Ooblets: Top 10 Tips for Farming

The charming world of Ooblets offers much to keep you engaged and entertained. From crafting to dance battling to fulfilling quests, it can all be rather daunting for a newcomer. Rest assured, Ooblets is a sweet and relaxing game that is meant to give you a good time, rather than making you stress yourself out.

In this new guide, we will provide our picks for the ten most helpful tips for getting the best farming experience in Ooblets. Although understanding the mechanics of this game might take a while, our tips will definitely help you do it faster. That way, you can play steadily without worrying about wasting your time, Gummies, or Wishies.

Top 10 Tips for Farming in Ooblets

#1. Try to converse with the townsfolk regularly in order to make friends and gain access to side missions

Ooblets: Top 10 Tips for Farming

Although not every character in Oob is going to be friendly towards you, you should try your best to interact positively with all of them. If you keep doing this daily, you will gradually become friends with them. Keep a particularly keen eye on the characters with a small white dot over their head. These are the main characters you can develop strong relationships with. After taking your bond to a new level, you will be rewarded with a unique sticker and several other great prizes. You also have the chance to gain access to side quests by talking to people too.

#2. Be alert and inquisitive, and keep checking people’s homes for valuable objects

Admittedly, this sounds uncomfortably like thieving. But by regularly checking people’s homes, you can come across a number of useful items like Gummies, club tokens, recipe fragments, and food as well. Make sure to check properly under cushions and inside pots as well.

#3. On a daily basis, keep breaking down rocks and logs in your farm to obtain valuable items

Ooblets: Top 10 Tips for Farming

Similar to other games in this genre, you can engage in some daily activities in Ooblets to reap rewards. If you break down rocks and logs that turn up every day in your farm, you can harvest a number of valuable resources. For example, you can obtain rare items like Nurnies and Oobsidian for crafting items in the game by breaking rocks. You can obtain Planklets – required for several side quests gotten from the citizens of Badgetown – by breaking down logs.

#4. Make it a habit to go sea dangling (fishing) in order to obtain some rare and useful items

Sea dangling or fishing is another daily activity which can net, apart from fish, some exciting rewards for you as well. The weird cans that are strewn all over Badgetown at the Reconstitooter machine near the beach serve as excellent bait. You can use them to start the sea dangling at the end of the pier. The bonus items you can acquire this way include fertilizer (which accelerates the rate of growth of your crops or helps them retain water for longer periods of time), Oobsidian, Nurnys, and Plankets. It should be obvious why it is worth making this a daily activity!

#5. Keep an eye on your energy

Ooblets: Top 10 Tips for Farming

All the activities you engage in Ooblets – including dancing, farming, and everything else – will consume energy. Your energy levels are represented by the large bar in the top right of the screen. As it goes lower, you will notice your character drooping lower and letting out “Zzz”s in the final stages. At this point, all you will be able to do is to get yourself back home for rest somehow. Before that, try to regain energy by eating food, drinking bean juice, or just taking a plain ol’ nap at home!

#6. Try to plant Clothlet seeds as early as possible, because they are rare and expensive materials

Along with Oobsidian, Clothlets are arguably the most valuable and rare materials in Ooblets. Although you can buy both of these by spending Wishies at the well, or in the menu, it is much more economical to start growing your own Clothlets as soon as you can. Their seeds can be purchased from Meed’s Seeds for 32 Gummies, a pop. This is on the expensive side, but remember that Clothlets are highly useful. Make sure to keep checking Meed’s Seeds every day for those lucrative 50% discount offers too. The seed featuring this discount will be marked with a unique red flag and should stand out distinctly as soon as you enter the store.

#7. Try to purchase Oobcoop upgrades as soon as possible, in order to obtain a number of benefits

When you are attempting to collect every Ooblet featured in the game, you will soon run out of space on your farm. This will render you unable to release any new sprouts into the world. Fortunately, you can craft coops using the strange sawmill machine in the furniture shop Manatwee, which will initially let you add an additional Ooblet to your farm for every Oobcoop. However, you can also purchase a total of 4 upgrades for your Oobcoop by spending Wishies. Every upgrade will allow you to add an additional Ooblet to your farm. Apart from this, it also bestows extra benefits for the Ooblets that you link to it. They will clear away twigs, weeds, and rocks initially. Upon upgrading your Oobcoop, they will also water your crops and provide them with growth bonuses. This will help you a lot as you progress through the game.

#8. Make sure not to overuse pathing, lest you lose out on materials

Quite understandably, it feels quite desirable to rearrange your whole farm into conveniently small blocks, when you are initially introduced to pathing in the game. This seems to serve to keep your farm clean and organized and providing easy access to everything. However, if you excessively pave all the available squares on your plot, you might inadvertently leave no space for any new branches or rocks to turn up every morning. Needless to say, this will lead to you losing out on a lot of useful and free resources. Thus, while paving, make sure to leave some space for them.

#9. Make sure you show your new Ooblets to Rugnolia, in order to acquire more Gummies

When your Ooblet collection is stacked full, ensure that you take over any new ones you grow to Rugnolia in the Lernery. She will (harmlessly) scan every one of them using a large green machine presently there, and reward you with Gummies accordingly. You will receive 50 for a normal Ooblet, 100 for any unusual variant, and 150 for a shiny or gleamy one. She will also give you a tiny statue of everyone, which you can put on display in the town hall. You will also get even more Gummies for filling up a whole case.

#10. Try to unlock the Dance Barn as soon as possible, in order to acquire rare seeds, Wishies and XP

Ooblets: Top 10 Tips for Farming

You will receive a lot of projects from Mayer Tinstle to enhance life in Oob. But when the topic of the Dance Barn comes up, make sure you attend to it first. You require 1 Oobsidian, 4 Clothlets, 12 Nurnies, 20 Plankets, and 300 Gummies to patch it up. After that, you can visit it every day to participate in the exciting three-stage dance battles! For that, you will be rewarded with precious Wishies, and even a rare Ooblet seed if you triumph in all three of the rounds. Apart from that, you will also earn a ton of Ooblet XP for participating.

That is it for now. We hope these tips help you have a great experience playing through the enchanting world of Ooblets. Now, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone, and Android Guides to read more. However, if there are any queries or feedback, comment down with your name & email ID. We will try our best to reply soon. Also, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch awesome videos on gaming and smartphone tips and tricks. Thank you.

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