Fix: Samsung Galaxy A71 (4G/5G) Black Screen Issue

Some users have complained about the Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issue on both 4G and 5G models. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all the units out there, but a subset of users face the same issue.

It turns out that when your phone has a black screen issue, it vibrates and even works, but the screen is off, so you can’t see what’s happening. If that’s something you are facing, check out the guide on what’s termed a Galaxy A71 black screen issue and how you can fix it.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy A71 (4G/5G) Black Screen Issue

How Does Black Screen Occur?

A Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issue may appear out of the blue. The phone’s screen appears black or blank, albeit you can hear some sound, or the phone might vibrate by pressing a button. The phone might receive notifications and make sounds, but the user cannot interact with it.

There can be a tonne of reasons why you are facing Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issues. This includes loose LCD connectors, incompatible apps running on the system, battery overcharging, app cache causing issues, or the phone could be subjected to extreme heat. Of course, these aren’t the only causes of the issue; there are many others to cope with.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A71 Black Screen Issue?

#1: Whether the power button is jammed

The power button on your Samsung Galaxy A71 allows you to lock/unlock/turn on/turn off the phone. It turns out that the power button is jammed at a pressed position due to dirt, lint, or other debris.

You can press the power button consecutively for some time to free the button and probably fix the black screen issue.

#2: Check for any liquid or physical damage

Both physical and liquid damage on your phone can cause black screen issues as the water or fall might have affected the display apart from other components. For liquid damage, you can check out the liquid damage indicator (LDI) which will turn pink or purple upon interacting with the water.

Check for traces of water if there’s liquid damage. In case of physical damage, check if the display is broken as that may pose a problem. In these cases, you will have to report the issue to a nearby authorized service center to get the display repaired or replaced.

#3: Did you inspect the charging port?

Turns out the Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issue could be as simple as the fact that your battery has died and the debris inside the charging port is what actually prevents you from charging the battery. Have a look inside the charging port. Use a torch to peek inside. Use a needle or a toothpick to remove unwanted debris although do not pierce it too much as it will damage the pins inside.

#4: Your battery has discharged

Yep, that could be a thing. The phone’s battery has discharged well beyond the phone where it could vibrate when you press the power button but the display won’t light up. Turns out if you continue to press the power button hoping that the phone would start, this will drain the battery even further.

Connect your phone to the charger and leave it idle for 10-15 minutes. This should charge the phone’s battery sufficiently for it to turn on.

#5: Remove the battery

Samsung Galaxy A71 doesn’t have a removable battery, however, in case you are referring to this guide for other Samsung or Android devices with a removable battery, try removing it. Wait for a few minutes and then put the battery inside and check whether this makes any difference or not.

#6: The display connector could be loose

If you have ever seen any iFixit or JerryRigEverything’ videos, you would know that the phone’s display is actually attached to the motherboard using a lego connector. This applies to all the components inside the chassis. Turns out the connector could become loose thereby disconnecting the display from the motherboard.

Since the phone is still working, you should be able to receive calls, notifications, and maybe interact with the display but as the display is not showing anything, you are actually trying to hit a goal blindfolded. If the reason behind Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issue is a loose connector, a technician can actually fix the issue simply by reseating the cable.

An authorized service center can do it while keeping the phone’s warranty intact while a locate center would void it. You can even do it yourself although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have the expertise to do it without breaking anything.

#7: Perform a force reboot

In the light of critical system errors, a force reboot can work wonders. Here’s how it works.

For Samsung smartphones, you can use power plus home plus volume Up/Down buttons to trigger a forced reboot. Another way of doing it is to simply press the home and power button together. The

#8: Clear cache

There are multiple ways you can clear cache files. You can go to Settings >> Apps >> tap on an app >> Storage >> Clear Cache. On the contrary, you can go to the recovery mode and perform “Wipe Cache Partition”. This is assuming that the phone’s screen is actually working and you are able to interact with the device.

#9: Reach out to a technician

Certainly, the last resort is to seek help from a technician whether the black screen issue is due to hardware or software error. You have options between a Samsung authorized service center or a local one so you can choose. The goal is to find a fix and get the phone working as usual.


And with that, we conclude our guide on how to fix Samsung Galaxy A71 black screen issues. Do let us know which method actually worked in your case and which failed to perform as prescribed.


  1. Good day. My samsung galaxy a71 went off whilst i was using google maps. It did come on but as soon as
    I restarted the device it hasn’t come on since . When i plug it ; it vibrates but the screen stays blank, it is the same when I hold down both the power button and the volume down button. Is there a way I can resolve this issue or do I have to visit a service centre . Thank you.

  2. My A71 Phone last 2year had no problem. A few days ago display light does not come on in the afternoon, call comes but black display, sometimes light comes on but in indoors area, out door area the light turns off. Few days there was no problem at night. Day time Black display. But for some days, black display incoming call can comes, touch screen can work, but black display! outgoing cannot be done. Sometimes the display turns on but not longer immediate black screen .i felling motherboard hit also. I had changed main new motherboard, but cases not solved. I have opened all the connectors and refitted again. There is no change. what can i do now What is the problem here? Please suggest. Thanks

  3. My Samsung A71 has this issue now. The screen still turns on occassionally but blacks out again after few minutes of use, ranging from 1 minute to 34 minutes. I tried everythting including tech but he could not figure out the problem. I doubt it is the LCD. He was saying (a hit and miss diagnosis) that it probably was the OS update was not compatible.

  4. Help please hep after an update whenever i put my phone in my pocket the screen goes blank but phone is on but not while in my hand

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