Marvel’s Midnight Suns All Characters

In this article, we are going to list out all the characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. We will list them with descriptions and also the abilities they will produce in the game. Please go through the complete article to get the full idea of the characters present in the game before you try them out in the game to get the upper hand over others.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun, a game from Firaxis, is bringing together all the Marvel Comics heroes to fight against an evil demon, The Lilith, mother of all demons, and course other selective villains. Marvel Comics Universe has loads of characters and everyone has their power and abilities, it will be very difficult to choose from, which is why the Marvel Midnight Suns are bringing you only the selective characters to fight against evil.

This upcoming tactical RPG primarily casts players in the role of The Hunter, a mysterious new hero who makes his debut as one of the most important characters. But if you’re looking for a few more recognizable faces, you’ll be pleased to know that Captain America and Iron Man will appear in this superhero adventure. So if you are excited to know who made it to the list, let’s find out.

Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Marvel’s Midnight Suns All Characters

There are hundreds of characters in the actual marvel comics but in the Marvel Midnight Suns game, only a few have made their entries to fight the evil demons. We are listing them here.


Eric Brooks is the Blade in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. He is half human and half vampire. He holds the power of the vampires but is not as vulnerable as they are. When not on a mission, he can be found in the yard.

Abilities: Single-target damage, Chain abilities, Damage over time

Captain America

Captain America is well known as Steve Rogers from World War 2 and was once denied entrance into the armed forces due to his health.

Abilities: Unlimited Stamina, Legendary Strength and Spirit

Captain Marvel

Caron Danvers is a playable character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, she is responsible for manning the war room. She was an airforce pilot and a security agent back then. You can activate the Binary meter when playing as Captain Marvel. A full binary will generate the Go Binary.

Abilities: Single-target damage, Multi-target damage, Protecting allies, Binary

Doctor Strange

Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Doctor Strange was introduced to Iron Man when they went to Johnny Blaze to seek help. He is also known as Doctor Stephen.

Abilities: Generating Heroism, Supporting Allies, Flexing Abilities

Ghost Rider

Roberto Reyes is the Ghost Rider. He is a member of Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. Ghost Rider was introduced very early in the game when Iron Man and Doctor Strange went to the Abbey for the First time. He can be chosen from the roster to play as a character.

Abilities: Self Healing, Multi Target damage, Single target damage

Iron Man

Tony Stark, the man needs no introduction. He is the iron man and part of the roster, he assists the player by analyzing the Gamma Coils when he is out of battle. He was introduced in the game with Doctor Strange where both can be seen asking for help from Johnny Blaze.

Abilities: Multi-target damage, Squad Support, Upgradable Abilities


Illyana Rasputina is the Magik and is part of the roster in Marvel’s Midnight Suns character. She can open Limvo-Portals which gives an advantage to the players during combat.

Abilities: Repositioning Enemies, Knockback, Single target damage

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru is a character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, she was introduced in the game while reviving the Hunter from the sarcophagus. She tells her life story to the player who interacts with her.

Abilities: Multi-target damage, Supporting Allies, Generating Heroism

Scarlet Witch

Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Wanda Maximoff once was trained at the Abbey under Agatha Harkness. Wanda was with Agatha when she died and the caretaker holds Wanda responsible for her death. To control her abilities she was told to go with Doctor Strange.

Abilities: Magic, Wrong Place Wrong time


Spiderman was introduced with venom in the game, the spiderman is very good in environmental attacks and can hit multiple targets without any cards.

Abilities: Knockback, Bring The house down, Defeating Minions, Using the Environment


James Howlett the Wolverine of the Marvel Universe is introduced in the story mission The best there is. He loves birdwatching when not in combat.

Abilities: Healing Factor


Hulk is a character of the Marvel Universe and is included in the Marvel Midnight Suns game. He was with Lilith earlier but he joined the heroes after becoming uncorrupted and can play as a hero in the game.

Abilities: not getting injured, Power revolves around the Rage meter.

