How to Troubleshoot ProtonMail Decryption Error?

All the e-mail service today encrypts every type of transferred data for extended security over the internet. One of the leading E-mail services named ProtonMail also follows the encryption method for every information its users try to transfer over the internet.

Like any other mail service, users utilizing ProtonMail also require a password in order to open and decrypt any e-mails they receive. However, lately, the users who accidentally forgot or missed their Password are facing the “ProtonMail Decryption Error.” If you are also the one and are looking to resolve it, then follow the guide below:

Resolve the ProtonMail Decryption Error:


ProtonMail users who forget their Password have to face the Decryption Error, and further to resolve this, they have to reset their password. However, once they reset the Password, they can though access their mailbox but cannot decrypt/ open/ read the old e-mails which they have sent/ received/ draft using the older Password.

ProtonMail utilizes one of those message encryption where if the user changes the password, they will simply lose all their old e-mails (when the user forgets the password). To understand it in detail and why it happens, learn more about ProtonMail and its policies.

ProtonMail offers two types of password modes to its users, One Password mode and Two Password mode (One for login and one to open the mailbox).

For the One password mode and Two password mode users, it is possible to regain access to the older mail which they would have lost during the Password changing process. Here the user requires to re-activating the encryption keys which are used to encrypt them. For doing so,

  • While you are logged in at, go to Settings -> and then navigate to the Keys section.
  • The Key page will constitute all the encryption keys, including both active and inactive.

Note: When a user resets their Password in One Password Mode or resets their Mailbox Password in Two Password Mode, it generates a new encryption key and deactivates the older one.

  • Now to access the older e-mails, one requires to re-activate the inactive keys (older keys). However, for doing so, the single password mode users require to remember their previous Password, and the two password mode users require to remember their Mailbox Password.
  • To recover your older e-mails, click on Reactivate, and it will launch a prompt into your screen where you would require to enter the older Password. Once you type your previous Password and submit it, you will then be able to recover and access all your old e-mails.

This is how you can Troubleshoot ProtonMail Decryption Error and get rid of the issue in no time. However, if you have changed your passwords multiple times, you would require to use all your older Passwords one after the other during the reactivation process and check which one helps.

At the end of this article, we hope that you have got all the answers to your questions related to the Troubleshoot ProtonMail Decryption Error. After reading this article, if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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