Methods To Fix Tecno Restarting And Freezing Problem

Corrupted cache, overloading system, unwanted apps are just the tip of the iceberg that can cause Tecno restarting and freezing problem. There are a plethora of factors involved in the process that could render a smartphone useless if its screen freezes too often causing loss of work and in fact, loss of valuable and unsaved data since the phone could restart randomly due to overloaded resources such as the memory, storage, etc.

Heating up of the phone due to constant strenuous workload can also restart it abruptly since it is seen in most of the smartphones where it will restart if too many apps and processes are running at the same time. Thus, we need a guide on how to fix the Tecno restarting and freezing problem or at least minimize the effects so that it wouldn’t affect the integrity of the phone whatsoever. Guess what? You are at the right place because here’s a guide on the same topic that you can read and share it too.

Methods To Fix Tecno Restarting And Freezing Problem

Turn off the device

This is a golden method you can use on your smartphone regardless of what’s the issue. You can get the problems like screen flickering, screen freezing, restarting, wifi/GPS and what not. This is an effective method to use and thus, it is highly recommended by experts to fix any type of issues including the restarting and freezing problem that we are currently concentrating on. Simply tap on ‘Power’ button, that’ll give you an option to select ‘Power Off’. Next is to wait for a few seconds and reboot the device to check if the problem is jazzed or not.

Kill/force stop all recent apps

Apps can get done anything you could wish for but the saturation of app on a smartphone is indeed a massive problem. People tend to install bootload of apps without even caring for the after effects which is the impact on the performance of the device. This is why it is advised that users must install those apps that are needed and uninstall those aren’t. For starters, you must clear all the recent apps that are applications that you open and close without actually exiting. Further, you can go towards ‘Settings >> Apps >> All’ to get rid of apps that you don’t need.

Check for app compatibility issues

Apps can help do anything and everything on a smartphone. But there is a downside too. People usually install a number of unwanted apps at ones that cause the phone’s performance to go off the rails. One of the reason could be plagued by unwanted apps while apps might even have conflicts and compatibility issue. One way to determine if an app is having any compatibility issue is to gauge if the abnormal behavior of a phone is due a recently downloaded app. Another method is via safe mode which is explained below.

Boot into safe mode for scrutiny

A phone has several bootable partitions and sectors that help do various tasks. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode wherein it enables users and developers to diagnose performance issues on a smartphone. Basically, there are two types of apps i.e. third-party apps and pre-installed or bloatware apps.

Once you access safe mode, it will restrict any third-party apps. This is where you can check if the phone behaves oddly or as normal. If it does behave abnormally, it either the hardware or some bloatware causing the issue. On the other hand, if the phone works normally without a hitch, it is probably a third-party app causing the problem. Then, you have to uninstall these apps in descending order.

Clear storage space

Plenty of Tecno restarting and freezing problem is because of apparent storage issues. Since you are using an Android smartphone, it is notoriously known to have issues with the system due to a shortage of space or memory. This is the reason why experts recommend users to free up some space off the internal storage to keep the system light-headed. Further, we can ensure that the system runs smoothly without any performance snarls. To put things into context, at least 500MB to 1GB of storage must be freed in a 4/8GB internal storage smartphone which isn’t a thing nowadays but let it alone. Further, raise at last 1GB (approx) with an increase in internal storage that is 2GB on 16GB ROM, 3GB on 32GB, and so on.

Get rid of cache memory

To shed light on what’s cache memory, it is temporarily created and stored data that grabs vital information required to start up an app. This is why you can expect an app to resume or restart quickly when you tap on it after exiting it for the first time. But hey, cache files aren’t that great because these files are easily corruptible and cause a lot of problems on a smartphone, especially on the software front. To quick resolution to get rid of the issue is to simply delete cache files and move on. Since there are multiple types of cache files such as storage cache, app cache, and finally cache partition, you’ll have to take various procedures to clear ‘em all.

Update the applications

It is of great importance to update applications every now and then. This is because outdated applications can introduce a slew of problems which is why experts recommend adhering to constant updates. This inculcates benefits like new features and design upgrades that it brings while it also issues bug fixes and performance optimizations that make an app more useful and free of bugs. To check for available updates, open the Google Play Store and navigate to the ‘My apps and games’ section to check if you have received updates or not. If yes, you can update the apps or wait for future updates.

Upgrade to the latest firmware/OS

If you went through the aforementioned method on updating apps, the same goes for firmware which is the backbone of a smartphone as well. This allows the system to get new updates while also avoiding any bugs and errors that might have come across or already affected the system but the new update will fix it too. You can check out more about available firmware updates by diving into the Settings → About Device → Software Updates → Check for updates. Note that since you are using an Android OS which isn’t known for its frequent updates, you can anyhow install a custom ROM to get added features with constant updates on the go.

Perform a master reset

A master reset is similar to a system overhaul where the phone erases all the data ever saved and settings ever setup and retreats to its original factory settings. You can use the power + volume up button to switch to the recovery mode where you can spot the option called ‘clear data/factory reset’. This will actually put an end to all the data you have ever saved so take a backup before going through it.

Could it be a third-party or incompatible charger

It is quiet q reasonable query. It is possible that an incompatible charger i.e. some other charges that you might use temporarily or if the original charger is faulty or damaged, etc. The simple solution is to simply take another charger and verify the issue or buy a new & original charger and that must storm out the issue right there.

Scrutinized if the battery is damaged or faulty

It is probably a faulty battery or malfunctioned battery causing the phone to freeze often but you’ll need to verify the fact too. So, for starters, you’ll need to remove the battery (if removable) and try it on another phone of the same model thus the same battery size. This will allow you to understand if indeed the battery is causing the issue or not. Further, you can visit a nearby service center to get the battery checked and repaired or replaced accordingly.

Get assistance from a technician

Tecno restarting and freezing problem is severe and could cause detrimental damage to a smartphone and that is why we suggest reporting the issue to a service center and get the problem fixed. This would involve paying certain repair-related charges but hey, it is all the way better than nullifying the warranty of your phone. On the contrary, if you are nowhere near an authorized center and really want the phone to fix, you can opt for a third-party repair shop to get a cheap but probably a risky solution.

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