How to Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 8807

Pokemon home let’s Pokemon series fans to keep all their Pokemon in one place and even transfer them from one game to another. There is also a feature that enables players to trade their Pokemon with their friends or anyone else in the game. However, trade with other players is not possible between different games. If you have a Pokemon in a specific Pokemon game and your friend is looking for that Pokemon in a different game, then you first need to transfer your Pokemon to your account in the game where your friend requires it. So cross-game transfer is not possible.

Now it is a Cloud-based service, and it not free from connectivity errors for sure. One such error is Error code 8807. Recently many Pokemon Home users are complaining that they can’t get into the application as the error keeps popping up again and again. Now there is an easy fix to this error. In this article, we will take a look at the couple of repairs you can try to fix this specific error in Pokemon Home.

How to Fix Pokemon Home Error Code 8807

How to fix Error Code 8807 in Pokemon Home?

To fix the Error Code 8807, all you need to is reinstall Pokemon Home or clear out the data from the application.

Now, this is an application available only for Nintendo Switch users. So clearing out the data on this application from the Switch’s settings menu should do the job for you. When many users complained of this issue, the developers informed the users of this fix in the Pokemon Home support page.

  • Power up your Switch and go to System Settings.
  • Select Data Management and then go to Delete Save Data.
  • Here you will see the list of applications on your Switch. Select Pokemon Home.
  • Select the option to clear all save data for this specific application. A prompt will pop up, Choose Delete Save Data to confirm your action and it will be done.

If this does not work out for you, then you have to reinstall the application entirely. Now reinstalling the app won’t mean that you will lose all your changes in the Pokemon Home application. It is a cloud-based service, so everything that you do will be backed up to the Cloud. The reinstallation procedure will simply dish out any corrupted application files and replace them with newer uncorrupted ones.

These two fixes are indeed quite simple and straightforward, but in reality, they have solved the Error Code 8807 for many Pokemon Home users. So if you are facing this issue, then these fixes should help your case. If you have any queries, then comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone, Android, Windows, Games, and much more for more useful information.

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