FIX: Google Pixel 6 Pro Not Charging or Charging Very Slow

What’s a greater issue than your Phone not Charging? Nothing. Any mobile work will not be possible through an uncharged phone, while slow charging can frustrate the users. A similar issue has recently come up with the newly launched Google Pixel 6 Pro device. As per its very first users, while they connect their device to charge, the process either goes really slow or the battery does not refuel at all.

Now once we looked upon it, we found several possibilities that can lead to Google Pixel 6 Pro not Charging or Charging very slow issues. From Hardware to Software, multiple scenarios can trigger the above-said condition. However, with real-time testing, we have also found the solution to each and every such possibility. So, here’s a complete guide about all of them, have a look:

FIX: Google Pixel 6 Pro Not Charging or Charging Very Slow

Common Reasons for Charging Issue

  • Faulty Charger (Including Cable or Adaptor).
  • Corrupt Charging port (Electric switch box).
  • Fault in the USB Micro-B connector.
  • Software-related issues.
  • A new Software or Android Update

How to Fix Pixel 6 Pro Not Charging or Charging Very Slow?

FIX 1: Check All of the Hardware Components

If your Google Pixel 6 Pro is not Charging or Charging very slow, then at first, mark out all the possibilities for hardware issues. Then, here are a few quick tips and tricks you can follow:

  • Use a different Cable.


  • Use a different Adapter.


  • If your Google Pixel 6 Pro is giving you a hard time in charging despite using all the possibilities, maybe the USB Micro-B connector is at fault. And if it is true in your case, then apart from visiting a Google support center, there is no other option left for you.

FIX 2: Let your Google Pixel device Charge fully once

If you happen to use the Google pixel device while it is still charging, it may result in a slow charging process. This happens because a few applications installed on the Phone are designed to consume significant battery charges. And if you are using the same application during the charging process, the more the Phone is charging, the more it is already spending.

Thus, simply leave the Phone unattended for an hour or so (for the time being, it takes to make the battery 100% charged).

FIX 3: Calibrate the battery on your Google Pixel 6 Pro

Calibrating the battery on your Google Pixel 6 Pro is one of the solutions you can try. However, you can only go forward with it if some battery charge is left on your Phone.

Note: Calibrating the battery means draining it completely. While working on a sudden need, it is one fine solution, but we advise you to refrain from trying it multiple times. If you do so, it can hamper the battery life and quality of your Phone.

Here’s the process for the same:

  • Make your Google Pixel 6 Pro’s battery drain completely. For doing the same, you will have to use it until the Phone turns Off on its own.
  • Again, turn it On and let it turn Off (automatically) again.
  • Now let the mobile charge fully until it turns 100%. The charging indicator will alert you about the same.
  • Now disconnect the phone from the charger, turn it On and then restart your Phone.
  • Again, use your Phone normally until and unless its battery runs out of power.
  • Charge it again to its full potential, i.e., 100%.
  • Disconnect from the charger, turn the Phone On, and the battery is now successfully Calibrated.

Fix 4: Perform a soft reset

With a soft reset, you can possibly get over glitches or bugs that are affecting the charging process of your Google Pixel 6 Pro. However, this solution is only for those users who still have some battery charge left in their device.

Here’s all that you need to do:

  • Firstly, press and hold the Power Button on your Phone.
  • Now on the screen, tap the Power Off option.
  • Once the device is Off, wait for nearly 30 seconds and then turn On the device again by pressing the Power Button.
  • Lastly, connect it to the charger and let the mobile charge for some time.

Fix 5: Boot into Safe Mode

While you boot into the Safe Mode, you can easily overcome the Google Pixel 6 Pro not Charging or Charging very slow issue. This is because Safe Mode prevents any third party from interfering with the Charging process. Thus, if the issue arises due to any third-party application, entering the Safe Mode might prove of help. Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Firstly, press the Power button until a few seconds and wait for the Menu to display on the screen.
  • Now tap and hold the option Power Off, click on OK, and you will enter into the Safe Mode.
  • Once you have entered the Safe Mode, keep your phone for charging.

FIX 6: Master Reset your Google Pixel 6 Pro device

One of the last solutions you may try to fix the Google Pixel 6 Pro not Charging or Charging very slow issue is Master Reset. It basically restores your device to the default settings. Here’s how you can master reset your device.

Note: Before moving forward, do remember the Master reset will erase all your mobile data, including all the files, folders, and information. Thus, before you follow the steps below, create an external backup for your mobile data.

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds and switch Off your mobile.
  • Now hold the Volume Down key and Power key altogether for a few seconds. It will launch a screen on your device.
  • Here navigate with the help of the Volume keys and then move to Recovery mode.
  • Further, click the Power key to select the same.
  • Now once you see the Android Robot image, press the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Again, with the help of the Volume key, move to Wipe data/factory reset and then click the Power key.
  • Now navigate and select the Factory data reset option and then select Reboot system now.
  • And with that, you are done with the Master Reset process.

And this was all for the Google Pixel 6 Pro, not Charging or Charging very slow issue. All of the above solutions are tried, tested and proven, and thus presented to all of you.

However, if after following all the solutions above, you still cannot get through the issue, at last, we recommend you to seek professional help. Either connect with the Google Support service online/ through phone call or visit the nearest Google support center. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.


  1. My Google pixel 6 pro doesn’t charge out of the box. My wife’s does. Cables and socket fine (tested with hers)
    No charging % displays. And no resolve with power button (including using the volume)

    Any ideas?

    1. Wish I had an answer, same here, my wifes 6pro works like a charm, mine not so much took all night to charge to 100@ via wireless charger.

    2. Got the pixel pro 6. Have had it a month and a half. Within the past couple weeks it started to have this charging issue. At first I thought it was something I wa doing. Nope.

      Bought a fresh new cable yesterday. Used it to charge the phone. Eureka. Plugged it in today…Connected, Not Charging. So I unplugged it from the phone and on a whim replugged the (hey, USB-C you can plug it in any which way) the other way and dang Skippy it’s charging its little heart out.

      I canNOT wait to be able to jump to some Galaxy/any Galaxy.

  2. My Pixel 6 is charging, I can see the thunderbolt in the battery icon. Yet, the percentage is not increasing. It might go up by like 1 or 2% but it just stays at that percentage. I’ve reset the device several times plus I’ll leave it alone and nothing changes.

  3. So my issue is a little different.

    My phone will start charging some sometime during the night it will randomly stop charging. I’ll have to unplug it and replug it in.

    It doesn’t happen all the time. But about a week or 2 after I got the phone was the first time. I thought maybe my charger was going. So we ordered a new one.

    A few weeks later it did it again. Sometimes it was charge for hours with no issue. Other times it will charge for 5-10 min and then just stops and doesn’t register the cable at all. It’s quite annoyingwhen you wake up to adead phone.tbat is on the charger.

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