hand. In this regard, the gamers might still be able to find out some nifty workarounds to overcome these challenges.

However, something else is proving to be slightly more challenging and infuriating. Quite a few users seem to be facing the Marvel’s Avengers Lag or Stutter issues. These issues aren’t just limited to a single console, users across PC, Xbox, or PS4 seem to be sailing in the same boat. If you are also having frequent FPS drops or the in-game graphics is stuttering quite a bit, then the below-mentioned tips will come in handy.

marvel's avengers lag stutter fix

Marvel’s Avengers Lag or Stutter Fix for PC, Xbox, and PS4

To begin with, we will be mentioning a few common fixes that are platform-independent. After this, we would be listing out the console-specific fixes. There isn’t any universal fix for this issue as such. So you will have to try out each of the below-mentioned tweaks until you achieve success. Follow along for the instructions:

Platform Independent Fixes

Here are two of the most common workarounds you could try out on your respective consoles:

Check Network Connectivity

To begin with, we would request to make sure that there aren’t any network hogging applications running on your consoles. On your PC, you may do so by heading over to the Task Manager via the Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut keys and having a look at the Network section. On the other hand, the users of the console should check that there shouldn’t be any other device connected to the same network.

network avengers lag

It might be the case that PS4 or Xbox might not be getting the required network bandwidth and hence Marvel’s Avengers might be facing lag or stutter issues. You could also restart the router or change the network connection, if possible. All in all, keep the background apps and connected devices to the absolute minimum and this could rectify the issue.

Join a different game

If you are playing a co-op mode, then you could leave that group and rejoin another group (and ask your friends to do as well). Or you might also consider changing the host as it might be the case of network issues on their end. Do the aforementioned thing and check if the Marvel’s Avenger lag or stutter issues have been fixed or not.

Fix Avengers Lag or Stutter Fix on PS4

The PS4 Pro users could switch between the Performance and “4K” Mode. The former majorly focuses on providing a graphics-intensive gaming experience. In that case, it offers a relative higher frames that the 4K mode. However, some times this might spell trouble and the game could witness few occasional lags. Therefore we would request you to switch over to the 4K mode which although might offer you a little less frame, but at least the FPS would be consistent enough.

graphics mode

Furthermore, the users on the base PS4 model should consider disabling the camera’s shake sensitivity. To do so, head over to the Options menu and then navigate to the Camera section. Then search the “Shake Sensitivity” option and lower down its value to zero. See if it gives any desirable result and fixes the Marvel’s Avenger lag and stutter issues or not.

Fix Avengers Lag or Stutter Fix on Xbox

Similar to Xbox, you should consider making a switch from the Performance Mode to the 4K mode. No doubt the former offers a much higher FPS than the 4K, but some consoles might face dome troubles in managing such high FPS. In that case, the best bet will be switch over to 4K. Although the FPS might be on a lower side, at least you would be getting a near-about lag-free experience.

camera shake avengers lag

Alon the same lines, if you are playing this game on an earlier build of Xbox. such as the base Xbox One, then you should consider tweaking one of the game’s settings. Disabling the “Shake Sensitivity”  option could prove to be a handy workaround in that case. So pause the game, navigate to the Camera section, and scroll to the “Shake Sensitivity” option. Now minimize its value to 0 and see if it rectifies the Marvel’s Avenger lag and stutter issues.

Fix Lags on your PC

To begin with, we would request to check for an update to the graphics drivers. If it is available, apply it right away. Here is how it could be done:

  1. Right-click on the Start menu icon and select Device Manager.
  2. Within that, head over to the Display Adapter section and expand it.
  3. Then right-click on your drivers and select Update Driver.
    update driver windows 10
  4. In the next menu that appears, select Search automatically for Updated Graphics driver. Windows will now search online for the latest graphics driver and will apply the update automatically.
    driver search avengers lag
  5. When that is done, restart your PC and launch the game. See whether Marvel’s Avenger lag and stutter issues have been fixed or not.

If you are still facing some issues, then you should also consider closing down the apps running in the background. To do so, head over to the Task Manager using the Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut key, select the desired applications, and hit the End task button. Close all the apps that you find to be of not much importance as such.

end task windows

Along the same lines, some users have also reported success by lowering the in-game graphics. If you are running the game at 4K, try lowering it to 1440P. And for the users already on the latter graphics, should minimize it further to 1080P. There might be some other in-game graphics and visual settings that you should consider lowering down, Keep these points in mind and you should no longer witness in-game stuttering.

On that note, we conclude this guide on how to fix the Marvel’s Avengers Lag or Stutter issues across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Do let us know in the comments which method managed to give out the desired results for you. Rounding off, here are some equally useful iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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