Common Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

A smartphone is a wonderful tool that has changed the way people use to live their life. In recent years, some tremendous changes have been seen in this gadget. Presently, the manufacturers have made it quite useful in almost all the general applications related to life. It is one of the major reasons why you can easily find a smartphone in almost every pocket. There is actually a race going on among the manufacturers where they want to target the users simply by offering the best phones. Despite having options, the price is always the biggest challenge for potential buyers. Not everyone can afford high-end phones. For this reason, several manufacturers have started providing middle-range gadgets without eliminating the important features completely. The Galaxy J6 Plus is one such gadget. In this post, the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes are spotlighted.

It would be good for you as a user of this gadget to explore the same. This is really very important if you really don’t want to compromise with the important parameters such as functionality and performance. It is very much true that these factors often start degrading with respect to time. The same results in the common problems in most of the gadgets. However, it is possible to neglect them simply in no time just by taking a proper guide into consideration. You can check below the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes explained in a well-defined manner.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy J6 Pro

Being one of the newcomers in the international Smartphone market, it has been widely recognized as the best available option for those who really don’t need to spend a large sum of money. It simply lets users explore all the dynamic and latest features trending in smartphones presently. Also, Samsung has made a lot of changes and improvements in it for being a successor of Galaxy J6. There is nothing to worry about the common problems as well. This is because it is free from the same. This post only reflects the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes which are basic and has no application with the hardware. Go ahead simply to know more about this.

Common Samsung Galaxy J6 plus problems and Fixes

To achieve something against applied efforts is not always easy and possible in the shortest possible time. The patience of the user therefore matters a lot while following this guide. However, many users loose the same and try to mold this guide on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes. If you are one among them, simply keep this thing in your mind that following such a practice can sometimes makes your phone totally useless. Obviously, you really don’t need to face that. Thus, better is to follow this guide in the same manner as it is provided. cannot be blamed or held responsible if any additional problem arrives in your phone because of this reason. Check the common problems and their solutions for this phone now.

Connectivity issues

To find out whether your phone has connectivity problems or not, you simply need to make sure whether the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi operates reliably or not. If not, it can directly be concluded that your phone has connectivity related issues in it. Check out below to explore the same.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • The first and in fact the very basic trick that works mostly is restarting the phone. Do it and check the status of the problem
  • The visibility of the Bluetooth connection might be set to hidden on any of the device. Check and avoid this restriction
  • There might be a specific or multiple bugs in the default Bluetooth driver in the phone. This can be fixed by updating the phone if a new version is available
  • Sometimes users forget to disable the power saving mode on the phone which limit many features and especially the Bluetooth. Check and make sure this is not the reason of the problem in your case
  • Make sure the phone you are using is not having a hardware problem in its Bluetooth antenna or in any other section
  • Check and make sure the real issue is not actually due to the malware or the virus presence in the phone
  • The frequent Bluetooth dropping can happen if the phone cache memory is not cleared or when there is no storage space available in the phone
  • Check if the data you are transferring through Bluetooth is too large to fit in a single transmission cycle. Make sure it is compatible too for both the gadgets
  • Check if there are other apps installed in the phone are responsible for this problem. This can happen when they have permissions to access the Bluetooth anytime
  • Remove any kind of data exchange restriction from the phone and check if this can solve the problem you are facing
  • This problem might be fixed if you simply repair the other Bluetooth enabled device with yours. Try it

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • You might be required to have additional permission from the network administrator upon connecting the device with the same. Check and make sure of this
  • The problem might be observed due to instability of the network which usually happens due to multiple reasons
  • Make sure the domain or the app which you are opening is not actually disabled or has server downtime. This can often make users feel as if their Wi-Fi is not functional
  • Make sure to enter the password which is correct and update the same in the device whenever you change it
  • The modem might have its maximum capacity of hosting the devices already reached
  • If your internet connection has a daily bandwidth limit, check if the same has not been consumed entirely
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply be restarting the phone and the modem together
  • Bugs related to the configuration of the modem can also be held responsible for the Wi-Fi issues
  • You might be required to enable the firewall for the Operating system to access the Wi-Fi
  • The device might have its Wi-Fi access with any other apps at the same time. Therefore, it is advised to close all the other apps while doing this
  • Check if the default Wi-Fi drivers in the phone are fully operational and doesn’t have any kind of bug in them
  • Sometimes the phone doesn’t allow users to connect to Wi-Fi just because of an insecure connection. Check it properly and take concerned action
  • You need to make it sure that the network doesn’t have its LAN settings disabled

SIM/Network related problems

As the SIM card is sensitive, you need to be careful while handling them. Check out below what can be done to fix this issue.

