Path of Exile Best Necromancer Build, Skills and Class

Path of Exile is an amazing game that mixes action and storytelling in a big universe. In the game, Necromancer is known to be the best class who controls undead creatures and uses dark magic. Necromancer is a very unique class in itself containing spooky sorcerers, perfect who enjoy commanding an army of undead or casting powerful spells. They can also put curses on enemies and boost their own abilities. This makes them really good at controlling battles and causing chaos. But controlling the Necromancer class can be difficult at times and not a cup of tea for every gamer. So today in this guide, we will share with you some of the Path of Exile Best Necromancer Build, Skills and Class to help you excel in the game.

You would not want to fight when you have someone to fight for you, Necromancer is the queen of undead and one of the best classes in the Path of Exile game. Necromancer controls the armies of the undead and the skeleton and the ghosts. They all work together to mow down any opposition when in command. If you do not know anything about the Necromancer then we will brief you a bit about the Necromancer first.

The Necromancer is an Ascendency class themed around the dead and the undead. Necromancer is an excellent choice for minion-based builds. The Necromancer has also the bonuses related to the auras and offers skills that are so important and beneficial for the players. There are multiple builds in the Necromancer and everyone has different skills and has different classes. They consume powers by consuming corpses. In this article, we will list out the best builds, classes, and skills for the Necromancers.

Path of Exile Best Necromancer Build, Skills and Class

Path of Exile Best Necromancer Build, Skills and Class

To make the best Necromancer Build in Path of Exile, you need to be clever when picking Skills and deciding where to put points on the skill tree. They’re a unique class that lets you play with life and death in exciting ways. As you keep playing, you’ll earn new special abilities that you can use to make your Necromancer even more powerful and unique.

Elemental Hit Slayer Necromancer Build

Elemental Hit Slayer is a great build that takes advantage of the elemental magic to wipe out the opponents, this allows you to focus on certain elements that you like that take the advantage but this will also make it difficult for you to catch the enemy sudden attacks that are not of your chosen elemental and might damage you badly.

You should choose the Witch to be your starting class as the Witch is not as difficult as the lightning and levelling Fire or even the Cold that allows you a well set of skills. Although you can use all three skills by levelling the same magic stats and the elemental hit capability is the cherry on top. This is better for fighting against enemies as even if an enemy is resistant against one set of elementals you can use the other two to take the enemy down.

Mage Skelton Necromancer Build

This Necromancer build is a magic-based character who solely relies on manipulating and reanimating the dead to the bidding. They are very dangerous as they can summon the dead and the skeleton to fight for them while they can sit back and cast spells to aid their minions and curses to their forces.

You should start from the witch and focus your efforts on the Skelton Magic abilities, but one thing you should accept is that you will be exposed the moment your inions are dead. This build also takes a certain amount of time so please make your way clear before opting for the Mage Skelton Necromancer.

Detonate Dead Necromancer Build

As you must have got an idea about the Necromancer in the Path of Exile game. The Necromancer is the supreme in the game and there are multiple builds that are good enough to detonate the enemies and that is why the Detonate Dead Necromance is the one you should opt for. Like all the Necromancer build this builds also summons the dead and minions to fight for them while they create spells from the background.

If you want to create this build you have to start by creating the classic Necromancer build and put your focus on the Volatile Dead and Detonate Dead Skills as these skills are of the top tier skills you will need some patience while learning, although you can use each skill separately as you like and it is preferable in some cases. But you can use both the skills at a time to clear out the hordes of enemies and this is the best of the best moment in the Path of Exile game.

Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer Build

This is the build that escapes the mold of the common summoners and they attack very differently than the other Necromancers. Their minions do not kill their enemies by attacking them but they just go near the enemies and explode themselves and giving massive damage to the nearby enemies as a result bringing the enemies down with themselves.

This is like sacrificing your minions for dealing with the damages to the enemies by using the spells from the back end. You should be clear of that, when all the minions are dead and kill themselves by exploding them you are very vulnerable and can be attacked by enemies anytime.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Path of Exile Best Necromancer Build, Skills and Class. You can use go through the above builds to get an idea about the power of the Necromancers class in Path of Exile game. One thing you should keep in mind is to always start with the Witch class as she is a great start for you while learning the spells and skills. Once you mastered all the skills, you just have to go to the Detonate Dead necromancer and learn their skills as this is the best class in the Necromancer of Path of Exile game.

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