Is Razer Huntsman, Elite, TE, and Mini Hot Swappable?

As we talk of hot-swappable keyboards, their demand is rapidly increasing with time. Although the number of products might fall relatively short if compared to the present-day demand, more companies are now focusing on it. And as such, similar expectations are being made from the Razer products as well.

The Razer Huntsman family first launched back in 2018, has received tremendous popularity. It was then considered a traditional mechanical keyboard. However, with time, users are more curious to know if the huntsman family also possesses hot-swappable functionality.

The idea came when people started plucking the keys out, lubing them and so. Generally, the Razer keyboards are very tough to dismantle and manipulate. But as it seems easier in the huntsman family, users look more interested to know if they come with hot-swappable capability too.

Well, this article is specifically going to be on this very subject. Here we will see if the Razer Huntsman Elite, Tournament Edition (TE), and Mini comes are hot-swappable or not. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Is Razer Huntsman, Elite, TE, and Mini Hot Swappable

Is Razer Huntsman, Elite, TE, and Mini Hot Swappable?

The Razer Huntsman Elite, TE, and Mini are among the most sold products from the Huntsman family. Plus, the advantage of being able to pluck the keys makes them even more demanding. But does it make them hot-swappable keyboards?

Well, the answer is quite controversial. While some consider them to be hot-swappable, other users are against them. But considering the official sources, none of these products were advertised as hot-swappable keyboards. So, generally concluding from that, we can simply say that the huntsman Elite, TE, and Mini are not hot-swappable.┬áBut again, the matter that we can open the switches from the keyboard doesn’t make the statement fully justified.

To put it simply, it is true that the switches can be plucked out of the keyboard in all of these keyboards. And this is possible only because the optical sensor is not present in the switch but on the PCB itself. But it requires opening the entire keyboard for swapping the switches. And that too you can specifically manipulate the optical switches only. Besides, it is much more complex to pluck out the switches from these Razer keyboards than compared to a regular hot-swappable keyboard.

Above all, as a swappable keyboard, these switches are not available in the market. And along with everything, the most important fact that none of them are advertised as hot-swappable keyboards stands as the greatest proof that the Razer Huntsman Elite, TE, and Mini are not hot-swappable. Although they have some of their capabilities, they were not specifically built for that purpose. So, it would be wrong to identify them as hot-swappable ones.


Finally, after looking at all the facts, we can conclude that the Razer Huntsman Elite, TE, and Mini are not hot-swappable. Although many users have experimented with the products, they do not inherit the actual functionality.

Therefore, it is advised not to jump to some unsure conclusion and try experimenting with the switches. Even if you need to pluck out the switches for lubing or other important purposes, you will have to be extremely gentle with the process. Plus, you will also need the right tools to get the job done.

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