Fix: Pikmin Bloom Not Counting Steps

The new Niantic’s AR Mobile game motivates the players to exercise as the more steps you cover will increase your chances of growing another character. If you want to unlock more content in Pikmin Bloom, you have to achieve the counting steps goal.

Many users think that this is just a game, but in my opinion, this is not just a game; it is way more than just a game. But, many users recently started complaining that they are unable to achieve their steps goal as the Pikmin Bloom not counting steps. That’s why we are here with our new guide to help you guys fix this issue. So, therefore, make sure to follow them. 

Fix: Pikmin Bloom Not Counting Steps

How To Fix Pikmin Bloom Not Counting Steps

This guide is divided into two-part as for both Android and iOS, the fixes are different. Therefore, make sure to follow them as per your need. Now, let’s start with the fixes that you need to follow if you have an Android smartphone. 

For Android Devices:

  1. First of all, you need to fix Google fit settings.
    • Open the Google Fit app and click on the Profile.
    • Now, hit the Settings icon and under the Tracking Preferences, enable the Track Activity option. 
    • Now, make sure that Pikmin Bloom is connected inside the Connected apps list.
  1. Another thing you need to try is fixing location settings. 
    • Click on the Settings app. 
    • Then, move towards the Apps & notifications and click on the Permission Manager
    • After that, navigate to the Location tab and then make sure to set it to Allow Always

For iOS Devices: 

  1. First of all, fix the Apple Health settings. To do so, here are the steps: 
    • Open the Settings app and navigate to the Health
    • After that, hit the Data Access & Device.
    • Now, tap Pikmin Bloom and check if the Steps option is enabled. 
  1. The second thing you need to try is to fix the location settings. 
    • Firstly, click on the Settings and hit the Privacy settings. 
    • Now, hit the Location Services.
    • Then, tap on the Pikmin Bloom and hit the Allow Always button. 

So, that’s how you can easily fix it if you’ve noticed that in the Pikmin Bloom not counting steps. We hope this guide has helped you. Furthermore, if you are still stuck in the same error, we suggest you contact the support team and ask them for help. 

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