Monster Hunter Rise Best Palico Build, Skills, Types, Moves and Class

Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG in the stunning ninja-inspired land of Kamura Village, filled with danger and adventure. Players take on the role of a highly skilled hunter tasked with protecting the village from the ferocious monsters that roam the area. As players embark on their quests, they are joined by a trusty Palico, a feline companion essential to their success. In this guide, we will take you through the Best Palico Build in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Palico provides invaluable assistance during battles, using its unique abilities to help players take down even the most formidable foes. In addition to the Palico, players can enlist other hunters’ help online to form a powerful team that can take on any challenge. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and thrilling storyline, Monster Hunter Rise is a must-play game for fans of action and adventure. So, let’s find out more about the Best Palico Build in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Palico Build, Skills, Types, Moves and Class

How to Create the Best Palico Build in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, hiring more than one Buddy is possible, which is a significant change from the previous game where only one Palico could be hired. The Palicos’ numerous support moves make them a valuable asset in any hunt, while the Canyne buddies, although new to the game, have yet to develop such a wide range of moves.

Palicos are classified into five types – Healer, Assist, Fight, Bombardier, and Gathering – with each type having its own unique set of moves. As Palicos level up, they acquire more moves, with Level 1 and Level 20 moves the same for all Palicos of the same type, while the Level 5, 10, and 15 moves are randomly generated.

Knowing which moves to use can make a significant difference in the outcome of a hunt. For example, the Healing Bubble move is incredibly useful when health needs to be restored during a hunt, and Healer Palicos have a higher chance of obtaining this move at Level 5.

Although the first and last moves are always the same for each Palico type, the middle three moves are randomly generated. Choosing the right Palico to match one’s preferences is essential since their type and moves cannot be changed after being hired.

By hiring Palicos, Monster Hunter Rise players can significantly boost their hunting capabilities. With the right moves, Palicos can be incredibly helpful during a hunt, making them a must-have asset for any player.

Palico Support Type

Palicos are companions in Monster Hunter Rise that can provide various types of support to the player. Choosing the right type of Palico can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Here are the different types of Palicos and their respective benefits:


The Healer Support Type is highly recommended for new players, as it can provide significant advantages in battle. By specializing your Palico to be a Healer, you can ensure that you always have a reliable source of healing items, which can make the difference between a successful hunt and a failed one.

In addition to creating healing items, Healer Palicoes can also help you recover from status ailments, which can be a game changer in difficult battles. With a Healer Palico on your side, you won’t have to worry about running out of healing items or being suddenly inflicted with a status ailment.

Moreover, Healer Palicoes can upgrade their healing skills to provide stronger healing items like the Vigorwasp Spray, which not only heals the player, but also the Palico. This can be extremely useful, especially when you are in a tight spot and need a quick heal.

Overall, while Palamutes serve as attackers and are unable to use healing techniques, having a Healer Palico by your side can greatly increase your chances of success in battle. So, if you’re a new player, we highly recommend that you opt for the Healer Support Type and specialize your Palico to be a Healer.


The Assist Support Type is an exceptional choice for hunters seeking a reliable partner that can create ample opportunities to disable Monsters in the midst of battle and make them vulnerable to attacks. Not only does this support type offer offensive advantages, but it also provides balance in the form of defensive coverage. For example, having an Assist-type Palico with one or two Healer Equipped Moves can be helpful in providing some defensive coverage.

In addition to its combat prowess, the Assist Support Type also offers unique abilities that can be unlocked as the Palico gains experience. For instance, at level 20, an Assist Palico is able to learn Poison Purr-ison, which can be used in conjunction with items like the Large Barrel Bomb to deal significant damage to Monsters. Moreover, the Support Boost skill can be equipped to increase the likelihood of the Palico deploying traps and status-inflicting attacks, thereby providing even greater support to the hunter in battle.

Overall, the Assist Support Type is an excellent choice for hunters who seek a multifaceted partner with the ability to provide both offensive and defensive support, as well as unique abilities that can be unlocked over time as the Palico gains experience.


The Gathering Support Type is definitely the way to go if you’re looking to maximize your material farming. While it’s true that every Palico type has some degree of item collection, the Gathering Support Type Palicos have a much higher rate of items collected at the end of a hunt. This means that you’ll be able to collect more materials in a shorter amount of time, thus making the most of your hunting runs.