Deadpool (DLC)

Wade Wilson, the Deadpool is a DLC character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game, it is included in the season’s pass.

Abilities: TBD (To be decided)

Morbius (DLC)

Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

A DLC character in the game. Morbius is also known as Michael Morbius. He doesn’t love any hangouts or Havens.

Abilities: TBD (To be decided)

Storm (DLC)

Also known as Ororo Munroe is a DLC character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. Not much is known about this character.

Abilities: TBD (To be decided)

Venom (DLC)

Venom originally is under the control of Lilith, the demon supervillain when she tries to revive the master Chthon. It is still unknown how he is in the hero team in the game.

Abilities: TBD (To be decided)


The first customizable character in Marvel’s Midnight Sun. Born as the only child of an ordinary and immortal man. Her mother Liliths was in grief and was twisted into the path of darkness. Hunter was raised by the Caretaker, her sister.

Abilities: Hunter can not be injured during any combat


Apart from all the powerful superheroes we discussed above, there are some supervillains whom you will encounter in the game. It’s important that you know about these supervillains, their strengths & weakness in order to win the game battles.


Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Chthon is the master of Lilith and he mentors Lilith. He is an ancient god who became so powerful by consuming his elder gods. He is the one who turned Lilith into a demon.

Abilities: Unknown


Crossbones is the supervillain and first appeared during the awakening of Lilith. He has that Hydra shield that prevents the attacks.

Abilities: Timed Grenades, Mercenary’s Instincts (Target Heroes with the lowest health), Hydra Shield

Doctor Faustus

In addition to appearing in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the villain Faustus (also known as Dr. Johann Fennhoff) also appears in the Marvel world. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and made his first appearance in Captain America #107 in August 1968.

Abilities: Unknown


As we already talked about the Hulk, but as a Hero. Before uncorrupted, Hulk was part of the roster. He was introduced as the corrupted version and he was assisting Lilith, when she was trying to revive his master, Chthon.

Abilities: Can not injure (Innate), Brute Power


A brute demon force, Lilith is awakened by the Hydra, and her only aim is to revive her master Chthon. However, she is threatened by the various superheroes in the game.

Abilities: Absorbs others’ magic to empower herself.


Not much is known about the Sabretooth as of now, he was introduced with the Wolverine in the story The best there is.

Abilities: Mutant powers, Healing Factor, Enhanced Senses, Frenzy

Scarlet Witch

A rare character who can be both villain and a hero. As we have already talked about her. Wanda is accused of killing Agatha Harkness, and Sara is afraid of her power and that is why she sent her to Doctor Strange.

Abilities: Magic is her power


Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Venom was part of the roster in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He was first introduced as a villain in the Darkness Fall, but later on, he was revealed as the Hero.

Abilities: TBD (To be decided)

Random Characters

Apart from all the characters we discussed above, Marvel’s Midnight Suns have some additional characters which are equally powerful and play an important role in the game’s story. Some of them are below:

Agatha Harkness

An NPC in the game, she has a cat named Ebony and can be found around the Abbey grounds. Agatha is the Caretaker’s beloved partner and that is why she got scared when Wanda killed Agatha.


The Caretaker is from the Ghost Rider comics and is a character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. She appeared as an old lady with gray hair. She and Agatha Harkness are in a relationship.


Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Hellhound is the other name of Charlie and he is Hunter Pet. The players can pet charlie in the game.


A cat in the game, her name is Ebony. She is the pet of Agatha Harkness. Petting her can give you rewards in return. She is quite difficult to find and can be found in certain areas only. The library is one of those places.

Johnny Blaze

Marvel's Midnight Suns All Characters

Johnny is introduced at the beginning of the game where he can be seen going to visit Rozanne Simpson’s grave. He is the original ghost rider.


So this is it, we have introduced you to every character of Marvel’s Midnight Suns game. There are heroes who can be played as the characters and can fight supervillains. There are random Characters, they are part of the story, and they are useful in progressing the story.

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