Fix: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Dropping or Not Getting Connected Issue

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the company’s most premium smartphone, loaded with great specifications. Not just the specifications, its design and built quality are also up to the mark. While the device sounds impressive to the masses, it has also become a problem for some people as they face regular call drop and call connection issues on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The users of Galaxy S22 Ultra were also reportedly facing issues like devices stuck on the lock screen, inconsistent camera HDR, and GPS-related issues. The latest list is the call-dropping issue, where the calls are automatically cut off in a couple of minutes. Some users have reported that the call does not even last for a minute, while for some users, the call is not connecting to the other party.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Call Dropping or Not Getting Connected Issue

In this guide, we listed below some workarounds that could help you fix the issues like call dropping, call not connecting, and mobile data not working on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Before taking you to the possible fixes, it is important to mention that some users fixed the issue by installing the April update. At the same time, it did not work out for many people. It is worth installing the April update to check if the issues have been fixed. Let’s now look at some possible workarounds on how to solve the call dropping and mobile data issue.

Possible ways to fix call dropping/call not connecting/mobile data issues on Galaxy S22 Ultra

Fix-1: Switch Sim Slot

Switching the sim to another slot often does the trick when the device faces call-dropping issues. For some users, it worked. So, pull out the sim from slot 1, insert it into slot 2, and check if the issue persists. Some users managed to fix the call dropping, but the mobile data issue was still there.

Fix-2: Wi-Fi Calling

If your device is not getting a strong signal, it will likely face call dropping and mobile data-related issues. In such cases, you should use Wi-Fi calling to route your calls via the Wi-Fi network. The device’s dependency on the carrier network signal is reduced by doing this.

To enable Wi-Fi calling, follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Phone app
  • Tap on the three-dot menu button located on the upper right side
  • Tap on Settings
  • Enable the toggle next to the Wi-Fi Calling
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Fix-3: Switch Network

If you face a call-dropping or connecting issue on a 4G/5G network, consider switching to a 2G/3G. It could fix those issues. You can consider switching back to 4G/5G for accessing the internet.

To switch the network type, navigate to Settings > Mobile networks > Network mode [Sim 1/Sim 2] > Select 3G/2G (auto connect)

Fix-4: Clear Device Cache

It is clearing the cache does the trick most of the time when facing software-related issues. It could also tackle issues like call dropping, not being able to use mobile data, or call not connecting.

Follow these steps to clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Press and hold the power button and simultaneously volume up the (+) key. Your device will boot to recovery mode.
  • Use the volume buttons to select Wipe cache partition.
  • Press the power button.
  • Once the cached data has been wiped, you will see a Reboot System Now option.
  • Select the option and hit the power button to reboot your phone.

Let us know which method did the trick for you. If none of them could fix the issue on your Galaxy S22 Ultra, wait for Samsung to release a fix for this.


  1. Keeps dropping calls. Even had local Verizon tech look at phone. The third method worked once and later the same problem again. Very frustrating!!

  2. I think it’s incredibly sad to have a device as nice and expensive as the s22 ultra and not be able to make or recieve calls at the two places I’m at the most! It worked fine at home and work for first few weeks of having phone now I have to just text or drive somewhere and switch network carriers manually and hope it decides to work. I’ve only had iphones except this phone and besides this issue I love my ultra but not being able to make or recieve calls at home is pretty much like not having a phone.

  3. My 22 Ultra has recently started dropping calls, which is very annoying and frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of a very important conversation.
    I have rebooted my phone following the instructions above, in the hope this will work but this has not resolved the issue.
    I have also tried to wipe the cache but have been unsuccessful even following the instructions above.

  4. I was having problems since the Android 13 update with One ui 5 with calls cutting off after 10 minutes.
    Changed the Network from 5g to 2/3 g and it appears to have solved the problem.
    Thank you for a very helpful top

  5. Over the last week I keep having problems with calling. It will dial, ring once of twice then disconnect. When I try to answer, no one is there. I have to turn my phone completely off and leave it off for a few then turn it back on for it to work. This just started after getting 2 updated last week.

    1. Yes! I am having the exact issue! So frustrating! My phone isn’t even a year old! This should not be happening!

  6. This phone has speaker issues and drops calls telling me I’m not connected to a network when the toggle is off for wifi calling. So frustrating not even a year old. About to get rid of this phone

  7. My phone started dropping calls last week after the software update, so incredibly frustrating.

    I tried the above, but could not clear the cache because every time I press the two buttons together (+ volume and power button) the phone just starts up like normal, anyone have any tips on this?

  8. Same problem here and Samsung wont fix it without me paying. I’m PISSED this is obviously an issue with the phone why should I have to pay!?

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