Pixel Watch Backpanel Falling Off For Some Users

In a surprising turn of events, Google’s highly anticipated debut into the smartwatch arena, the Pixel Watch, has left some customers feeling detached. Reports have emerged indicating that the back panel of the watch unexpectedly falls off, causing concern among users. Although this issue appears to be relatively isolated, it has gathered some attention in recent weeks, approximately six months after the watch’s initial release.

Numerous discussions on platforms like Reddit and Twitter have highlighted users’ complaints about the rear panel falling off on their Pixel Watches. The cause of this problem could be adhesive failure, as even removing the watch from its magnetic charging dock causes the back panel to fall off.


Pixel Watch back fell off
by u/ashamee in PixelWatch


Thankfully, it does not appear that this is a prevalent problem. Although Google has not yet officially acknowledged the issue, the company has been proactive in addressing the concerns of impacted consumers. It is reported that Google is offering free replacements in compliance with the warranty terms for the vast majority of affected Pixel Watch owners.

However, amidst all of this, an impacted customer unexpectedly was charged $300 for the watch replacement. However, as more people learn about the problem, we expect Google to replace the watches without much hassle.

Interestingly, the Pixel Watch is not the only smartwatch facing back panel falling off issues. Other Wear OS watches, such as the Fossil Gen 4 and Gen 5 models, have also had this issue. The issue became prevalent enough to prompt a redesign in the sixth generation of Fossil watches. Moreover, there have been reports of similar problems plaguing some users of Apple Watches, suggesting that this is a concern extending beyond a single brand.

Although the falling off of the Pixel Watch’s back panel does not appear to be a rampant issue, we are still hopeful that Google will tackle this problem head-on in the next generation of their smartwatch. With Google already initiating the process of replacing affected devices, the majority of users have had their concerns resolved. Nevertheless, some individuals faced resistance or unexpected charges when asking for a replacement. So if you are one of the affected consumers, visit your nearest Google service center or contact Google to get a free replacement as soon as possible.

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