All Minecraft Dungeons Trophy List

The newly release role-playing action game Minecraft Dungeons is getting several players hooked on it. It is released in all the major platforms, which include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. Now no matter which platform you are on, the game should not take more than a few hours to complete. However, finishing the game and getting all the trophies are entirely different in the game. So if you want to get your hands on all the trophies that you can, then you will have to play the game more than once.

This game a joy to play with your friends, and in this pandemic, it might be a blessing too. If you and your friends are looking to kill some time and enjoy while doing so, then you should consider Minecraft Dungeons. And if you are a fan of the original Minecraft that you will appreciate the blocky gameplay. This game is entirely different than the original Minecraft, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. So as mentioned above, getting all the trophies in the game is not an easy task and will take a couple of tries. To make this more comfortable for you, we have compiled a list of all the trophies that you can earn in this game, along with instructions on how to do it.

All Minecraft Dungeons Trophy List

Minecraft Dungeons Trophy list:

Let us look at how you can earn all the trophies in Minecraft Dungeons.

  • A Friend In Need (Silver): Using artifacts to summon the Wolf, Llama, and Iron Golem allies at least one time each.
  • Apprentice Adventurer (Silver): Reaching level 25.
  • Blast Radius (Silver): Killing any ten mobs at once with TNT.
  • Bragging Rights (Platinum): Unlocking all other trophies.
  • Break the Spell (Silver): Defeating 50 enchanted mobs.
  • Built On Sand, Set in Stone (Silver): Completing Redstone Mines and Cacti Canyon.
  • Cha-Ching! (Silver): Collecting a total of 1,000 emeralds.
  • Diamond Sword (Silver): Defeating 2,500 mobs anyhow.
  • Expert Explorer (Gold): Reaching level 50.
  • Fancy That! (Bronze): Finding and opening your first Fancy treasure chest.
  • Happy Camper (Bronze): Completing Squid Coast and setting up camp.
  • High and Dry (Gold): Completing Desert Temple, Fiery Forge, and Highblock Halls.
  • High Treason (Gold): Defeating the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty.
  • Life of the Party (Gold): Reviving a downed friend 20 times.
  • Maxed Out And Geared Up (Gold): Equipping a gear set consisting of thoroughly enchanted items.
  • More For Me (Silver): Opening 100 treasure chests.
  • Om Nom Nom (Bronze): Eating 200 food items.
  • Oooh! Shiny! (Gold): Collecting a total of 5,000 emeralds.
  • Out of the Woods (Silver): Completing Creeper Woods.
  • Passive Aggressive (Bronze): Defeating 50 passive mobs anyhow.
  • Saved the Overworld (Gold): Defeating the Arch-Illager at the Obsidian Pinnacle.
  • Scrappy Scout (Bronze): Reaching level 10.
  • The Plot Thickens (Silver): Completing Pumpkin Pastures and Soggy Swamp.
  • Wooden Sword (Bronze): Defeating 50 mobs.
  • Worked Like A Charm (Silver): Enchanting an item and upgrading the enchantment to Tier 3.

It would be impossible to get this all done in one go. So you will have to replay the game several times. But it is not a game that can’t be played several times, especially if you have the company of a few friends.

So there you got it, a complete list of trophies in Minecraft Dungeons along with the instructions on how to get them. Further, if you have any queries, then comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips, and Tricks. Moreover, you may also subscribe to our very own YouTube Channel and participate in the $150 giveaway contest.

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