Quick Guide To Fix Walton Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Playing a game? Connect to the WiFi. Watching a movie? Connect the phone to the WiFi and there you go. But what happens when the Wifi doesn’t respond or when the internet is not available. As always, there could be a number of explanations why your phone is facing Wifi problems and that is why, there is a number of solutions for each of the problem that you can think of such as no Wifi signal or weak network or when the wifi connects but there’s no internet, etc. Don’t worry because we had it covered. Here’s a list of to-dos and methods that you can perform to resolve any sort of wifi problems by yourself. Read ahead for more.

Quick Guide To Fix Walton  Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Quick Guide To Fix Walton Wifi Problems

Solution 01: Toggle Wifi

It’s easy. Can’t access wifi or if there’s any wifi-related problem, tap on Wifi icon on your phone and turn it off. Wait for few seconds and turn it back on.

Solution 02: Toggle Airplane Mode

Airplane mode usually shuts down all types of networks but it can also work wonders in solving few network related issues. Toggle it the same way you would toggle wifi as aforementioned and check if it made any change.

Solution 03: Check if the power saving mode is enabled

Note that power saving mode is extremely helpful today as we all need that last bit of juice to run our phones before connecting it to the charger but in some instances, power saving mode can also interfere with the phone’s ability to connect or stay connected to a wifi network and therefore, if you have a power saving mode enabled, turn it off for some time and verify by accessing the wifi.

Solution 04: Forget and reconnect

Can’t connect to a particular wifi? Go to Settings and open Wifi settings. Now, tap on the network in question and select ‘Forget’ which will delete the password. Now, tap on the network again and enter the password to connect.

Solution 05: Update the firmware (phone)

It is quite possible that the wifi problems that you are facing are because of an outdated firmware installed on your phone. For this, you’ll need to upgrade if an update is available or roll back to the previous stable update or either get a custom ROM for your phone with frequent updates.

Solution 06: Update the firmware (router)

As updating the firmware on the phone is crucial, the same applies for the router as well. You can find the updates on the router’s manufacturer’s website that must help get rid of the problem as well.

Solution 07: Get rid of the cache files

There are basically three ways to get rid of cache files. First, you need to revert to the recovery mode for which, the procedure on how to do it is mentioned in the next method. You should select ‘wipe cache partition’ get clear it. Next, open Settings tool and proceed to Storage and search for the listing called ‘Cache Storage’ or ‘Cache Memory’. When you tap on it, you’ll get the dialog box prompting you whether to delete it or not, select yes or OK whichever is available. Finally, the third type of cache files is app cache which is stored by each individual app and thus, it is little lengthy. You need to navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded. Now, tap on an app and select ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’ to do the same. Finally, repeat the procedure with other downloaded apps as well.

Solution 08: Restore the phone

It is a major step as it will delete all the data stored on your phone for which, you can take a backup of it beforehand, but it will surely resolve any sort of software-related problem for sure. Now, you need to use the procedure mentioned below to restore the phone to its original factory settings.
Step 01: Turn off the phone.
Step 02: Press power + volume up button together (it differs from make to make)
Step 03: Hold the keys for a few seconds till the screen lights up and shows an Android logo.
Step 04: Leave the keys.
Step 05: Select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from the menu but note that you’ll have to use the power button to select an option and volume rockers to toggle between the menu.
Step 06: Select ‘yes – delete all user data’ to finally confirm the procedure and done.
Step 07: Select ‘reboot system now’.

Commonly found errors and their solutions

“Can’t find WiFi network”

This is a common situation where you have the modem or router turned on but the phone is not able to find the WiFi network. Now, there could be a number of reasons why it happened such as you might be out of range or the walls between the router and you are interrupting the signal or it is certain to issue that is preventing the phone from detecting a wifi network. Here’s how you can get rid of it.

Firstly, check if the frequency band on your Wifi modem is the same as the one your phone is using. Now, you know that there are several types of wifi standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g which is based on 2.4GHz frequency while the 802.11n and 802.11ac work on 5GHz frequency. Now, you need to check if the frequency on both sides of the node match or not.

Another possible reason could be you accidentally or by mistakenly hide your network from the broadcast. If this is the reason, you’ll get a notification that a hidden network is available wherein you will have to enter the SSID and the password to turn on Wifi. On the other hand, you can always go to the router’s settings and enable the router to broadcast the network right away.

“Can’t connect to the wifi network”

If this error shows up, you can try forgetting the network once and wait for some time. Now, tap on wifi on your phone again and tap on the particular SSID and enter the password. This must allow the phone to connect to the said wifi network right away. If not, you can toggle the wifi switch several times that must push the feature to kickstart and connect to the particular network.

“Poor or slow Wifi connection”

You are using your Walton smartphone but the wifi connection is too poor or the internet is too slow, what should you do? As always, there are several reasons why it could happen but yes, we have fixes for any sort of wifi problems that you mention.

If you are getting a poor or slow wifi connection, check if the phone is in range of the router or not. Note that when you place the router in a room and use the phone outside, a wall can cause interference by halving the network and degrading the wifi connection. Now, you need to place the phone within the range to get a proper connection. There is an app called Wi-Fi Solver which notifies the user about the sweet spots and dead spots concerning with your modem so that you know where the network is good and where it isn’t.

Next thing to keep in mind is that mass usage can also affect the wifi connection since the more number of users, the lesser the bandwidth available to you. Thus, if you are experiencing difficulty to maintain wifi strength, disconnect few smartphones, tablets, and other IoT applications in your house to get proper Wi-Fi reception.

“Wifi is connected but there is no internet”

If you are getting this issue, check with the ISP or that friend or neighbor using the same ISP to check if there are any intermittent issues or not. If not, ask your ISP to troubleshoot the network and get it started. The most usual way to get the internet working (if it is available) is to restart the router. Simply tap on the power button and turn off the router, wait for few minutes and then, turn it on and check if the internet is restored or not. You can also tap on ‘reset’ button behind the router that must help get over with the problem.

Infinite loop “Obtaining IP Address”


This is one of the common wifi problems where you try to connect to a wifi network, it accepts the password and shows the status ‘obtaining IP Address’ but never connects to the wifi network. You can try forgetting the network and connecting again or you can change from Dynamic IP to Status IP which is available within the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. This must fix the wifi problems on your phone.

Seek help from the smartphone manufacturer

You can’t leave the wifi problems on your hanging without fixing it because if it indeed one of the most used features on a smartphone. If no methods aforementioned get to fix the problem, you’ll have to get help from the service center which is the final resort or buy a new smartphone.

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