What’s more, once your Gathering Palico reaches level 20, they can start getting materials from large monsters with the Gathering Equipped Move, Pilfer. This is a huge boon for material farming, as it means you can get your hands on even more materials than before. Of course, you’ll still need to be careful when fighting monsters with a Gathering Palico, as they may be vulnerable to monster attacks and end up not collecting anything. But with some careful planning and strategy, you can ensure that your Palico is always safe and able to collect as many materials as possible.

If you really want to take your material farming to the next level, be sure to equip your Palico with the Plunderblade skill. This skill increases the likelihood of your Palico stealing rare items from monsters, which can be a huge help when it comes to crafting advanced gear and weapons. With the Gathering Support Type, Pilfer, and Plunderblade skill all at your disposal, you’ll be a material farming machine in no time!


The Bombardier Support Type is a unique type that is designed to focus on dealing damage by blowing things up. Palicos that fall under this category have the ability to launch exploding attacks that are capable of breaking monster parts. In addition to this, there are a variety of moves that Bombardier Palicos can use to deal good damage, such as the Felyne Wyvernblast, Zap Blast Spinner, and Giga Barrel Bombay. These moves are not only capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, but they can also be used strategically to stun monsters and disrupt their movement.

One of the most useful moves in the Bombardier Palico arsenal is the Anti-Monster Mine. This powerful attack not only has the ability to deal significant damage but it also causes the targeted monster to flinch, giving the hunter an opportunity to follow up with additional attacks. Another useful move is the Flash Bombay, which works similarly to the Flash Bombs that hunters throw. If timed correctly, this move can be incredibly effective in stunning monsters and leaving them open for attack. However, it should be noted that Palicos will sometimes miss their shot when using this move, so it’s important to use it strategically.

Finally, the Shock Tripper and Explosive Roll moves are also great options for dealing damage and stunning monsters. These moves can be used to create openings in a monster’s defense and deal significant amounts of damage. Overall, the Bombardier Palico is an incredibly versatile and powerful ally to have on any hunt, and their unique skill set makes them a valuable addition to any team.


The Fight Support Type is designed to focus on combat. They are an excellent choice for hunters who want additional DPS support. As a Fight Palico, they are more aggressive than other types, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. On one hand, their aggressiveness can draw the monster’s attention, which can give the hunter some breathing room. On the other hand, it can also put the hunter in harm’s way.

One of the main reasons to choose a Fight Palico is because of their hunter-buffing moves. For instance, Rousing Roar is a powerful move that provides a sizable Affinity boost that can last for over two minutes. This move can be a game-changer in combat situations, especially when you need a boost to help you deal more damage. Another great move is Power Drum, which keeps the hunter’s stamina up for longer periods.

Rousing Roar is a great choice, but picking a Fight Palico will lock their Level 20 move as Furr-ious. This probably isn’t very useful. To compensate, Fight Palicos have other moves such as Whirlwind Assault and Fleet-foot Feat. These moves are unremarkable but can still be useful in some situations. Additionally, you can equip
the Critical Up skill to increase the critical hit rate of both the player and the Palico. This can be a valuable asset to have in combat, especially when facing tougher monsters.

Overall, the choice of Palico type should depend on your playstyle and needs. It’s also possible to have multiple Palicos of different types and switch them out depending on the situation. Experiment with different types and see which ones work best for you!

Palico Moves

Understanding the importance of Palico Moves is essential when it comes to building a great Palico. Although Palico support types will help you out during a hunt by knocking you out of sleep or stun, their moves expand and refine the support they offer. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right moves for your Palico.

Each Palico has up to five moves. They are at each unlock level, classified by type. Their support type determines the level 1 and level 20 slot while the remaining three moves can come from any available type lists. This means that you can customize your Palico’s moves to your liking.

With these moves, your Palico can become a valuable hunting partner, providing the support you need to take down even the toughest of monsters. Therefore, be sure to choose your Palico’s moves wisely, as they can make a significant difference in your overall gameplay experience.

