Redmi K20 Pro Bluetooth Problems and Fixes [Not Pairing and Disconnecting regularly]

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro is a powerhouse when it comes to affordable high-end phones, however, there are a few problems that no phones could escape. One such is the Bluetooth Problems that have been reported by users on GetDroidTips and other forums where they have listed issues right from Bluetooth not pairing to disconnecting regularly, etc. Some users have also reported that the Bluetooth on their phone is unavailable to a nearby Bluetooth device or it is not connecting, etc. Unlike previously when Bluetooth had little applications like sharing files between two devices, today smartphones come with built-in Bluetooth that have much greater applications.

Redmi K20 Pro comes with Bluetooth that lets the user connect with their Bluetooth speakers or the audio system of their car or use it with Bluetooth keyboards, a stereo system, mouse, etc. However, as said, similar to any other features that you would find on a smartphone, Bluetooth has been compromised and it often lands in trouble thanks to the various random issues that it could attract from time to time. Note that this could be a permanent (in some cases) while it can be a temporary outage in most cases. We at GetDroidTips wanted to provide the most accurate and viable troubleshooting techniques on how to fix Redmi K20 Pro Bluetooth Problems so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Redmi K20 Pro Bluetooth Problems and Fixes [Not Pairing and Disconnecting regularly]

Redmi K20 Pro Bluetooth Problems and Fixes?

Here are all the common issues with Bluetooth and their fixes so let’s see which of these methods work in your favor.

Turn off the phone

This is the simplest thing you can do to get rid of any issues including the Bluetooth problems. It is common for any feature on your phone to encounter bugs or issues when turning it on since it is a system and tends to encounter issues here and there sometimes. Turning off the phone will help get rid of any minor issues with the system or the particular feature (Bluetooth) in question and must help get rid of it as well.

Toggle the Bluetooth

You have a shortcut button to turn on and turn off the Bluetooth on your phone right from the notification panel. If the phone attracts random issues while turning on the Bluetooth, try toggling the feature several times. This must force the feature to start working properly and voila, you will be able to connect to other Bluetooth devices without any fail.

Airplane mode

If you follow GetDroidTips, you know that I recommend users to comply with airplane mode when it comes to non-hardware related issues. Here, you can give your phone is quick to restart without turning off the device simply by toggling the airplane mode once or twice. This must help in your favor but resurrecting Bluetooth from its problems that you want to fix.

Turn on discoverable mode

Bluetooth has been around for years now. It is a common knowledge that turning on the Bluetooth isn’t the only step in using it. When you go to Settings >> Networks >> Bluetooth, you have an option to make the device ‘Discoverable’ when you are a recipient rather than the sender. If you haven’t enabled the discoverable mode, no other device could detect even if you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone. Turn on the discoverable mode and do check out the duration if available so that you can pair up with another device before the mode could reset to ‘OFF’ again.

Distance does matter

Unlike Wi-Fi router which broadcasts signals to a wide range, Bluetooth has a considerably shorter broadcast distance of merely five feet. You can pair any device without five feet of your phone without any hassle. If the distance is more and the phone isn’t connecting with the recipient, then you know what’s the problem. Try closing in the gap between your phone and the recipient and check if this method works or not.

Unpair old Bluetooth devices

Similar to how you would remove old Wi-Fi networks from the paired devices in the light of Wi-Fi issues, you can do the same for Bluetooth as well. Since some smartphones can have a limit on how many devices it can pair over a period, you could have run out of pairing slots which is making it difficult to pair a new device. Unpairing older and unused devices will fasten the pairing process for sure.

Update the driver

In case if you are pairing up with a PC but unable to pair it up, the driver must have gone outdated. You can easily download the latest Bluetooth driver for your PC right from the internet and install it. This must resurrect the PC’s Bluetooth capabilities for sure.