  • Most of the problems in the SIM are due to no other reason than the network unavailability or fluctuation. This can happen while travelling, while on a  remote location or when the services are no longer valid
  • If the SIM is recently purchased, make sure the same has been activated by the network provider
  • A mismatch between the SIM frequency and the frequency your device has been made to operate cause this problem
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have the SIM card disabled or turned OFF in the settings
  • Carefully look for any damage on the SIM tray and on the SIM card itself
  • Reboot the phone once after inserting the SIM in it
  • Check if you can solve the problem simply by selecting the network manually through the manual network selection search
  • If you removed the SIM card recently from the same, check in case it has been re-inserted properly. This can be the reason to this problem
  • The network antenna on the phone might not be functioning properly. Get it checked
  • Make sure simply that the Airplane mode is not turned ON
  • Insert the SIM card in another phone. If you find it working, the problem is there in your phone. Bring it to a nearby Samsung authorized service center

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

For those facing this problem in the phone, the following are the available methods

  • Your phone might have no available space for the data. Check this
  • Perform a simple restart by assuring that the connection has actually been created
  • Check I you have disabled the notification appeared on the phone while it is connected with another
  • Restrictions on the phone or on the PC can be another possible reason due to which you are facing this glitch
  • Simply make sure the cable you are using to let both the devices communicate is compatible with them and is in working condition
  • The slow data transfer speed can sometime automatically disconnect these devices
  • Your device (PC or the phone) might not have default USB drivers in working state. Update them simply
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have the wrong connecting mode selected on it
  • You might not have connected both the devices together in a proper manner
  • Make sure the problem is not there in the phone just because you have barred the same PC to communicate with the phone

Apps not functioning properly

This can happen due to so many reasons. All you need to do is to explore the right information about the Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes. The same is listed below.

  • Simply restart your phone and check if things are brought back right on their track
  • Make sure all the installed apps are updated
  • Check if the apps are stored in the memory card. Switch them to default phone memory in such a case
  • Don’t change the app settings to manual
  • Make sure the problem is not associated with the compatibility of the apps in the phone
  • Disable all third-party apps in the phone
  • Your phone probably doesn’t have sufficient memory/storage space available in it. This often leads to the improper behavior of the installed apps

Performance issues

The Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes about the performance are framed in a stepwise manner below.

  • Multiple factors are present in the phone that can affect the functionality and the performance together. This include disabling phone security or presence of the virus in the default memory
  • Check if there is no free space in the phone and this is causing the slow performance. Erase some unwanted data
  • All the outdated apps are to be removed or updated to their latest version from the Play Store if you want to your device perform well
  • Check in case the problem is there in your phone due to no other reason than a hardware problem. Get the device checked
  • Simply make sure the phone is not having the safe mode enabled on it as this is another possible reason for the performance issues in it
  • Check if you are in a position to deal with the problems just by restarting your phone
  • If the phone OS version has a general update available, download and install the same
  • Don’t allow so many apps to run in the background as this can slow down the processing speed and leads to performance issues
  • Make sure you are now downloading a lot of data continuously from the internet. In some cases, it can affect the performance upto high extent
  • Clear the cache data of the phone and check again if this can solve the concern

 Bad camera quality

Most phones faces this issue due to some minor or major reasons and you can explore them with their solutions through the following key points.

  • Avoid operating camera through a third-party app if you have installed them
  • Make sure the camera out settings are enabled for capturing the HD images and the videos
  • You might have your camera lens not in proper working mode. Check it on priority
  • Make sure the dust or the stain is not causing the problem in the camera lens
  • Update your phone OS if the same is available
  • If there are multiple bugs you are facing, this can be due to OS related issues in the phone
  • Make sure your device screen is not lack of cleanliness that makes you feel about the bad camera quality
  • Your device might be frequently oscillating while capturing the picture or the video. It is necessary that camera remains still to let you capture HD images
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because you haven’t selected a proper shooting mode on the phone
  • It is not always advised to capture the images in the burst mode
  • To make sure of the quality, focus on the object before clicking on the capture button. This will let you have the desired quality for sure

Overheating problems

The overheating related Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes information is spotlighted below to let you keep up the pace simply.

