Nothing Phone (1) Dead Pixel Issue

After so much hype, Carl Pei founded Nothing Phone (1), launched in July 2022 with some exclusive design elements and features that seem valuable for money. But just like some other brands, the new emerging brand Nothing also lacks several aspects. Recently, users have started reporting about the Nothing Phone (1) Dead Pixel Issue after receiving its first-ever software OTA update, apart from the green tint issue on the screen. Disappointing.

Well, multiple Nothing Phone (1) users are unfortunate enough to encounter such an issue at the very beginning,, which is a shame for the company because the hype among the interested fans may come down massively after knowing such news. Plenty of affected users post on social media and other online forums about the dead pixel or green tint issue on the screen after installing the latest software update, so it’s affecting the impression.

Nothing Phone (1) Dead Pixel Issue
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Talking about the reports, popular tech blogs like Beebom has recently tweeted about the dead pixel issue around the selfie camera cutout on Nothing Phone (1). The most interesting part is that the dead pixel issue starts appearing on the screen within just three hours after getting the first update. Whereas other users are quite frustrated with the green tint issue on the screen which shouldn’t be there for such a device. Well, nothing is impossible.

So, it looks like everything is happening within a week or so from launching a most hyped smartphone to releasing a software update and then facing screen-related issues. It’s also worth noting that Nothing Phone (1) is the first-ever smartphone from the Nothing brand and the buggy software update is also the first one for this model after its official release. Meanwhile, one user did report the terrible crackling sound of the speaker on Reddit.

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However, the Nothing Support Twitter handle has officially acknowledged the green tint issue reported by a user recently. So, we can assume that the first update wasn’t optimized enough or buggy to bring the green tint or dead pixel issue.

So, hopefully, the next software update may fix the screen-related issue completely. But there is no official announcement available yet by the company. So, we’ll have to wait for the same.

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  1. I was very fascinated with Nothing Phone’s advertisement and was even ready to buy it, But Thanks to you Subodh Gupta. You just saved my money from a bad investment with this informative article.

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