Turn off the power-saving mode

While two systems are connecting via Bluetooth or if you are trying to connect with a different phone or any electronic wireless product via Bluetooth, don’t forget to turn off the power saving mode on either of the devices. It is known that power saving mode suppresses a few key functionalities of your device which could be one of the reasons why you are unable to pair or sustain a Bluetooth connection with the recipient or the sender in that matter.

Steer away from a Wi-Fi router

Interference from a Wi-Fi router could make it difficult for your phone to connect to a Bluetooth device or if it is connected already, sending or receiving data could be hindered. Thus, try moving away from the Wi-Fi router a bit and try again.

Clear Bluetooth Cache

This might help fix the Redmi K20 Pro Bluetooth Problems hopefully. You need to delete network settings by going into the Settings > Backup & Restart > Reset Network Settings. The method procedure could differ in other phones so you need to search for the said options within the Settings app.

Clear all types of cache

You have already cleared Bluetooth cache but even if you haven’t, repeating this method will bore a similar result. Cache files speed up retrieval, however, these files are easy to corrupt and vulnerable to bugs which is why it is crucial to delete them all.
Third-Party app: You can simply download a third-party app like Avast Clean Up or others so that you can delete all cache files all at once.
Storage Cache: To manually delete storage cache, you need to dive into the Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory and delete it.
App Cache: To delete the app cache, you need to escape into Settings >> go to Apps >> Downloaded. Once you are here, click on the app and press both ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Now you need to repeat the same procedure over and over again for all the apps within the Downloaded section.

Update the firmware

Bluetooth problems can be a byproduct of outdated firmware. Viruses and bugs find it easy to infiltrate into a system which has an outdated firmware and that is why you must always update the firmware without fail. You can search for firmware updates within the Software Updates section of the Settings app. You can also search for updates on Xiaomi’s official website but beware of any third-party services that offer at a premium as firmware updates are free.

Restore the device

Beware that you can lose data after restoring the phone. Unless the Bluetooth problems that we are discussing here are severe, do not go through with this method unless you don’t have much to save or have a backup of everything beforehand. Here’s how you can restore a Redmi K20 Pro.
Step 01: Toggle phone the device.
Step 02: Press the power button and volume up button together and hold it until I ask you to let it go.
Step 03: When a Xiaomi logo pops up on-screen, release the power button only.
Step 04: As soon as you spot the recovery mode screen, release the volume up button as well.
Step 05: Navigate and select ‘Wipe Data >> Wipe All Data >> Confirm’ and that will be the end of this procedure

“My Bluetooth is not turning on”

Tap on the Bluetooth icon and it will turn on, it is as simple as that. However, your phone has probably encountered an issue while turning it ON and thus, it could get a few moments to turn on the Bluetooth. If that’s so, hold on to it for a few seconds before doing anything else.

“Unable to find/discover Bluetooth devices”

If you are still unable to find or discover a Bluetooth device, check out if you have set the ‘Discoverable Mode’ to enable or not. Check for the same on that other device you want to connect and bring it closer to your phone i.e. within five feet or so. Toggling the Bluetooth or the Airplane Mode could rescue you out of this situation as well.

“Why the Bluetooth pairing is failing”

Bluetooth has its versions and compatibility clauses as well. Bluetooth is generally backward compatible which means that your device with Bluetooth 5 can connect with any other device with Bluetooth 2.1. However, the clause here is that there are at least three different types of Bluetooth i.e. Classic, Smart, and Smart Ready. Note that any device with Bluetooth Smart may not connect to some versions of Bluetooth Classic. This could be completed since most smartphones use Bluetooth Smart & Smart Ready while fitness devices use Bluetooth Smart. This applies to all devices with Bluetooth so it is possible that your phone is not in sync with other devices that you are trying to pair up with due to Bluetooth compatibility issues.

The ultimatum

If you are still trying to figure out a way to fix Bluetooth problems on your Redmi K20 Pro even after following any of the methods I mentioned above, it is possible that the problem is hardware-related and not software or network-related. For any hardware-related issues, you must dial into a service center where you can get the phone diagnosed and fixed for any hardware issues.

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