How to Play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game

The Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game is an alternate reality game that has been garnering some attention lately. It looks like a children’s puppet show from the 1970s, but the lore behind the game is deeper than that. Although the show looks real, unfortunately, Welcome Home ARG was never a real television show. However, there is a website out there right now centered around the fictional show, which is called the Welcome Home Restoration Project. If you like creepy puppets and an ominous storyline, this game is for you. In this guide, we will take you through how to play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game.

The game looks innocent enough from the start, but there are secrets hidden in the website that might send a chill through your spine. There are cryptic clues scattered across the site to guide players, but they might be confusing at first as there are several layers to it. As part of the gameplay, you will need to peel off each layer to uncover all the secrets of the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game. It’s an immersive story experience, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with all the web pages. Let’s find out how to play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game.

Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game Beginners’ Guide

How to Play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game1

If exploring the sinister and the bizarre is your thing, the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game is for you. In this game, you will need to head over to the website where they’re apparently restoring the show, and find clues. While the show seems to be modelled after Sesame Street, it actually doesn’t exist, and never did. However, the website treats it like a real show that needs restoration. This might already be unsettling to some.

At first sight, the website of Welcome Home ARG looks colourful and innocent, like it’s meant for kids. It tells you about the characters of the show and lets you learn more about them. If you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to look beyond the flamboyance and spot the hidden messages on the website.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to play the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game properly is to examine each web page carefully. Most of the gameplay is about how watchful you are, so the more you notice, the faster you’ll get to the bottom of everything. There might be hidden letters in images, invisible messages, or even secret voice messages embedded into the web pages. You can also find some letters in certain messages that look different from the rest, so make a note of them.

You’ll need to listen to voice messages in this game, which is part of the latest update from the creator. You will be able to hear the voices of the puppets as you play, but if you need transcripts, those are available in the game as well. Thus, the creator has taken care to make sure that the game is more accessible to all.

If you’d like to feel the chills while playing this game, we’d recommend trying out all the actions yourself. With these tips, you should be well on your way to discovering a few clues yourself, right from the landing page. For the subtle horror fans out there, the beauty of games like these is finding things in places that you never expected them to be. The Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game is one such game that looks unsuspecting on the surface, but a deeper look where you immerse yourself into the lore of the show will be rewarding in itself.

If you’re stuck, you might want to check out the Reddit page for the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game where players have been discussing what they’ve found so far. While that takes away from the excitement of finding secret clues yourself, it’s perfectly fine to take a shortcut if you’re stuck. Additionally, the community for this game has been blowing up lately as the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game is going viral, so you might want to jump on that bandwagon, too.


That’s all for our guide on how to get started with playing the Welcome Home ARG Puppet Show Game. Now that you know how to start playing this creepy little game, go out there and look for clues to find out why the show needs restoration. Right now, the creator of the game, Clown, is on hiatus, but that just gives players more time to discover the secrets of Welcome Home on their own. We hope that these tips help with finding secrets on your own, because it’s more fun when you discover clues by yourself.

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