Quick Guide To Fix BQ Mobile Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Losing wifi connectivity could be a horrendous situation for people nowadays because this is how people connect to one another. Well, we are discussing the BQ Mobile wifi problems that were highlighted by some of our readers and BQ Mobile users. We have tackled almost all sorts of problems that could happen and how to fix it with respect to the software while there are just a few things you can do to fix any hardware abnormality. Read along to know how you can fix any wifi problems on your smartphone and note that this is applicable to any and every smartphone of makes and models.

Quick Guide To Fix BQ Mobile Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Toggle wifi switch

That’s the first thing you should do if the wifi on your device isn’t working. Firstly, turn on wifi, check if the wifi icon is visible on the screen or not. If the wifi isn’t working irrespective of if it is visible or not, you must toggle wifi twice or thrice to see if it does any good to get it jump-started.

“Wifi isn’t detecting/connecting”

The first around the wifi problems is that the phone doesn’t detect an available wifi network or connects to a saved one due to xyz reasons. Well, here are a few methods you can utilize to fix the problem on your device.

Reboot the device

The most efficient method after toggling and tweaking the wifi icon to jumpstart it is to reboot the phone. This is because the phone sustains constant workload due to numerous apps and processes that are running all day long. This adds strain on the system and might introduce software glitch which is easy to solve but could get you stuck at a place if you don’t know how to fix it for a while. So, rebooting the device actually gets rid of temporary glitches and restores performance at an optimum level which is kinda cool and works every time to follow it.

Turn on the airplane mode

Another workaround if you don’t wish to reboot the phone as it takes a few minutes, is to turn on airplane mode. Yes, it does block all cellular and wifi networks where the latter can be turned on again. But it works wonders when it comes to network-related issues and that is why it is listed here. You need to pull down the notification tray and simply tap on the airplane mode to enable it. Wait for few seconds and then disable. Do this several times and then, tap on wifi icon to enable it and check if it works or not. If not, please move to other methods listed below.

Reboot the router

If you have read the ‘reboot the device’ method explained above, this applies to the router as well. This is because we tend to keep the router turned on for hours without giving it a rest even during the night when we aren’t using it. This causes the router to overload and sometimes it tires out the system from working 24 hours continuously for few days. This is why experts recommend the user to reboot the router once every day. You can keep the router turned off at least 10 minutes every day which is enough to keep the router work properly and flawlessly.

Forget and reconnect to a network

This is one of the quickest ways to connect to a wifi network if the phone isn’t connecting to it automatically even when the password is correct. Simply tap on the network, select ‘forget’. Wait for few seconds and reconnect using the correct password that you can verify by hitting the ‘Show the password’ feature on your BQ Mobile. Now connect and check if the phone successfully connects or not.

“Authentication Failed” message

Common troubleshooting fixes include toggling airplane mode, forget and reconnect, rebooting the device and/or the router, etc.

“Obtaining IP Address”

It happens many a time that the phone gets stuck in ‘obtaining IP Address’ status for a long duration. In fact, it is common that the phone will show this error but wouldn’t connect to the wifi at all or it will but after a lot of time or when you move around the house or office towards the router where it finally connects. You can do a forget and reconnect method to fix this issue or you can reboot the system or go into the airplane mode trying to get the wifi working.

“Poor wifi connection/speed”

Yes, apparently, the distance and the obstacles between the router and the phone or any other receiver can play a vital role in the wifi speed and connection. You can expect a good quality network when in a room where there’s a router as opposed to a room next to it. This is because as the distance grows, the signal grows weaker and with every obstacle such as doors, walls, etc, it is subjected to a disturbance that weakens it further. This is the reason why using the internet while sitting in a next or next-to-next room gives you terrible internet speeds. The solution is to move closer to the router or find a sweet spot using the app ‘WiFi Analyzer’ or reiterate the wifi signals by placing a signal booster or amplifier.

Other methods that can work wonders too

These are a few other methods that you can employ in this case too although the effectiveness of these methods might vary.

Clear cache files and storage

Cache files are temporarily created by the system in order to reduce the overheads. But these files can affect a system when corrupted over time or it could be because of leftover cache files that are overridden. You can clear cache files through multiple steps such as using cleaners like CCleaner, Clean-Up, etc.

Further, you can dive into ‘Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded’. This is where all the third-party apps are listed. You can clear cache files accumulated over time for every app individually simply by tapping on an app and then, selecting the ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ buttons.

Update apps and the OS

It takes just a few minutes to update all the apps on your phone but it will surely have a resonating impact. It optimizes the system’s performance while introducing bug fixes to troubleshoot any bugs that were discovered by users and developers for the current update. You can check out if updates are available or not within the ‘My apps and games’ section of Google Play Store. On the contrary, to check for any OS update, simply navigate to ‘Settings → About Device → Software Updates → Check for updates’. An alternative to it is to download custom ROMs available over the internet that you can install to get cool features and frequent updates.

Upgrade the router’s firmware

A router is a hardware component while there is a software component involved too known as the firmware. Similar to how outdated apps can prove fatal on a system’s performance, firmware too can have an adverse impact on its capability and performance. You can update the firmware simply by downloading it from router manufacturer’s website and plug it with the router using admin control panel.

Check for intermediate issues

There can be a hoard of problems with your phone and the router and the ISP from where you are connected. It is possible that the ISP is undertaking any upgrades or maintenance work thereby disrupting the internet access temporarily out if the power outage is causing the problem then you must contact the ISP. Here, you can ask the ISP to cross verify the problem and send a technician to get the problem fixed. To verify if it’s an intermediate issue, you can use a different phone to connect to the same wifi and check if it is working or not. It is a common issue and probably gets solved within a few hours at max if there is no major issue.

The supreme fix

This is how you can get the wifi problems on your smartphone eliminated permanently (in most cases). This method requires you to completely erase all the data stored on your phone making it retreat to the factory settings. You can still take a backup if you want before proceeding with the procedure mentioned below.
Step 01: Turn off the device.
Step 02: Press Power + Volume Up button and hold it.
Step 03: Wait for an Android logo to appear on the screen to release the said keys.
Step 04: Select ‘clear data/factory reset’. (Use volume rockers to navigate and power button to select an option while in the recovery mode)
Step 05: Re-confirm the option by hitting ‘Yes — delete all user data’ and it’s done.

The numero uno – a visit to an authorized center

Well, it might sound fancy but reporting the issue to an authorized service center is the numero uno method to employ if you can’t get the problem fixed due to any xyz reasons. Note that I am recommending an authorized center and not a third-party service shop where you can get cheaper repair and replacement but you’ll lose the warranty of the phone too. This is how you can fix Wiko wifi problems on your device.

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