Fix: Google Pixel 6A Not Getting Calls

Pixel 6A is the budget offering from Google in terms of a 2022 smartphone. It takes much of its design elements and processing power from the previous year’s flagship, the Google Pixel 6. For the price, the Pixel 6A is an excellent choice for people looking to not burn through their pockets.

But what good is a smartphone that you can’t use for calls? Yes, this has been an issue for some Pixel 6A owners. They have not been able to make calls on their device. If you are one of these troubled users, this article will help you out. Here, we have listed all the solutions you can try to fix the call issue with the Pixel 6A. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Fix: Google Pixel 6A Not Getting Calls

How to fix Google Pixel 6A not getting calls?

Check your phone signal:

No phone call will go through if you are in an area that does not provide enough network coverage. So before trying out any of the other solutions mentioned below, check the network or signal strength on your phone’s screen. If you do not see many bars, that is the cause of your problems.

If there is good network coverage, but you still do not get any calls, try the next solution.

Cancel Call Forwarding:

Phones have a call-forwarding feature that lets users forward their calls to any other number. Typically people use this to forward calls when they are busy with another call. But sometimes, some users accidentally select this option and set it for all calls. In such a scenario, you will never receive a call. So you need to visit the call forwarding section on your Pixel 6A and turn it off entirely.

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and choose Settings.
  • Navigate to Call > Call Forwarding.
  • Tap on the option Turn off.

If turning off call forwarding does not help you, try the next solution.

Reboot your Pixel 6A:

The first simple fix that you can try is a restart. Most software issues can be fixed with a single restart of most electronic devices. And the Pixel is no exception. You can try the restart option even with the Pixel 6A call not coming. Hold the Volume Up and Power button together for a few seconds until you see the restart button on your screen. Tap on the restart and wait till the process completes.

Now try using the Pixel 6A again. If you still do not get any calls, try the next solution.

Use the Airplane Mode trick:

The Airplane mode trick is a quick fix that has worked wonders on many devices with call issues.

Swipe down from the top to open the notification and quick settings panel. In the quick settings panel, you will see the Airplane mode icon. Tap on that icon to turn it on. Once it is turned on, your mobile connectivity will be terminated entirely.

Wait a few minutes, and then turn it off again. Now check whether you can receive calls or not. If you are still stuck with the issue, try the next solution.

Update the Pixel:

If you are using an early build of the latest Android on your Pixel 6A device, there is a possibility that it could be buggy. So you need to check for any new updates for your smartphone, and if you see an update, install it on your phone.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and find the option System. Once you see it, tap on it.
  • Now tap on System Update.
  • If there is any update pending, you will see it here. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the pending update.

Once you have installed the latest OS version on your Pixel 6A, try calling on your number again.

Try the next solution if it still does not work.

Use Pixel 6A in Safe Mode:

There is a possibility that a particular application is blocking the call feature on your phone. So try using your device in Safe Mode, as that allows only pre-installed applications to run on your phone, and any problematic application won’t be able to run on your phone.

  • Press and hold the power button until the¬†Power Off prompt appears on your screen.
  • Tap and hold the restart button until the Reboot to safe mode prompt appears.
  • Tap on Ok to confirm your choice.
  • The phone will restart, and once it does, it will load up in Safe Mode. Safe Mode will appear in the lower-left corner of your home screen.

Now check whether you can receive calls on your Pixel 6A or not. If it is still not working, try the next solution.

Reset network settings on your Google Pixel 6A device:

Resetting the Network Settings will possibly resolve all the network-related issues on your mobile phone. To do the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Navigate to Network & Internet > More.
  • Tap on Network Setting reset.
  • Scroll through the options and tap on Reset Settings.
  • Now restart your phone.
  • Open your phone’s Settings app again.
  • Navigate to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the wifi icon.
  • Tap on Add network.
  • Once you see the network of your choice, tap on it and fill in the necessary security details.
  • Your device should connect to the wifi network again.

If even this does not solve your problem, try the next solution.

Factory reset your Pixel:

Factory reset is an option you should consider as a software inconsistency could cause your call problems. And performing the factory reset will clear every bit of data on your phone. So you need to create a backup of everything necessary to you and complete the factory reset.

To perform the factory reset, open up Settings on your phone and go to System. Here, select “Reset Options.” Now select the option “Reset all data.” You will have to enter your password here. Enter the password and confirm the hard reset process.

The Hard reset will take a while; once it is complete, your smartphone will restart. It will have none of your previous data, and you will have to set up everything on your phone like you did when you first bought the device.

You should try the final solution if the call issue is not resolved even after the hard factory reset.

Contact support:

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, there is a possibility that the problem is with the hardware on your device. It is not out of the ordinary to receive a faulty device, but this is not something you can fix on your own. You need to visit the nearest Google service center and inform them about your issue. They should be able to help you out with your problem. Since the new device will be under warranty, you won’t have to pay a penny for the repair.

So this is how one can fix Google Pixel 6A without getting calls. If you have any questions or queries about this article, comment below, and we will get back to you. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.


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