  • The ventilation system of the phone might not be operational. Check it
  • Make sure you are not charging your phone from a faulty power source or the one which is truly not compatible with the same
  • The installed version of the apps or the OS in your phone might be too old
  • Check if the problem is there just because no cache memory has been removed from the phone for a long time
  • If you operate multiple apps or perform multiple tasks, you may face this problem depending on the complexity of the apps or the tasks
  • Don’t download bulk data continuously in your phone
  • The compatibility problems between the hardware and the software can cause this issue in your phone
  • Don’t keep a lot of data in your phone to ensure it will always remain free from this problem

Screen Related Problems

To restore the working on your device screen, the useful information is spotlighted below to help you simply.

  • Make sure the screen doesn’t have a internal damage caused to it
  • Remember the last time the screen was functional. If you installed any app after the same, disable it by taking the phone in the safe mode
  • In safe mode, try to update the OS of the phone and in many cases the screen related issues are confused with the OS bugs
  • Check if the phone is showing this problem just because of a lot of data in the same. Keeping a lot of data slows down the performance as already mentioned in this post and the slow performance largely affect the functionality of the screen
  • The problem should be there due to blocked or non-functional apps in the phone. Remove them or update them if they are important to you
  • The screen should be operated only with the bare hands. Clean them properly before doing so
  • Make sure the transparent glass guard installed on the screen is not actually causing the problem. Remove it and check
  • The problem might be due to no cleaning the screen properly against oil and grease particles which are often deposited on the device screen

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

This problem has several solutions available. The best ones are highlighted below to let you restore your phone in the desired mode.

  • The slow charging could be due to installing multiple apps in the phone, not charging the phone as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • The power bank (if you use) should be of superior quality. Make sure of this
  • Check if the problem is there just because there are so many apps and games in the phone which are not compatible with the same
  • All the features should be disabled or turned OFF when not required
  • Make sure your phone Wi-Fi hotspot is not enabled as this can be the reason to this problem
  • Simply make sure not to charge your phone through the PC all the time
  • It would be good to stop using the phone for anything while charging the same
  • Don’t install any app in the phone that claims to enhance the battery backup or the charging rate
  • Avoid using pirated accessories with the phone and especially the charger when it comes to charging the phone
  • Simply make sure the installed apps don’t have access to multiple features of the phone. Limit the same to enhance the battery backup
  • Disable all the notifications which really doesn’t matter for you
  • Don’t enhance the screen brightness beyond a limit. Also, impose a time limit on the automatic screen OFF feature when the device is not in use

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

Get this problem fixed simply with the help of below mentioned instructions.

  • Your earpiece might have a lot of dust deposited in their micro-speakers
  • Check if the problem is there just because the music you are playing is not of good quality
  • You might have turned the sounds OFF or the same might be disabled. Check this
  • Make sure the earpiece is free from any kind of hardware and other problems. Check their compatibility before you make use of them with your phone
  • Check if the SUB connector of the phone is not causing the problem
  • The pairing might not have been done properly in case you are using a Bluetooth enabled earpiece

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

Here is all you need to know against this problem in your phone

  • If your memory card is not brand new, carefully pay attention to the facts such as whether the data on the same is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy J6 plus or not. Also, check if the same is hidden, have some copyright issues or have its available only in the read-only mode
  • Don’t use a memory card that is having a physical damage on it
  • The direct exposure to moisture and the sunlight can damage it or make it useless. Pay attention to this fact
  • Make sure the SD card you are using is not physically compatible with the phone
  • The problem might be there in the SD card slot on your phone
  • Check and remove any restrictions imposed on inserting third-party memory devices in the phone
  • Check if nothing but a manufacturing defect is causing this problem in your phone
  • Simply make sure your phone really doesn’t have another hardware problem that is not letting the phone to recognize the memory card
  • Insert the card properly. If it still doesn’t work, format the same and try again

More information about the common Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus problems and fixes can be accessed simply if you want the same. For this, all you need to do is to post a comment below. We hope you get your concern issue fixed with this guide. Hope to see on our website again.


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