Moving Out: How To Throw Items

Moving out is quite a unique game where you are an employee working in a company that takes care of people’s items when they are moving or shifting to a new place. The idea is simple; you are just helping people to move their things around. There will be a time limit for every task, and you need to make sure you complete the tasks in the allotted time with efficiency.

Now there will be lots of activities involved with moving out, but to even move the things around, you first need to know how to pick and throw items first. Now, if you are wondering how you can throw items in Moving Out, then just follow the instructions given below here.

Moving Out: How To Throw Items

How to throw items in Moving Out?

When you are moving items around, you need to do by stacking the pieces onto a truck. You can’t just pick an item and run to the new location. You need to pick up the items and then place them on the truck efficiently. This is where the problem arises as you need to make sure that the items fit into the truck properly. Sometimes when you place larger items on to the vehicle, it might get challenging to adjust the small things into it. Sofas, beds take a lot of space, so the best thing to do here is to stack the smaller items on top of them. And for stacking the items up, you need to know how to throw the items on top of one another.

So first, you need to hold the left or right trigger button and pick up the item that’s next to you. Once you pick it up, don’t let go of the button. Now, if you are playing on a PS4, hold the square button if you are playing on an Xbox hold the X button, and if you are playing on a Nintendo Switch, press the Y button, and it will pull up the aim indicator for you to throw that item. Aim the location in the truck where you want to throw the item and then let go of all the buttons at one go. It will throw the item precisely at the spot where you were aiming at.

However, for items that are not small and a bit heavier, you can’t just single-handedly pick them up. You can pick up heavier big items only when you are playing with someone else. When you and your friend need to pick up a bigger item, then both of you need to hold the trigger button on each other’s controller and pick up the item together. Then you need to hold the Square, X, or Y button(depending on your controllers) and use it to aim your item to throw it as mentioned above.

So now you know how to throw items in Moving Out, even together with a friend’s help. If you have any queries about this guide, then feel free to comment down below. Also, be sure to check our other articles on iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks.

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