Methods To Fix Gome Restarting And Freezing Problem?

Although this problem might not reflect in newer smartphones, this could be a frequent sight for those users with older smartphones or newer phones with less storage and specs, etc that is Gome Restarting and Freezing Problem. It mainly occurs due to a number of issues like the lack of internal storage or app conflict or due to outdated software or apps, etc. But it needs to be rectified and therefore, we have curated a list of troubleshooting fixes and tricks that you could employ to get the problem sorted based on the severity of the issue.

Methods To Fix Gome Restarting And Freezing Problem?

Restart the phone

The phone is restarting randomly, it could be because of overloading or deficiency of resources or you know, there are hundreds of possible reasons why it happens. But the question is, what should you do when it happens? Well, the simple way to get over it is to restart the phone and in fact, it is recommended that you must restart the phone at least once every day as it keeps the phone is good health. Similarly, if the screen is frozen, you must do a soft reboot but you can’t because you know, the screen is frozen. For this case, you can use forced reboot wherein you simply press both power button and volume down button and hold it until the phone shuts off.

Check for app conflict

Apps are really helpful in managing our day-to-day activities I know but these apps can have another side too. In fact, apps can exhibit numerous unpleasant behaviors such as app conflict which is usually caused when app or apps are causing a problem when you try to open a particular app that you recently downloaded or vice versa. You can get rid of app conflict simply by detecting the culprit app which is easy since you will have to uninstall the app that you downloaded recently to solve the problem, simple, isn’t it?

Check if the memory is deficient

Photos, videos, audio files, and other types of data can be stored either in the internal memory or the external one that you insert via microSD card. But apps must be installed and all the related files are stored in the internal memory only because apps do exchange resources from the phone directly. It could be RAM or extra storage on internal memory to store a file that an app created. The problem starts when people start to fill up internal storage with other files and that leaves apps with fewer resources to employ and cause app or even system crash and more. The easy way out is to free up the internal memory at least 1/1.5GB if you have a 8/16/32GB internal storage and 2/2.5GB if you have a 64GB and above storage.

Diagnose the phone in safe mode

App conflicts, Screen freezing, random restarts, screen flickering, wifi problem, GPS problem, etc are just a few of the problems a Gome or any other Android smartphone can face at any point in life. This is why every smartphone has a safe mode which is the diagnostic mode where you can check out if the pre-installed apps are causing the issue or are it the hardware or third party apps causing the issue. You need to boot into the safe mode on your Gome smartphone based on the model you have and check if the phone crashes or show similar behavior as earlier which means, either the hardware or the pre-installed apps are the problem or else the third party apps are to be fixed.

Check for app updates

With new updates, you don’t just get new features or UI changes that developers send through Play Store but you also get latest security patch and bug fixes for the particular app which if not taken care of, it could render the app and eventually the phone useless if the app has introduced bugs into the system. For this, you must keep all the apps updated which is an easy task. To do it manually, simply go to Google Play Store >> My apps and games >>Installed and tap on ‘Update’ against those apps for which, updates are available. To set it on automatic updates, you can simply go to Google Play Store >> My apps and games and turn on ‘Auto-update’.

Upgrade or roll back Android software

Since you already know why you must update an app, you already know what difference it could make on an Android software which is the backbone of a smartphone. Any bugs could cause tremendous damage both to the apps as well as the hardware like it can induce excess heat thereby damaging components sensitive to heat, etc. Now, you have three options to do. Firstly, you can either upgrade the OS which is highly unlikely with Android OS since it is only available once or at the most twice a year although you would find security patches and updates from the manufacturer a number of times a year.

The fact is, Google starts dropping updating the smartphones if older than 1 or 2 years or with less hardware configuration, etc. If that is the case, you can always roll back to the previous Android version which is more stable. Next option is to install custom ROMs and there are any available that can both extend the functionality of the smartphones as well as provide frequent updates.

Wipe storage and app cache

These are files that are created temporarily to fasten the working of an app or process on your smartphone but it does have its side effects. One of the major reason to concern is it gets corrupted or amended easily causing a slew of problems and that’s the reason why experts recommend users to get rid of all types of cache files at least once a day and you’ll undoubtedly see the difference in the performance right away.

To clear storage cache, you’ll have to go Settings and navigate to Storage and then check out Cache Memory which needs to be eliminated. Further, to clear app cache, you’ll have to check and delete cache files on individual apps so it would take a little time. For this, go to Settings and open Apps. Here, you need to tap on individual apps and press ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ to clear the same.

Wipe cache partition

Few cache files are stored in the cache partition located within the recovery mode. Note that this method involves taking a few steps just right to access the recovery mode. Since most of the people aren’t aware of the procedure or can’t get it started, here’s how you can do it.

  • You can turn off the phone at first.
  • Next, you need to tap on Power button + volume up buttons together and keep it pressed for few seconds.
  • You can leave the keys when the screen shows an Android logo which is the indicator that you have accessed recovery mode.
  • Here, you need to use volume rockers as navigation keys and power button doubles as selection key or otherwise mentioned on the homepage.
  • You are required to select on ‘wipe cache partition’ and then, ‘yes’ to confirm the actions and this concludes the procedure.

Check for these stimuli’

There are a lot of external stimuli that can cause the problem to your phone and amend it to behave abnormally. It could be the charger or the USB cable that you are using must be incompatible or taken from a third party vendor or it could be because of faulty or damaged battery. Note that heat is also responsible for random restarts as excess heat inside the system can force it to restart the phone in some cases.

Restore the phone

Similar to how you accessed the recovery mode, you need to access it again to restore the phone. Simply press power button and volume up buttons together for few seconds and allow the phone to boot into recovery mode. Here, you need to select the option called ‘wipe data/factory reset’ which is the command to reset the phone. Next is to select ‘yes – delete user data’ and this will conclude the method. You need to check if the phone is working properly or not and then act accordingly.

Get professional help

It is really important to seek help professionally if you can’t fix the problem by yourself. You can either walk into an authorized service center or a third-party one based on the preference but see to it that the warranty period could be halved if you report to the latter while you might have to pay slightly higher charges in the former. Let us know which method helped you get over the Gome restarting and freezing problem.

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