Palico Skills

Palicoes play an important role in supporting hunters during combat. Although Palicoes rely more on their moves than their skills, having good passive skills is still helpful. Here are the available Palico skills you can choose from:

  • Defense Up: This skill increases the defense of your Palico and negates the effects of Defense Down, which is particularly useful when fighting against monsters with high attack power.
  • Health Up (S): This skill increases the maximum health of your Palico, which stack with other health-increasing skills. Having a healthy Palico means that it can stay longer in combat and provide support for a longer period.
  • Knockout King: This skill increases the chance of your Palico stunning and tiring monsters. Stunning and tiring monsters gives you an opportunity to deal more damage or heal yourself, making this skill particularly valuable.
  • Omniresistance: This skill boosts all resistances of your Palico and negates the effects of Resistance Down. It is useful when fighting against monsters that inflict elemental damage or abnormal status effects.
  • Artful Dodger: This skill increases the likelihood of your Palico blocking and deflecting attacks. This skill is particularly useful when fighting against monsters with powerful physical attacks.
  • Earplugs: This skill prevents your Palico from flinching due to most monster roars. Roars can be a distraction during combat, and this skill ensures that your Palico can continue providing support without interruption.
  • Health Up (L): This skill greatly increases the maximum health of your Palico, which stack with other health-increasing skills. It is particularly useful when fighting against monsters with high attack power or those that inflict abnormal status effects.
  • Status Attack Up: This skill increases the potency of your Palico’s abnormal status attacks. This is particularly useful when fighting against monsters that are resistant to normal attacks.

Monster Hunter Rise Best Palico Builds

Now that we have covered the basics of Palico in Monster Hunter Rise, let’s take a closer look at how to build a well-rounded and effective Palico. In this guide, we will provide a build for each of the five Palico Support Types, recommending the best weapons and armor alongside skills that complement each type’s built-in moves.

Note that all of the following builds assume your Palico is at least level 20. At this point, they will have all of their skills unlocked and five memory slots with which to equip them.

Palicoes can be a valuable asset in Monster Hunter Rise, providing support and assistance during hunts. They offer a variety of built-in moves and skills that can complement a player’s playstyle and provide additional benefits such as dealing status damage, breaking parts, dealing additional damage, and healing. Choosing the right type of Palico for your hunting needs can make a significant difference in the success of your hunts.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our recommended builds for each of the five Palico Support Types: Assist, Bombardier, Fight, Gathering, and Healer.

Best Assist Palico Build

If you’re looking for a Palico build that focuses on the Assist role, then the Assist build is the way to go. This set will keep your Buddy in action while also dealing status damage to monsters.

For this build, we recommend the F Jelly Shade S as your weapon of choice. It may have slightly lower raw damage, but it makes up for it with some decent Paralysis, which is perfect for inflicting extra status damage to monsters. You should pair it with the Narwa Armor, which is currently the best Palico armor as of the latest update. If you don’t have Narwa materials yet, you can always swap it out with your highest defense option.

Assist Palicoes come with Felyne Silkbind and Poison Purr-ison built in. While the latter move wasn’t in our list of the best Palico moves, it’s still a great move that provides extra healing and quest rewards. You can pair these moves with the Artful Dodger skill for survivability and Status Attack Up. This will make the most of the weapon’s Paralysis damage.

Overall, this build is great for players who want to focus on keeping their Buddy active while also dealing significant status damage to monsters.

Best Bombardier Palico Build

The Bombardier Palico is a great support type in Monster Hunter Rise if you are looking to gather extra monster materials. This build focuses on helping you break parts, which is what these explosive little cats do best.

For this build, we recommend using the F Golden Gadget as the best Palico weapon in Rise if you are going for raw damage. The Narwa Armor is our top pick, but you are free to trade it out as needed.

The skills of the Support Type Bombardier Palicoes are Felyne Wyvernblast and Giga Barrel Bombay. While neither of these skills rank among our top picks, they are still pretty good for dealing additional damage. We recommend taking the Attack Up (L) skill to increase your overall damage, and the Element Attack Up to take advantage of the Thunder on the Rajang weapon. Lastly, we recommend the Knockout King skill to fill out the last slot and make use of the weapon’s Blunt tag.

With the F Golden Gadget as your Palico’s weapon, you can deal significant damage to monsters. The Narwa Armor provides excellent defense, making it ideal for keeping your Palico alive throughout the hunt.

In terms of skills, Attack Up (L) is a must-have for increasing your overall damage. Element Attack Up will also provide a small damage boost for the Thunder on the Rajang weapon. Lastly, the Knockout King skill is a great addition to the build to take advantage of the weapon’s Blunt tag.

