Why is My Ring Doorbell 2 Speaker Volume Too Low? – Fix Inside

The chances are high that if you’re using Ring Doorbell 2 you’re encountering the speaker volume for some unexpected reasons. Having a ring doorbell or video doorbell is very convenient and easy to install if you want wireless connectivity. But some of the users are reporting that their Ring Doorbell 2 Speaker Volume is too Low. Now, if you’re also facing the issue then make sure to follow this troubleshooting guide.

Talking about this particular issue, it seems that most probably the ring doorbell configuration on the Ring app has some flaws or is not properly configured. Sometimes issues with the mobile app on your incompatible device may also cause multiple issues whatsoever. Most importantly, Samsung device users are facing this particular low sound issue with the Ring mobile app.

Why is My Ring Doorbell 2 Speaker Volume Too Low? - Fix Inside

Why is My Ring Doorbell 2 Speaker Volume Too Low? – Fix Inside

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the guide below.

1. Check Ring App Configuration

First of all, you should check your Ring app whether it’s properly configured or not. As we’ve already mentioned, mostly Samsung device users are experiencing this issue due to incompatibility and that’s why they’re unable to easily access the intercom. The audio from the video doorbell is being registered properly and you can hear the sound. But the other person on the door either can’t hear anything or the volume sounds too low.

  • Just open the Ring application on your device.
  • Then turn off the Event history timeline feature from the device.

In most scenarios, the sound quality should be improved that’s coming from the speaker on your Ring doorbell.

2. Reinstall Ring App

Some users have also mentioned that they’ve reinstalled the Ring application on their devices and the low volume issue has been fixed completely. It can possible that some cache data issue or the conflict with the Ring application is actually troubling you. Once you’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Ring mobile app on your handset, make sure to restart your device.

Then just try to reconfigure the app settings for your Ring Doorbell to fix the issue easily. However, if you’re still encountering the low volume issue then we’ll recommend you to try using another mobile device to cross-check the same. The chances are also high that your device is running the outdated software version which is basically conflicting with the Ring app or its services.

3. Contact Ring Support

Well, if none of the methods worked for you then you should contact the Ring Support team for further assistance. It may possible that you’re using another device and something went wrong with the Ring Doorbell 2. You should also check whether the power transformer is working well or not.

If the Ring Doorbell device is under warranty then ask the support to repair or replace it immediately.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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