Review of HiPDF as PDF Cropper Online Free Solution

You might have often dealt with readability issues because of the excessive, unnecessary white space within your PDF document pages. These redundant margins not only make the document look cluttered but also occupy extensive storage. To avoid these issues, PDF cropping emerges as an effective solution. 

However, the real struggle is to find a reliable and free PDF cropper. To simplify your search, this article unearths and reviews a potent PDF cropper online free solution: HiPDF. By doing a deep-down analysis, we will delve into whether you should opt for this online PDF cropper or not. 

What Makes a Good PDF Cropper? 

Hundreds of PDF croppers are available in the market. However, each of them may not fit your specific requirements and needs. Some tools are paid, offering limited capabilities in their free versions. In contrast, there are free tools available but they degrade the quality of PDFs after cropping. Given this context, below are some key factors you must consider before choosing a PDF cropper: 


Cost is an important parameter to consider. Free solutions are the best, especially if you have to perform cropping on a rare basis. 


A good PDF cropper should work seamlessly across various devices and operating systems. Whether you’re accessing it on mobile, PC, or tablet, it should work smoothly. 


Precision in cropping is crucial to avoid cutting off important parts of the document. Also, the tool should not blur the quality of PDF text and other content. 


You must also look for additional functionalities like batch processing, file format conversion, and editing tools. These capabilities will impart you with an integrated experience. 

HiPDF – The Best PDF Cropper Online for Free Use 

If you’re looking for a PDF cropper that fulfils all the above criteria, there’s no better option than HiPDF. The tool takes your cropping experience to the next level through its robust snipping abilities. Whether you need to crop all or specific PDF pages, it will effortlessly trim them in no time. 

Here are some reasons why HiPDF is the best free online PDF cropper: 

  • HiPDF’s interface is user-friendly, making PDF cropping a painless task for users of all ranges. 
  • The tool offers free-of-cost cropping services without any hidden fees. 
  • You can crop selected pages within a PDF, exercising enhanced control over your document editing process. 
  • The tool can process multiple files simultaneously, a process called batch processing. Thus, upload up to 5 files in the free version for concurrent cropping. 
  • Beyond cropping, HiPDF provides a suite of tools for editing, converting, signing, and managing (merging, splitting, and compressing PDFs) documents. 
  • HiPDF is completely web-based, so you can access it from whatever device you want. 
  • Complying with global security standards, the tool ensures that all files are processed securely. Also, it deletes your uploaded files one hour after processing. 


How to Crop PDF Online with HiPDF ?

Using HiPDF to crop PDFs is straightforward, requiring no technical knowledge. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you perform cropping:

  • Step 1: Access the Crop PDF feature of HiPDF. 
  • Step 2: Click “Choose Files” to upload your intended PDF file. 

Image Name: choose-files-for-cropping-hipdf.jpg 

  • Step 3: Now, you’ll see a preview of your PDF. Choose whether you want to crop all or custom pages.  

Image Name: custom-cropping-option-hipdf.jpg

  • Step 4: Use the cropping tool to select the area you want to keep or enter values in the margin panels on the right. Click the “Crop” button. 

Image Name: crop-pdf-pages-hipdf.jpg 

  • Step 5: HiPDF will crop your PDF pages. Your cropped file will be automatically downloaded. 

Image Name: pdf-cropping-process-success-hipdf.jpg 

Should I Crop PDF Online or Offline? 

Apart from using online cropping methods like HiPDF, there exist several offline methods to trim your document pages. For example, dedicated PDF management software serves to perform this job. However, each method carries its own advantages and disadvantages. Analyzing these disparities of both online and offline methods will help you make an informed decision. 

We will protract the pros and cons of both methods in detail below: 

Online PDF Cropping

Online PDF croppers are accessible from any device with an internet connection. Whether you’re a mobile or PC user, you can access them easily. Also, online cropping tools don’t require you to go through the tiring processes of downloading and installation. Apart from accessibility, most online PDF croppers provide services for free, also updating their services to state-of-the-art functionalities. Furthermore, online PDF croppers provide other suites of PDF management tools to let you organize all your PDF-relayed tasks under one platform. 

On the other hand, when it comes to weaknesses, their internet dependability becomes their biggest limitation. If you need to perform cropping on a frequent basis, online methods are not a suggested solution. Another prime concern is data security since these tools upload and process your files on their servers.

Offline PDF Cropping

Using an offline PDF cropper can crop PDFs anytime without an Internet connection. This method is best if you need to perform cropping tasks on a frequent basis. You can also adopt an offline cropper as a long-term solution, such as PDF cropping done in professional settings. Additionally, offline PDF croppers are more secure because the data remains at your local storage and does not circulate on the web.

The downside of using offline PDF croppers involves their downloading and installing hassles, consuming excessive time and local storage. Also, most offline PDF editors are paid tools, which can be expensive. Regarding additional management features, offline PDF editors also provide these functionalities but that requires a premium subscription.


PDF cropping reduces your several PDF-related issues, such as low readability, storage problems, printing misfits, and more. Using a top-notch PDF cropper can help you elevate your PDF management experience. In this guide, we reviewed HiPDF, a renowned online PDF cropper, analyzing its various aspects. 

The tool proves to be the best PDF cropper free online solution because of its accurate cropping abilities, free-for-all nature, and additional management features. Give HiPDF a try and experience a realm of convenient document management! 

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