Overall, the Bombardier Palico Build is an excellent choice if you want to gather extra monster materials and break more parts. With the right combination of weapon, armor, and skills, your Palico will be a valuable asset to your hunting team.

Best Fight Palico Build

If you’re looking to maximize your Palico’s damage output in Monster Hunter Rise, the Fight Type is the way to go. This build will undoubtedly go feral and do additional damage to large monsters. It’s similar to the Bombardier Palico build, but with a few key differences that make it more focused on dealing damage.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the equipment. For the weapon, we recommend using the F Golden Gadget. It has the highest raw damage of any Palico weapon in the game, and since this build is all about dealing damage, it’s the obvious choice. For the armor, we recommend the F Narwa Lock. It has the highest defense of any Palico armor in the game, and since this build requires your Palico to be active and dealing damage as much as possible, you’ll want to keep them alive as long as possible.

Now let’s take a look at the Moves and Skills. For Moves, we recommend using Rousing Roar (Level 1) and Furr-ious (Level 20). Rousing Roar is a great move that boosts your Palico’s attack power and can also wake up sleeping monsters. Furr-ious is another great move that boosts your Palico’s attack power, but some players don’t like it because it only affects the Palico. However, pairing it with Attack Up (L) ensures you get a slightly bigger boost. For Skills, we recommend Attack Up (L), Element Attack Up, and Knockout King. These skills will boost your Palico’s damage output and make them even more effective at dealing damage to large monsters.

In conclusion, the Fight Type Palico build is all about dealing as much damage as possible. With this build, you’ll be able to maximize your Palico’s damage output and take down even the toughest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Best Gathering Palico Build

If you’re looking for a Palico build that focuses on support and survivability rather than dealing heightened damage, then the Gathering Palico Build is the right choice for you. The main goal of this build is to ensure that your Palico can make the most of their moves during hunts.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate weapon, armor, moves, and skills for this build, you should prioritize survivability to keep your Palico alive and well. We recommend using the F Golden Gadget and Narwa Armor, as they are the best options available. However, if you don’t have access to these items, you can substitute them with your best available weapon and armor.

Gathering Palicoes have some of the best built-in moves, such as Endemic Life Barrage and Pilfer, which provide significant boosts to your hunt. Unfortunately, you can’t bolster these moves by any of the Buddy Skills, so it’s useful to invest in generally useful skills like Omniresistance, Artful Dodger, and Element Attack Up. Omniresistance provides much-needed protection against elemental damage, while Artful Dodger increases your Palico’s survivability by improving their evasion skills. Finally, Element Attack Up provides a slight damage boost to your Palico’s attacks.

Overall, the Gathering Palico Build is a great choice for players who want to play a support role during hunts. By investing in survivability and general support skills, you can ensure that your Palico is always ready to aid you during your adventures.

Best Healer Palico Build

If you’re looking for a Palico build that can help you keep your health up without using up your items or endemic life, then the Healer Type build is perfect for you. What’s even better is having more than one Healer Palico on a hunt to make the experience more convenient.

When it comes to weapons and armor, we recommend using the F Jelly Shade S and F Narwa Lock respectively. The F Jelly Shade S is excellent for this build since we’re leaning into the support role and will benefit from the Paralysis status. Meanwhile, the F Narwa Lock provides great defense and supports the benefits of the F Jelly Shade S.

For moves, we recommend Herbaceous Healing at level 1 and Artful Dodger. Herbaceous Healing is a built-in ability of Healer Palicoes, which heals all nearby allies, while Artful Dodger helps with survivability.

As for skills, we recommend Health Horn at level 20 and Status Attack Up. Health Horn is another built-in ability of Healer Palicoes that can heal all nearby allies, while Status Attack Up adds extra damage to your attacks.

It’s worth noting that Buddy skills only affect Buddies themselves, so we’re aiming for general survivability and support with Artful Dodger and Status Attack Up respectively.

Overall, the Healer Type build is a great choice for players who want to focus on staying alive and supporting their team.


In conclusion, we hope that this Monster Hunter Rise Palico Build Guide has been helpful to you. We understand that having a trusty Palico by your side can make all the difference in the game, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most out of your furry companion.

Aside from the tips and tricks we’ve shared in this guide, we also recommend that you experiment with different Palico gear and abilities to see what works best for your playstyle. You never know, you might discover a new favorite combination that will take your Palico game to the next level.

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