Project Zomboid Best Weapon Attachments and Mods 2023

Project Zomboid is quite a fascinating horror survival game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the game, players must defeat all zombies while maintaining their character’s vitals, such as health, boost, and other survival items. And on top of that, players need to protect themselves against any attack from nearby zombie groups. To do this, players can have access to multiple weapons and other attachments, which can help them protect their survival base. This guide lists the best weapon attachments and mods in Project Zomboid as of 2023. This guide will provide full-fledged information about each weapon attachment and its use in the game.

Project Zomboid offers a dynamic environment with both day and night; this provides the best view for a zombie or post-apocalyptic game. The game has some key features, like crafting and building different items to boost the character’s overall growth. It has various zombies with different behaviors and strengths, which makes the game more interesting. Project Zomboid is available for most platforms, like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Like any other survival game, Project Zomboid supports weapon attachments and mods. These weapon attachments and mods are very useful for improving the overall performance of the weapons. These attachments make weapons more effective when defeating the zombies in the game. According to reports, many players are confused about the best weapon attachments and mods to use in the game. If you are also wondering the same thing and cannot figure it out, do not worry; we have a proper guide for you.

Project Zomboid Best Weapon Attachments and Mods 2023

As we are already aware, weapons attachments and mods can provide a much better advantage while defeating zombies in the game. But have you ever thought about how these weapons attachments and mods can be useful? So, before moving on to the best weapons attachments and mods in Project Zomboid, let’s see how they can be helpful in the game.

  • Scopes: Scopes can be an advantage when aiming at zombies, as they will make attacking more accurate and handy. With this, you can miss fewer targets and win more.
  • Extended Magazines: Ammo is the most important thing when attacking zombies. If you run out of bullets or ammo, you can be dead. Here, the role of extended magazines comes into play. These extended magazines increase capacity to hold more bullets than a normal magazine.
  • Silencers: Similar to any zombie movie, you would have noticed that zombies get attracted to any kind of noise. The same thing happens in Project Zomboid, but you don’t want zombies to get attracted by the gun noises. Here the role of silencers comes into play. These silencers are attached to the muzzle of the gun so they would make no or less noise while firing bullets. These keep most zombies away from you.
  • Flashlights: These flashlights play a crucial role when you enter a dark place in the game. The flashlight gets attached to your gun and can be used whenever you wish to.
  • Sling Attachments: These kinds of attachments help you carry more items, weapons, and ammunition that can be used in gameplay. These attachments also reduce the tiredness that is caused by carrying heavier items or weapons in the game.
  • Bayonets: Bayonets are melee weapons that can be attached to the nose of the gun to make it work as a melee weapon when you run out of bullets or have to perform stealth.

Brita’s Weapon Pack

Brita’s weapon pack is the best weapon pack you can get as a mod in Project Zomboid. This mod has a seemingly endless number of guns, including pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, and shotguns. You can also find hand grenades and bazookas if you dig deep into this mod.

Also, there are many attachments that you can use to increase the capabilities of your gun, with multiple customization possibilities. These attachments include scopes, extended magazines, silencers, flashlights, and many more. Brita’s weapon pack is definitely built for you if you are a weapon enthusiast.

Brita’s Armor Pack

If you want proper armor that should increase your resistance while defeating zombies, Then Brita’s armor pack is definitely made for you. This mod adds different types of armor to the game. You can find numerous uniforms, hats, clothes, and body armor.

Also, with this mod, you are entitled to a new backpack with an increased capacity to carry different items. This mod is also packed with night goggles that are completely functional at night. You need batteries to operate these night goggles; otherwise, they won’t work.

Scrap Weapons

After the first few weeks of post-apocalyptic, you will notice the scarcity of weapons in the game. This sounds quite scary because when you are out of weapons, you cannot defeat zombies anymore in the game, and ultimately, you will get affected by them. Here is where scrap weapon mods come into play. With this mod, you can make different melee weapons depending on what items or metal items you put together. Nothing goes to waste as long as scraps can be converted into useful items.

Weapon Condition Indicator

A player who utilizes different weapons during a battle should know about the condition of the weapon. Whether it will be able to resist the damage or how long it can hold the enemy. A lot of players have reported that this feature is missing, despite being a crucial one that every survival game should include. This mod will help you know the condition of your weapons after a fight with the zombies.

The information includes the ammo or bullet count and battery charge and will also indicate if you accidentally dropped your weapon during a fight. Once you start using this mod, you will never stop, as it fulfills all the game requirements.

More Pole Peoples

Zombie bites and the game is over in Project Zomboid, and that’s kind of the same thing for a movie or some game. No matter how much water you intake, how much food you eat or stake, and how many tactics you learn in the game, You can never keep the zombies away from you.

