Rocket League Ranks and Ranking System Guide

Like every other game, Rocket League has a ranking system. This ranking system plays an important role in the game as it defines the skill of the player. Mainly, it is helpful during matchmaking so that players with similar skills fight each other. Although the game was released years ago, many of the players are confused about the ranking system in Rocket League. If you are also wondering the same thing and unable to figure it out, Do not worry; we have everything for you.

Launched in July 2015, Rocket League is a high-powered vehicle soccer game developed by Psyonix. The game has great physics with easy in-game control movements. Players in this game usually run their rocket-powered cars and hit the ball into the opponent’s goal to score or win the game. In this guide, we have explained the ranking system of the Rocket League.

Rocket League is similar to a soccer game, except the players are automobiles. The game can be played both online and offline, in single-player or multiplayer modes. Rocket League is available on most platforms, like the PlayStation 4, GeForce Now, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Rocket League Ranks and Ranking System Guide

Rocket League Ranks Explained

As mentioned above, ranks in Rocket League play an important role in the measurement of a player’s skill. The ranks basically consist of the skill sets the player has and his knowledge of the game. The player must have a good skill set to level up in the game and reach a higher rank.

The ranking system offers three features to play with:

  • 1v1 matchmaking
  • 2v2 matchmaking
  • 3v3 matchmaking

There are also benefits to the ranking system in Rocket League. If the player has a lower rank and he starts matchmaking, the player will be matched with someone who has a similar rank and skill set.

This provides balanced gameplay in the game and helps players boost their rank more confidently. As a player, you are surely aware of how much happiness it brings when you reach a higher rank. Due to this, players invest more time and effort in the game to rank up.

Rocket League ranking system is divided into several tiers, each with several ranks. The lowest tier is Bronze, followed by Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, and finally, Grand Champion. Within each tier, there are several ranks, with the highest rank being Tier 1. Let’s see what the different types of ranks present in Rocket League are:

Bronze 1 rocket-league-bronze-i
Bronze 2 rocket-league-bronze-ii
Bronze 3 rocket-league-bronze-iii
Silver 1 rocket-league-silver-i
Silver 2 rocket-league-silver-ii
Silver 3 rocket-league-silver-iii
Gold 1 rocket-league-gold-i
Gold 2 rocket-league-gold-ii
Gold 3 rocket-league-gold-iii
Platinum 1 rocket-league-platinum-i
Platinum 2 rocket-league-silver-ii
Platinum 3 rocket-league-platinum-iii
Diamond 1 rocket-league-diamond-i
Diamond 2 rocket-league-diamond-ii
Diamond 3 rocket-league-diamond-iii
Champion 1 rocket-league-champion-i
Champion 2 rocket-league-champion-ii
Champion 3 rocket-league-champion-iii
Grand Champion 1 rocket-league-grand-champion-i
Grand Champion 2 rocket-league-grand-champion-ii
Grand Champion 3 rocket-league-grand-champion-iii
Supersonic Legend rocket-league-supersonic-legend

You can easily win points and rank up in the game. Depending on what rank you are at the end of the season, you get some handsome rewards according to it. Now, let’s see how the ranking system works.

Ranking Up In Rocket League

Rocket League Ranks and Ranking System Guide

The ranking system takes into account several factors to determine a player’s skill level, including win/loss ratio, individual performance, and the skill level of opponents.  Ranking up in the Rocket League is quite easy; just keep winning matches and you are good to go. Rocket League has in total eight types of different levels. The first is called the Rookie, and the last is known as the Rocketeer. Here is the complete list:

  • Rookie: From Level 1 to 9.
  • Semi-Pro: From level 10 to 19.
  • Pro: From level 20 to 29
  • Veteran: From level 30 to 39
  • Expert: From level 40 to 49
  • Master: From levels 50 to 59
  • Legend: From Level 60 to 73
  • Rocketeer: From 72 and above

Now let’s see how players can easily increase their ranks in Rocket League. People have always said that to succeed in anything, you need discipline and a dash of luck. The same applies to the Rocket League. However, you can still speed up things to rank up faster in the game.

  • Just be patient and take advantage of the time. Try to play during rush hours, as most new players are matched at this time.
  • Keep up a good pace and try to play every day to brush your skills, especially the Ariel skills.
  • Always choose strategy instead of playing like a rookie. Try to team up in 3v3 if you are good at offense and bad at defense. However, if you have decent skills, you can play solo.
  • Always go for the map of which you are most aware, as it provides a better advantage.
  • Do try to take a risk in matchmaking even if you identify the opponent team as a strong one.


Overall, the Rocket League ranking system is an important aspect of the game, providing players with a sense of progression and a competitive environment. By understanding the ranking system and working to improve their skills, players can climb the ranks and compete at higher levels of play.

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