How to Quickly Remove Audio or Soundtrack From a Video

Today people’s habit of shooting video shows an upward trend in all of life. Apart from the past, today, to share occasional memories, most of the guys doing video shooting instead of only clicking pictures. They like to shoot memorable moving images of their kids, family members, and travel videos as well. While watching YouTube, you can see per minute, and video lovers upload more than 300 videos.

In recording videos, automatically audio is also recorded if we are interested in sound or not. In case we are recording memorable videos of our family members, this audio will disturb our privacy. In such a situation, we would like to remove audio from the video we shoot. In this writing, we will teach you how to remove soundtracks from videos.

How to Quickly Remove Audio or Soundtrack From a Video

How to Remove The Audio Track On The Computer:

If you are on the computer and select a video to remove the audio track, there is a powerful and simple way to remove audio, i.e., a VLC media player. With the most advanced features, the VLC media player is capable of removing audio tracks from videos on Linux, Windows, and Mac. Meanwhile, if you are using macOS, then you can use iMovie on your iOS to remove the audio track from the video. And now, let’s see how to remove the audio track from video using the VLC media player and iMovie.

With VLC remove audio track

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VLC player is one of the most influential and popular media player applications today. With the VLC player, you can play any video file format, and this application is used for editing as well.

  • Follow these steps to learn how to remove the soundtrack from the video with a VLC player;
  • Download and install the media player and choose media from the menu
  • Select the “Convert/Save and add” button.
  • Then add the selected video you wish to remove the audio track click the “Convert” button to appear on the bottom of your screen.
  • Then select the spanner logo, near the profile on the next windows.
  • Select the audio codec tab and uncheck the box near the audio in the screen
  • Then type the destination for the file on the converter windows
  • Finally, select “Start” to recode without media audio

Always remember to rename the file name to create a copy of your file. Do not use the original copy for any changes. If anything goes wrong, you will miss the original video. So let the original file remain original.

With iMovie Removing Audio 

The iMovie is the inbuilt application of the Apple macOS device. This application is capable of editing videos and can be used to manage short videos to upload on any social media platform. With iMovie, you can remove audio tracks from video in iOS.

Follow these steps to learn how to remove the soundtrack from the video with iMovie;

  • Open iMovie and select Import Media.”
  • Upload selected the video you want to change the audio track and using the right-tap select “Select Entire Clip.”
  • Move the video file into the “timeline” as seen on the bottom of the screen, allowing editing
  • Right-tap on the timeline, then select “Detach Audio” will separate the timeline into audio and video
  • Use the right-tap on the audio track and select “Delete.”
  • Finally, select “Export” to save the video.

You can save the original videos and the audio-removed videos. If you feel that you don’t need the original video file, you can delete it.

The VLC media player and iMovie are the best applications to remove audio tracks from videos. We hope this guide will help you to understand how to remove audio tracks from the video when you are on Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in our comment box.

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