FIX: Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G Not Charging or Fast Charge Not Working

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G are impressing the user base with their advanced features and sleek build. However, with that, these smartphones aren’t left behind with issues. Even the very first user base of the Samsung Galaxy M 5G Series has come up with certain complaints. According to a few Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G users, their Smartphone is not charging, or they are unable to use the fast-charging option.

Fix: Samsung M52, M32, and M42 (5G Series) Not charging Issue:

Today, this article is all about the charging issues with Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G. Considering a huge user base is affected by the same, we have researched some quick and effective fixes. Carry on reading the guide, use the given fixes and check whichever of them helps in your case.

FIX 1: Ensure you are using the Official/ Real charging accessories

Your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G are not charging, or the fast charge is not working, maybe because you are using duplicate/ local charging accessories.

Here in such a case, consider checking for the charging accessories first. If you do not have an original set of accessories, consider investing in one or borrowing it from a fellow Samsung Galaxy user.

FIX 2: Ensure the Charging accessories you are using are in the right condition

If your Samsung Galaxy charger is at any hardware/ physical fault, it will obviously not support any charging. Here, verify the same by using your Samsung Galaxy charger with any other device. If it does not support charging there as well, the fault lies with the charger itself.

FIX 3: Check for hardware damage

If you have accidentally hit your phone with a hard object, dropped it over the tough surface, or exposed it to water and extreme heat, chances are it has suffered from some hardware/physical damage. And with a result, it is possible that it might not support charging or end up charging very slow.

In any such condition, consider visiting your nearest Samsung Galaxy service center. They will either repair your mobile phone or replace it with a new one (if you have purchased it recently and it comes under a replacement warranty).

FIX 4: Ensure the Charging Port and the electrical socket is working fine

While your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s charging port is at fault, it will not let your device receive charging. There may lie any physical damage or blockage that is preventing the charging cable from connecting properly with your phone.

Here in such a case, look closely and check whether there are any such possibilities or not. You can also use a magnifying glass to observe the same.

If you find any physical blockage, including dirt, dust, etc., use compressed air and clean it out.

However, if you notice any physical damage to your phone’s charging port, take your device to the nearest service center.

Further, the users who have ruled out the above scenario,

Check if the charging socket (electricity socket) you are using is working fine or not. Maybe because there lies a fault, no electricity is suppling to your phone. Use another device and check for the same.

FIX 5: Recalibrate battery and OS

One of the proven solutions that will ensure charging/ fast charging on your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G is recalibrating the battery and Operating System. This will help if any of these smartphones are suffering from a bug or glitch and are affecting the Power Management environment.

Here are the steps for recalibrating the Battery and Operating system:

  • Firstly, drain your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s battery completely. Make sure the battery reaches level 0%, and the mobile shuts off on its own.
  • Now connect the Smartphone to its charger and charge it until the battery becomes 100%. The process will easily take up to 2 hours or so. Avoid using and unplugging the device in between.
  • Once the battery is 100% charged, unplug the device and restart it.
  • Again, use your Smartphone until its battery level drops down to 0%.
  • Once again, repeat the whole process mentioned above.
  • Thereafter, within some time, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will start charging smoothly again.

FIX 6: Clear cache partition

Accumulated and Bad Cache at times can lead to charging and battery issues in your Samsung Galaxy devices. Though knowing the cause, the simplest solution here is clearing the Cached partition and checking whether it helps or not.

Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Firstly, turn Off your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  • Now, press and hold Volume Up and Power keys altogether.
  • Once you see the Samsung logo on your mobile’s screen, release both the keys.
  • Further, you will see a message stating, ‘Installing System Update,’ followed by the Android Recovery Menu option.
  • Now use the Volume down key for Navigation, and here choose the option Wipe Cache Partition. Here use the Power key to Select/ Choose.
  • Now Navigate and select the option Yes. (Here, too, use the Volume down key and Power key for the same).
  • Later on, you will see Reboot System Now on your screen; here, press the Power key and Restart your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

FIX 7: Charge on Safe Mode

While you Charge your Samsung Galaxy mobile in Safe Mode, no third-party application will affect/impact the process. There are possibilities that a recently installed application is interfering with the process during a regular charging process, resulting in no charging. So, it is advisable to consider charging in Safe mode and check if it helps or not.

For charging your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in Safe Mode, follow the steps given below:

Firstly, boot your Samsung Galaxy smartphone into Safe Mode:

  • Begin with turning Off your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Now Press and Hold the Power key for a few seconds and release it once you see the Samsung Logo on your Smartphone’s screen.
  • As you release the Power key, make sure you quickly press and hold the Volume down key without losing a second.
  • Now hold the Volume down key until your mobile is done with the entire restarting process.
  • Lastly, once you can locate the option Safe Mode on the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume key.
  • You can here keep your Samsung Galaxy device for charging. There are possible chances that it will charge smoothly/ normally now.
  • However, because the main culprit here is the bad apps, consider removing/ uninstalling them as well.
  • Now because you can access your Smartphone, consider uninstalling any recently installed application. Continue the process with a few newly installed applications (individually) and check for improvement.
  • Now for restarting your phone into normal mode, follow the 1st to 4th step as explained above.

FIX 8: Factory reset

Another solution that will surely resolve the charging issue in Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G devices is Factory Reset.

Factory Reset is a process that takes your Smartphone back to its default setting. This is the process that will clear all Settings along with any possible Software problems as well.

Note: Though remember, Factory Reset will remove all your personal data from the Smartphone as well.

Here’s how you can Factory Reset your device:

  • Firstly, turn Off the Smartphone.
  • Now press and hold the Power key and Volume Up key altogether for a few seconds or until you see the Recovery Mode logo on the screen.
  • Now use the Volume keys for Navigation and reach the option Wipe Data/ Factory Reset. Select the same using the Power key.
  • Further with the same process, select the option Factory Data Reset.
  • Lastly, as you reach the Reboot System now option, select it using the Power Key.
  • And with that, the Factory reset process is done in your Samsung Galaxy Device.

This was the entire guide for Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, M32 5G, and M42 5G not charging or fast charge not working issue. With the eight fixes mentioned above, we believe every user will overcome the charging issues.

However, if none of them helps you, then maybe the problem will persist due to any deeper coding issue or hardware glitch. Because none of these circumstances are resolvable on the user level, we here recommend you to visit your nearest Samsung service center. At last, professional help is all that you need. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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