Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

Your character in Mortal Shells inhibits different shells. Shells are bodies with their own strengths, attributes, and weakness. Each shell is basically a character class. There are Four shells in the game. You can earn them from the start of the game, but you’ll have to find them first. The shells are hidden in different areas.

Finding the Shells might take some work. But you need not worry because we are here to provide the location guide for all the shells. We will also guide you about their classes.

Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

Mortal Shell Classes Guide

#1. Harros

Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

Harros is a balanced soldier. The stats sheet is spread equally across health, stamina, and resolve. Harros’ ability level up quickly, which makes him the best class to start with. He can lower his cooldown in a few days and regain his stamina quickly while using the ability.

#2. Solomon

Solomon is the most advanced character in this game. If you like to use resolve based attacks like special weapon moves and parries, you will definitely prefer this character over others. However, stamina can be considered as his weakness.

#3. Eredrím

Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

This character has the highest durability. Eredrim can absorb tons of hits easily. Having a big health pool makes him a beginner’s choice. His abilities are his health and attack power.

#4. Tiel

Tiel is suitable for those who want the ability to dodge and attack frequently but are fine with dying in a few hits. His dodge abilities are best, but his health is very low, which becomes his weakness.

Mortal Shell: Locations

#1. Harros’ location

Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

Harros is encountered as soon as you exit the tutorial. Head towards the crawl space in front of you. After heading the path forward, look to your left. Harros will be at the dead-end leaning up against a rock.

#2.Solomon’s location

Mortal Shell: Shell Locations and Classes Guide

Exit to the back door of the Fallgrim Tower, then follow the corpse littered path to Grishna boss fight. Crawl in the space in the far back to find Solomon.

#3.Eredrim’s Location

Head towards the Grishan boss fight cave from Fallgrim Tower. Go to the crawl space center on the right as soon as you enter the cave. The path will lead you to an enemy camp.

Clear the enemy archers and go to the path leading to a cliff. You will reach the lute player and two axe enemies.  Go to the high cliff behind them and follow the path down from there. You will find Eredrim’s shell in front of a castle.

#3. Tiel’s Location

Exit Fallgrim Tower through the crawl space in the back. You will reach near a large knotted tree, a grunt, and axe enemy. Follow the path below, and you will land near a torch and inscription box. After passing another torch, follow the path down until you reach the lute player next to a Weltcap Spawn.

Go to the bat woods through the crawl space, left to the lute player. After passing another Wetlcap Spawn, follow the downward-sloping path. Once you reach the enemy camp, take a right, and find a crawlspace covered by tree branches. Attack the branches then crawl inside to discover Tiel’s Shell. Keep in kind that the shell is guided by a minor boss, the Ven Noctivagu.

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