Quick Guide To Fix Huawei Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

We rely on Wifi for almost all of our day. Well, many of our users wanted to know about a quick guide to fix Huawei Wifi problems which are prevalent and applicable to all other smartphone devices irrespective of the make and mode. Wifi is a cheap alternative to the expensive mobile data packages while providing the best of speeds and download rate as possible. You can download a file sized few GBs in a jiffy while you would need a fast 4G or 5G connection to do the same while spending a lot of money to make it happen (It’s expensive).

You tried to access the Wifi but it didn’t connect or it isn’t working even after getting connected, what’s wrong with it? We tried to compile a list of few quick guides to fix Huawei Wifi problems that our users as well as users across many forums reported and wanted to know the solution.

Quick Guide To Fix Huawei Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Quick Guide To Fix Huawei Wifi Problems

Tip #1 – Try to reconnect the Wifi

Most of the time when I try to toggle ON the wifi using the Wifi shortcut button in the notification tray, although it must get started it doesn’t. It is a minor but commonly reported issue where it is very seldom that the wifi will start right from the notification tray. If you are one of the users having such issue, you already know that you are required to go to the Wifi settings and then turn it ON and wait until it starts.

Tip #2 – Turn off the phone

Most of the time when you try to access the wifi but it isn’t getting connected or the internet isn’t working, there could be a minor software glitch or bug cutting your way. When you turn ON the wifi, it takes several processes under the hood to actually turn it ON. During one or more processes, a bug or software glitch can interfere with it and that is when your phone gets connected but the internet is inaccessible. The quick fix is to turn off the phone and wait for few minutes before rebooting.

Tip #3 – Forget the SSID & reconnect

When you try to connect to a wifi network with a password, it must be authorized and the router must accept the request of association to actually work. But, if you see a message stating ‘Rejecting’ or say, ‘Obtaining IP address’ for too long or say ‘Authorizing’, then you are in for a treat. What you need to do is to forget the SSID, password and try to reconnect. Go to ‘Settings >> Wifi’, tap on the network/SSID and forget it.

Tip #4 – Toggle the wifi router

If the wifi is connected to your device but not accessible, try to toggle the wifi router. Check if the wifi is working when you are close to the router. If not, reboot the router. You can also reset the WPS which is a small button behind the router. This must allow you to connect to the wifi.

Tip #5 – Toggle the power saving mode

Power saving mode is essential for those who are away who spend most of their time on the phone or simply away from the power source. Thus, power saving mode restricts most of the background apps in order to save battery backup. If you are using an Android smartphone, background apps and services are most consuming utilities on your phone and thus, when you enable the power saving mode, it restricts unwanted and background apps in order to save battery backup. It can also disable the wifi on your phone. If the wifi isn’t working when you start the power saving mode, disable it and check if the internet works or not.

Tip #6 – Toggle the airplane/flight mode

Most of the time, it is just minor bugs that interfere connecting with the wifi. If it is not working, you can toggle the airplane or flight mode for which, the shortcut is available in the notification tray.

Tip #7 – Update firmware

Outdated apps and firmware may introduce bugs interfering with the working of a smartphone. Try to keep all the apps and especially the firmware updated to provide these temporary errors.

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