This mod helps you maintain a proper and adequate distance from the zombies by adding 13 long weapons to the crafting menu of the game. For example, add a large handle to a persistent melee, and it does the job. Now you can attack zombies more freely without worrying about getting infected.

Antique Armory

After post-apocalyptic, we can see that the world in Project Zomboid is set in the middle ages. So it will be a great thing to use the weapons or items of the Middle Ages. With the gun, you can never slit zombies into two halves, whereas using a middle-aged weapon, you can do that for sure.

This mod adds more than thirty weapons from the middle ages, an era before gunpowder came into existence. You can find these middle-aged weapons scattered all around the city or map, sometimes wrapped with some thick material to protect them from the harsh environment caused by zombies.


This mod adds different types of weapons to the game. This includes revolvers, semiauto pistols, assault rifles, machine pistols, bolt action rifles, shotguns, and many other weapons. According to the mod developer, ORGM adds around 100 weapons to the game. So every time you start playing, you can use a new weapon. That sounds fun.

Bushcraft Gear

Zombies are mostly considered to be apocalyptic in nature. Survival skills should be excellent, but the fundamentals can also be extremely beneficial. You always need some rigid tools so that you can chop something like wood or cut through the zombies.

The main advantage of this tool as a weapon is that you can never run out of it and that it can be used multiple times. This mod also included knives, machetes, and axes, which are perfect for slashing zombies in the urban environment.

Firearms B41

Slashing zombies into two halves is like every player’s dream. But getting closer to any zombie can risk our lives in the game, as one bite will infect the player, and the game will be over. So, it is better to take some precautions. The firearms in B41 include guns that can be fired from a safe distance so that we are not attacked by zombies. This mod adds a total of 14 guns to the game. These guns are basically assault rifles like the AK-47 and the FN-FAL and SMGs like the UZI and the MP5.

Quick SMGs

SMGs are some of the most soothing weapons in the Zomboid project. Even if the damages are a little less, the firing rate takes all the heart as they are easy to aim at and much lighter. This mod brings 18 SMGs into the game, along with bullets and their repair kits. These SMGs include MP5, UMP, Skorpion, and UZI, and many more SMGs are to discover in the game.


If you just want to leave everything and go underground, then this mod is made for you. The Basement Mod provides more and is a great fit for any world you like to play. Along with the safety of zombies in the game, these basements also have an unlimited supply of electricity to keep your appliances running all the time.

Well, you can’t build basements for free, as it costs something. You must obtain some resources, literature, and tools to construct these basements. These basements are also referred to as bunkers in the game. The larger the basement, the more resources are required to build it. However, this mod is best if you require safety from the zombies in this post-apocalyptic world.

Raven Creek

If you want to add a new city to the game, then this mod is really made for you. This mod works like that: it creates a new city called Raven Creek with a variety of Sky Scrappers surrounded by smaller buildings. If you want to get inside this city, just start travelling west straight from Rosewood until there is a road sign to indicate the city is coming up next. It is like that you can’t enter this city with your own vehicle, as you notice there will be various wrecked or destroyed vehicles blocking your way to the city.

It will be a great city mod if you are tired of playing the regular map. Raven Creek has more land than the regular map, so playing will be quite fun. However, this city or map is not for rookie players, as it is intensively surrounded by zombies.

Minimum Display Bars

This is like some mod you never asked for, but you need the mod. Minimum Display Bars is sort of an incredible mod. This mod shows bars on the screen for different stats like hunger, thirst, health, fatigue, endurance, temperature, boredom, unhappiness, and calorie intake. The bar size on the screen is resizable, and you can also turn them on or off according to your requirements. These display bars with stats are not real-time except for the calorie intake. It will only show if you are hungry, thirsty, unhappy, tired, bored, and so on.

Autotsar Trailers

In Project Zomboid, if you want to carry more items with the help of a car throughout the map, then this mod is made for you. This mod helps you carry more items on the map by adding different types of trailers with different capacities.

With this mod, you can also find a generator trailer that will be helpful in powering up the gas station where the vehicle is needed to get fuel. Also, a canister trailer in the mod can carry an ample supply of fuel that would last months in a normal base or map. This mod also offers a camp trailer with all the facilities of a proper house. This mod gets more fun when it is used in different scenarios.

Mod Manager

If you love mods too much and consider them helpful in the game, It would be quite a headache to download mods one by one from different websites when trying to update or modify them. Here the mod manager role comes into play. This mod manager sorts, filters, and searches for different modifications in the mod. After this, the manager will notify you whether the mod is from the Steam Workshop or an imported file. If you change your world rules more often, then you should make different profiles for different worlds for hassle-free changeovers.

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