How to Fix OEM HIDClass Not Installing On Windows 11/10

Microsoft regularly provides OTA updates for Windows OS, but there can be many updates that you cannot install automatically. OEM HIDClass is a generic driver for power and input devices. So essentially if your laptop or computer mice and keyboard are working correctly, then you need not install this update. But as per many Windows update settings, Windows will automatically try to install this update. And on various counts, many users have reported that OEM HIDClass is not installed on Windows 11/10 machines.

Although OEM HIDClass drivers are not dangerous for your device, as they intend to extend support for USB peripherals for USB2.0 & USB 3.0 devices. But the driver update is from 2015 and Microsoft is pushing this update in 2022 which doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyways, if you still want to install this driver, and are not able to, then the below troubleshooting methods will help you fix the problem.

How to Fix OEM HIDClass Not Installing On Windows 1110

How to Fix OEM HIDClass Not Installing On Windows 11/10

Windows releases several driver updates from time to time to make sure your computer is compatible with USB and other peripheral devices. One recent update by the name of OEM HIDClass is particularly causing panic among Windows users as the driver is not installing on their PC nor there is any abort of cancellation option.

Steps to fix OEM HIDClass not installing:

In order to fix this issue, you first have to disable the updates and then enable the update feature once again. This will re-download the drivers and hopefully install them without any error message.

First, open the Windows update section and pause the updates.

Once you pause the update, click on the restart now/update now button.

This will reboot your computer and will install the OEM HIDClass update.

If you have any doubts, then you can follow the complete procedure step by step by referring to the video below.

Note: If you’re still not able to install the update then don’t worry. As the update is from 2015 and is not relevant for today’s peripheral devices. You will not lose any functionality or feature for not updating this driver.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing OEM HIDClass Not Installing On Windows 11/10 machines. Please note that this driver is not mandatory for modern devices. As it was released in September 2015 and is outdated in today’s world. There has been some mixup from Microsoft and they are working towards fixing the problem regarding the update.

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